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Out Now: BarberEVO North America Issue 20

The Speedster Barber

Front and center of this issue is an in-depth interview with legendary Drew Munoz, aka, Drewdabarber, talking about how his success has come from determination and being his most authentic self and his commitment to JRL tools. And how, in order to service a wider clientele, he trained in Scalp Micropigmentation. It’s an insightful read about how education has opened new doors to him.  

Hair enhancements

By age 50 some 50% of men will have some experience with hair loss and balding. But when your clients start losing their hair, it shouldn’t mean you start losing your clients. Hair experts Hairskeen talk to us about hair systems, while Taylor Perry talks to us about Scalp Micropigmentation.

Male grooming

The male grooming industry has exploded over the last few years. No longer will men settle for a trim and splash of aftershave. It’s an overall experience that is being sought… are you able to provide that level of experience? We talk what is expected and what you can introduce to your own shop to encourage a new level of client and more importantly… income! Alan Bleak, Gino Miggio, Michael Giraldo, James Villagrana all weigh on the men’s grooming movement.

Styling and finishing

It’s all about the finish, right. When you swing that chair round and show your client their new look. That’s the crowd pleaser. What products you use, and the tools needed to create that million-dollar look. Ashlee Lavalee and Sofie Pok talk all about the perfect dryer to finish with and why it makes all the difference while Frank Soto tells us every we need to know about styling.

And there’s more…

Whitney Ver Meer takes you by the hand and leads you up the steps to the to becoming a platform artist and educator.

Cassondra Kurtz tells us all we need to know about seamless booking and payment methods

Also, our regular columnist Joe Agnello of City Image Barbers and Schedulicity asks an important question. Are you ready to be a barbershop owner? If so, Joe has written a book that lays it out in five steps to ensure you success.

As always, we have the latest hair collections that impress and push the standards. One being American Crew’s ARC collection, that celebrates texture, technique, and shape. That sits alongside the announcement of the North American All-Star Challenge Winners.

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