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Men’s Wedding Haircuts Now An Event

Men are increasingly making an event of getting their wedding haircut just right – taking their cue from how women have prepared for weddings for centuries.

Wedding haircut events – where a barber is booked to set up in the groom’s home and good friends are invited around for drinks and food – are the latest wedding trend.

Giuliano Dore, who set up Get Groomed Mobile Barbers as a response to a surge in demand for home haircuts and beard trims following the Covid pandemic, has seen a huge rise in demand for wedding events.

He said: “There is a tradition in many cultures of brides gathering with their bridesmaids to have their hair done and make-up just before a wedding. But in the past in the UK, men and the groom simply queued at the local barber shop waiting their turn!

“Now, everyone wants to have memorable photos and videos and to look their best. Men also want to make more of the preparations with both same-sex and heterosexual wedding days now including a barbering experience.

“It is quite common for two grooms to want identical haircuts and getting them done together ensures they look just right. Heterosexual men now want to ensure the best man and other male attendants look just right. Throw in some drinks and music; it is another fun aspect of the wedding.”

Get Groomed Mobile Barbers are booked online and can set up anywhere, bringing with them everything needed to ensure hair is styled, beards are trimmed or shaves are perfectly smooth. But Giuliano Dore says planning is essential.

He said: “I would advise grooms to consult with the barber first about the style they want. A dramatic change for a wedding day may not always be the most sensible thing to do. In many ways, it might be better to have a restyle a month or two before so the wedding cut is just a tidy up and there are no shocks for any party involved.

“A buzzcut is stylish on most people and suits men who want to look good on a formal occasion, but there is a danger you can go too short too quickly. For those who want to look more stylish with a bit of panache and individuality, a pompadour may be the right answer, but everyone is individual and it is an important day, so take time to get it right.”

In the home and workplace barbering has grown in popularity with both customers and barbers. Many traditional barbers have been struggling with the overheads of shop premises. At the same time, the public appetite for crowded waiting rooms reduced during the Covid pandemic and people prefer to have a home visit rather than sit being watched by a room full of strangers as they have their hair styled.

Said Giuliano: “People shop online for just about everything now, rather than wander down the High Street hoping to find the holiday, music, or service they want. The first place they turn is their phone and we find people want to book a haircut on our website and fix it for a time to suit themselves. We also have a number of corporates who book our barbers for workplace events.”

Get Groomed Mobile Barbers have qualified and skilled barbers operating in London, Birmingham and Manchester along with Guildford, Surry with plans to expand to other areas of the UK.

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