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Out Now: BarberEVO UK & Ireland Issue 27 – July 2021


After a few weeks of manic panic, queues down the street, and 12+ hour days, it seems that the industry has reached its natural flow again… until all those back-to-school haircuts get booked. We are infinitely impressed by the way this industry has bounced back with grace and professionality. So, without further ado, welcome to our newest issue of BarberEVO, as always, filled to the brim with entertainment, education, and inspiring content! Enjoy. 


We open this issue, and our education feature with an interview with the one and only Sid Sottung. Sid tells us about his brand-new academy opening up in Edinburgh, as well as his barbering manual which is soon to be hitting to press. 

We also catch up with Adam Sloan of the MHFed, an instrumental figure in keeping up the standards of education, as he catches us up on the new traineeship programme that he is taken on, in order to help 19–24-year-old barbers become more employable.  

Barbering is still an industry heavily based on apprenticeships and mentors. So, it is always good news to us when we hear stories of mentor/mentees joining forces, becoming friends, and becoming a dynamic education team, like Cal Newsome and Jay Roberts have. 

Additionally, our own Vikki Harrison-Smith discusses how lockdown has changed education, and how to adapt when you can’t lean on visual cues, due to PPE


After a year stuck inside planning all the ways to reinvent yourself once life returns to normal, guys are going bold this summer. Jonathan Andrew deems this summer ‘The Summer of the Alter Ego’ and gives his best tips for barbers to help their clients push the boat out a little this summer in terms of hairstyles and colour.


The close shave is the one thing that sets barbers apart from the rest of the hair and grooming industries, so why don’t more barbers offer it as a service? We talk to some of the leading barbers in men’s grooming to find out how and why to add it as a service. Mike Taylor tells walks us through his close shave process while offering his best tips on sanitation as well as how to organise your time and upsell it as a service. 

Danny Di Giulio, owner of Sharp and Flask Barbershop, and fourth generation barber tells us about the importance of shaving to him, his Italian heritage, and why shaving is all about the experience you offer. 

Finally, our columnist Robert Rix chime in to give his tuppence on how to actually profit from a shave, and what are the most important elements to hone in on. 


As our final feature, we get to the point with a little insight on scissors. Alan Beak talks about the importance of scissor work and scissor skills in the barbering trade, and how you can find the right pair for you to integrate into your skillset. 

For Charlie Venn, of Lucky Sevens Barbershops, controlling your cut is all down to the right pair of scissors. He tells us about his essential set of Sakura scissors that can get him through any cut. 

Finally, we talk Scissor maintenance with the guys at Yoi Scissors, who not only retail the sharpest sets but have a mobile sharpening and maintenance unit, who will come to you, rather than making you send your precious pair away. 

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