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OUT NOW: Issue 19 of BarberEVO UK & Ireland

Happy New Year folks! It’s here, the first 2020 edition of BarberEVO UK & Ireland!

The most important thing about any issue of BarberEVO is, obviously, the content, and we feel that this time around we have covered a wealth of topics that really highlight what is going on in the industry right now. Being a new year, we had to kick things off by looking at the latest trends in men’s hair, with the likes of Daniel Rymer, Gemma Willock Smith, Jay Roberts, Justin Carr, Sheldon Edwards and Tom Baxter all giving their two cents about what they think will be the next big thing in barbering.

On a more serious note, we get a range of opinions on a topic that divides the UK barber industry: licensing and regulations. Should barbers be regulated? What licenses should barbers need? Will regulation improve the quality of both education and barbering? We ask columnists Dan Davies, Johnny Baba and Vikki Harrison Smith to share their thoughts.

Elsewhere, we look at tattoo culture, Luke Dolan talks us through the barbershop essentials, we talk to Jade Rogers about her award winning career and of course, take a look inside our cover star: R.W. Wolf Knightsbridge.

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