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Menspire and Friends with Kevin Luchmun

Brand new Menspire and Friends, the latest initiative from internationally renowned men’s hairdressing and education brand, Menspire, kicks off in January with a collaboration between two of the industry’s most creative forces.

For the first in a series of collaborations, Menspire co-founder Josh Lamonaca, will be joined by barbering powerhouse, Kevin Luchmun. 

The two giants of men’s hairdressing will share their professional journeys, their creative inspirations and career personal triumphs, while showcasing their skills with live demos and presentation models at the Menspire Academy in St Albans on 21 January.

Josh says: ‘Kevin and I were both there at the beginning of the barbering boom. We got to know each other via social media and realised we had a similar style and a dedication to learning and teaching all-round hairdressing and barbering skills. We developed in different ways but were both driven by the same passion for our craft. This shared passion will make the first Menspire and Friends collaboration both fascinating and, we hope, motivational to other hair professionals.”

Those attending will also have the opportunity to quiz Josh and Kevin in a Q&A session which will round off what promises to be a highly informative and inspirational evening, with creative collaboration at its heart.

Tickets are available via the Menspire website, starting at £69. For those who can’t attend the event, you can tune in online, with tickets costing £49.

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