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Loved and Respected Barber Remembered After Passing

On the weekend of the 4th of July the barbers at Gee’s Clippers gathered to celebrate the life of their friend, Yosef Timms, also known as ‘Jay’ or ‘Jay Da Barber’ professionally, who was tragically killed outside his shop, Fade Lounge, on Thursday 1st of July.

His friends gathered to lay flowers and light candles outside his shop to remember what has been described as “a highly infectious laugh” and endless pride in his work, paying very close attention to every haircut he gave.

Timms was in a fight with several unidentified people, when a member of the other group pulled a gun, striking him. He was shot not long before 12:30pm

Owner of Gee’s Clippers, Gaulein “Gee” Smith, was Timms’ ex-employer, having worked with him for six years before he left and started Fade Lounge, said that Timms was one of the very best he has ever worked with.

“What wasn’t he good at? Tapers, afros, fades, every hairstyle — he really didn’t have a weakness. He was like the Kobe Bryant of barbering. He had an unbelievable gift in barbering. He came to Gee’s already extremely talented” Smith said.

Timms was eager to learn from the best and wished to one day to start his own business and Smith took him under his wing.

Timms was also a father-to-be, and his mentor Smith was only informed of this after his passing “He was planning on surprising us,” he said. “He would have been a good father. He would have asked questions for what he didn’t know. He was inquisitive”.

There has been a massive online reaction to the news of Timms’ passing, with Smith making an impassioned plea online “Too many of us are leaving here too young, too soon”.

May he rest in power.

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