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Laila Hayani Relies On American Crew For Met Gala Grooming

Celebrity Hairstylist Laila Hayani partnered with heritage men’s grooming brand American Crew to style Kit Harington and Dan Levy for the epic Met Gala event!

“Dan’s entire look for the Met Gala is a true statement of art so he decided we needed to take his hair into a direction that complemented and solidified his look as a whole. In order to do so, we decided on a sleek and slicked-back look with an ultra-shine effect. This gave us the opportunity to try something new and to also highlight Dan’s features,” says Laila.

Laila started with clean, wet hair and applied a pea size of the Fiber Grooming Foam as a primer which also added volume. “Dan has naturally curly hair so we blew his hair out straight to achieve the slicked-back hair. This allowed us to manipulate from a straighter texture and avoids too much a of wave once combed back,” says Laila. She then applied a spritz of water to allow the hair to take to gel and to work it into the hair. The hero products for this look are Superglue and the Firm Hold Styling Cream. She mixed the two together and applied a generous amount through the hair to give it the wet look. Once shaped, Laila continued to apply a spritzing of water to continue to comb through it and manipulate the shape before setting the style. She finished by using a diffuser to apply heat and dry the look and to ensure it set into place. Lastly, she spritzed Alternator for shine and to officially set the look. 

Laila noted: “Kit’s hair look was inspired by old Hollywood: classic, polished, sleek yet effortless style, and the goal was to achieve an ultra-sophisticated look.” 

To complement his naturally wavy, shorter hair for Kit’s Met Gala look, Laila started with damp hair and applied the Fiber Grooming Foam mixed with a small amount of the Fiber Cream. She then air dried it and started to manipulate the look by finger-combing the top to create a slight wave. Once nearly dry, She finished with Medium Hold Spray and small amount of the Fiber set. This prevented a strict hold and allowed for a sustainable flexible effect.”

Products used:

Fiber Grooming Foam – Lightweight, fibrous hair foam that provides long-lasting manageable volume with medium hold and natural shine. Works well with medium to longer length hair. Link to Buy:

Fiber Cream A styling cream that combines flexibility with control gives your hair refined texture and a natural shine finish. For medium hold with natural shine. Link to Buy:

Fiber Fiber-like, resinous product helps thicken, texturize and increase fullness to hair. Provides a strong, pliable hold with a matte finish. Works well in shorter hair, 1-3 inches in length. For high hold with low shine. Link to Buy:

Medium Hold Spray Gel   Enriched with Sage, Ginseng, and Quillaja, Medium Hold Spray Gel provides a natural look and feel with medium hold. Excellent for blow-drying and hair of all lengths, this product can be used on damp or dry hair.  
Link to Buy:  

Firm Hold Styling Cream A moisturizing formula that tames hair and adds style with low shine and a flexible finish. Washes out easily without leaving residue behind. Provides pliable hold with flexible definition and low shine. 
Link to Buy:

Superglue Create styles never before possible with high hold, high shine and high definition. For extreme hold and shine.
Link to Buy:

Alternator Provides a flexible style that gives you control of your image all day. Makes re-shapeable hair styling possible with the use of your hands. Provides a natural look with medium hold and medium shine.
Link to Buy:


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