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Menspire Opens in Glasgow

Menspire has announced the opening of its new location in Glasgow. Which has been a long-term goal of the brand’s Aberdeen location director Andy Dawson. Menspire Glasgow opened in Renfrew Street in the city centre, in January, and behind the chair will be Andy @andydawson_, Jeffrey Batista @jeffreybatista_ and James Ewen @james.ewen_

Andy has spent the last five years building the Menspire brand in Scotland with the vision to expand nationwide, starting with Glasgow and he is extremely proud to see it come to life. 

The new location is predominantly a barbershop but Andy will be using it as an education space, much like the Aberdeen location, as he continues to offer Menspire Academy Education in Scotland.

Andy said: “All in all I’m thrilled to bring Menspire to Glasgow as it’s always been a goal of mine and that of my business partners, Josh and Sam.”

Manager at the new location, Jeffrey Batista said: “I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity and can’t thank Sam, Josh and Andy for making me part of it. It’s a dream of mine for so long to work with this incredible brand that inspires me every day.”

Menspire is an award-winning provider of barber education designed to unlock student’s potential through a structured process and has locations all over the UK and also now in the States. 

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