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Out Now: BarberEVO UK & Ireland Issue 26 – May 2021

Back and Booming!

We know it has been a manic few weeks back for those of you returning to your chairs, that’s why we have packed this issue full of exciting content, to not only inspire our readers, but educate, inform, and offer helpful tips and tricks from leading experts.

As we all know, adapting is the name of the game, during these unprecedented times. We speak to leading barbers Luka Chitty and Phil Jarman about how they utilised their time during the lockdown for the better, by retraining, and adding another notch to their belts. 


Speaking of comebacks, featured on our front cover are Jay Nouri and A-Rod, Founders of L3VEL3 grooming. In this issue we chat to Jay about how the barber-owned and operated company, pulled together during lockdown to launch their impressive range of grooming products and tools. Now available in the UK, Jay told us of his goals to elevate the barbering industry and help barbers around the world level up their retail game. 

Finishing Tools & Products

In the barbering world, its all about giving your client that detailed, sharp and perfected finish. For that, you need the right tools and products. 

We chat to industry-leading barbers like Hayden Cassidy, JJ Savani, Pete Cranfield, and many more to find out what tools and products they depend on to ensure their clients are walking out that door with a look that could be only achieved by a skilled barber. 


We all know that there is no planet B. But did you know that adding more sustainable solutions and features to your barbershop will not only help lower your environmental footprint, but help increase your footfall? For many barbershops, green solutions have become their USP which has driven in more eco-conscious customers and in turn, brought in more revenue. 

We chat to barbers and hairstylists such as Ky Wilson, OS Barbershops, Damien Diablo who have made sustainability a priority in their shops, from utilising the recycling services of Green Salon Collective, reducing waste, incorporating refill bars, and using more eco-friendly products! Every little bit helps to create a big difference. 


Finally, have you ever thought about bringing colour services into the barbershop? The boundaries between what is being offered in salons and barbershops are becoming more and more blurred—and why not! Why let salons have all the colourful fun? 

In this issue we investigate the pros and cons of bringing colour and other alternative services into the barbershop, and what to look out for. We chat to 2020 British Master Barber of the Year Shaun Buckingham – known for his skill and creativity with colour about how to use colour in the barbershop, while balancing time and increasing revenue. Norman Boulton, member of the Crazy Color Squad talks haircare, and that you don’t have to sacrifice hair health for vivid colours.  We also catch up with Bridey Jo, of Bridey Jo Barbers, who shares all the additional services she offers to pamper both her male and female clients. 

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