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OUT NOW: BarberEVO UK and Northern Ireland Issue 34 – September / October 2022

The latest issue of BarberEVO UK and Northern Ireland is OUT NOW.

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The latest issue of BarberEVO is OUT NOW! This issue is headed up by a composite shot from American Crew’s outstanding All-Star Challenge collection.  

We were thrilled to be invited to get the chance to peek behind the scenes of the shoot, called ‘London Calling’ which included the work of the incredibly artistic talent gathered from all over the globe. Check out the full collection and a look behind the scenes in this issue. We are beyond excited to be working closely with American Crew in the future, watch out for more content coming up.


Also, in this issue we are giving away Simon Shaw. Take him, he’s yours! Well, for one day only. Win Simon to come to your barbershop or take your team to the Wahl Training Academy… however you want to use Simon’s knowledge, he’s up for it… nothing weird mind, that’s his only condition! See pages 34-35 to find out how to enter.


Love it or loathe it, tech is now an essential part of a barber’s business. There are so many options now to make life easier, and you don’t have to be a tech whizz to get your head around them. Whether it’s booking apps, marketing, POS options, reminders, there’s so much out there that can streamline your day to day. Have a read and see if it’s time to trade up with tech


Beard services – how do you view them? A quick add on or an essential part of the barbershop menu? The beard remains on trend, and we talk to the barbers who are making the most of what is currently an essential service to many clients.


The wellbeing of staff, clients and the ever-stressed owners, is more important than ever, and we look at ways the industry is embracing wellbeing practices into the barbershop. We speak to the Podbarber about how listening is as important as talking, and we investigate the spa type services that barbers are introducing to aid client relaxation. Sit back, relax and read all about it.


The humble scissor is the tool you can’t do without. But how much do you value your scissors? We look at what’s on the market – from the budget options to the wallet busting top enders. It’s not all about cost, there are great options for all budgets, and we talk to Rum Barber about the best options for the beginner barber as Yoi Scissors talk about which performs best in each cost category.

We hope you enjoy this issue! You can order your print copy here. 

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