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New Dates Added to ARROJO’s Award-Winning Barber Program

At ARROJO’S award-winning school in NYC, new summer start dates present exciting opportunity for future professionals.

ARROJO Academy, Nick Arrojo’s eponymous New York City Beauty School launches new summer start dates for Barbering and Esthetics at celebrated Soho location.

“When we launched the Barber Licensing Program, we knew grooming was verging on a renaissance,” said Nick Arrojo. “Our goal was to improve craftsmanship and creativity for the next generation. We want our students to graduate with modern classic techniques, like scissor cutting, straightedge razor cutting, the ability to create texture and taper. We focus on progressive, contemporary techniques that give our graduates head starts and inspires them to champion an elevated approach for all barbers.”

While it is easy to speak of a commitment to excellence, the ARROJO Barbering Program takes action to ensure their students can go to the top.

Nick continued: “The programs include 20% more hours than is required by NY State because we go beyond the basics. The Barbering Program is 600 hours over 4.5 months. Logistically speaking, we could get more students through the doors if we did the minimum hours, but it’s the extra time which sets our students up with the skills for success.”

Known to be more fashion-forward and creative than a typical barbering curriculum, located in downtown NYC, and with an innate connection to the ARROJO brand name, it’s no surprise the school is attracting future barbers from across America, which necessitates the new summer start dates.

Nick added: “Typically, our Barber (and Esthetics) Programs start in spring or fall. But we’ve seen so much interest in and excitement for these programs, we decided on new summer start dates.

With class starting on August 14, registration has begun. One additional benefit of the August start date is that for those that missed spring registration, or who are eager to get to work, can become a licensed pro before the end of the year, meaning they can cash in on the lucrative Holiday season.

If you are interested in the August 14 start date for Barbering or Esthetics at ARROJO Cosmetology School, please email or call 212 242 7786 x 231 to begin your application or arrange a tour of the school campus in Soho NYC.

Applications can also be submitted online. For more general information about ARROJO Cosmetology School Barbering, Esthetics, or Cosmetology Programs, please contact

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