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Out Now: BarberEVO UK & Ireland Issue 32 – May 2022


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The latest issue of BarberEVO is OUT NOW! This issue is headed up by a shot from the latest Kevin Luchmun Andis Fluid Vol.3 collection.

This inspirational and diverse collection headlines Andis’ new step-by-step educational resource for professionals to learn Kevin’s haircutting process. We also talked to Kevin about the process behind the scenes of shooting the collection and his inspirations on why he chose these styles.


We are all looking forward to June and when Barber Connect brings together the UK’s barbering community and we have a list of some of the big names to look out for. Also, in this issue we are giving away Simon Shaw. Take him, he’s yours! Well, for one day only. Win Simon to come to your barbershop or take your team to the Wahl Training Academy… however you want to use Simon’s knowledge, he’s up for it… nothing weird mind, that’s his only condition! See pages 92-93 to find out how to enter.


Barbershops are all about a welcoming environment and that should mean for everyone. We highlight the barbershops that are embracing gender-neutral pricing and offering a chair to anyone who walks through their doors, no matter their gender or sexuality. Blacc + Blond salon shows us a perfect example of how to be leaders in knocking down barbering gender stereotypes.

We also feature lots of fantastic gender-neutral styles from a selection of top barbers who treat hair as hair, no matter whose head it is on!  


How do you make your clients more comfortable… we don’t mean a padded chair! It’s about what other things you do to make the barbershop more welcoming. We talk to the owners of Rag and Bone about their beer vending machine, which has changed the atmosphere of their shop for the better and also to Paul Hewitt of Brislington Hill Barbers which has a coffee shop in-house for the clients and how both the barbers and clients love it.


Shaving services are always going to attract a new clientele and the more luxury you add to the experience the better. We speak to the shaving experts at Murdock about the benefits of having shaving on the menu and we also have a step-by-step from shaving supremo Kevin Vorley, we also have a look at the best shaving products on the market.


The buzz of barbershop activity is accompanied by clippers, trimmers, hairdryers and all sorts of electrical paraphernalia and we have a close look in this issue at barber’s hairdryers with our friends at Rum Barber who pick out the best on the market.

We hope you enjoy this issue! You can order your print copy here. 

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