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Groomsman Barbers, a new barbershop in Eastbourne, is proud to have received the Autism Friendly award; one of less than 70 award-holders in England and the only awarded barbershop in the United Kingdom! 

The barber shop, owned and run by accredited British Master Barber Tobias Wardleworth, was designed with care for the community in mind.  Tobias’ wife, Kate, has spent many years teaching in schools that care for those with various special educational needs so when Tobias opened his new shop on the corner of Cavendish Place and Seaside Road, they incorporated ideas into their design to cater for everyone.

“We know that letting someone into your personal space can be very traumatic for some, let alone with the sensory triggers of clipper sounds or scissors snipping so close. We wanted to offer a location that can be completely turned over to the needs of a client or family,” says Kate.

Appointments are bookable, so that the entire shop lighting, music and other aspects can be tailored to each person. 

Tobias explains “This also means that parents and carers aren’t going to worry that a queue of people are going to be watching and waiting.” 

Groomsman Barbers is also Dementia Friendly and aim to help every person enjoy the experience of personal grooming. 

Bookings can be made via the Booksy app or at 

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