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Ontario Barbershop controversially becomes film studio

There’s no getting away from the hardship that having to close your barbershop can bring. Barbershops in Ontario are currently unable to open due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, as part of a province-wide declaration of emergency and a stay at home order.

However, the folk at Chrome Artistic Barbering are able to remain open, despite this. They are offering their clients auditions for $37 each to participate in their podcast and documentary, by being filmed having a discussion about their lives whilst getting a haircut.

While hair salons and barbershops are not permitted to open right now in Toronto, film production is permitted.

Despite the controversial nature of this, owner Alicia Hirter told local press that it wasn’t a case of exploiting any loopholes. Camera’s, lights and microphones were already set up in the shop, and this had been planned for some time ago.

You can visit the Chrome Artistic Barbering Facebook page here:

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