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Out Now: Issue 22 UK & Ireland [September/October]

Back to normality!

As we wave goodbye to one of the strangest and bleakest summers we’ve ever seen, at BarberEVO we’re hoping to brighten up your autumn days with a splash of colour. Issue No.22 is bold, make no mistake about that!

The latest edition of our 104 page, printed magazine is brimming with inspiration and advice from some of the industry’s biggest names. As you flick through your copy, you’ll see how they’ve been fighting to make sure that this comeback is a success and that the barbering industry won’t be disappearing again any time soon.

We delve into everything from tech to going green (environmentally, that is). Danny Robinson shares details of his futuristic new Danny & Co. shop, while we look at the latest innovations in barbershop technology, and on the other end of the scale, all-natural brands and barbershops.

We focus on tattoos, from independent artists like Quyen Dinh, to studios like Deerheart Collective, finding out how the pandemic has affected them day-to-day.

Our interview with the always colourful Tom Baxter is a great read – he tells us about his fantastic new educational series, and why the industry needs to go back to basics when it comes to colouring techniques.  

We’re also speaking to some fantastic barbershops from all corners of the UK to find out how they’ve found things post-lockdown. Luka Chitty of Luka’s Barbers tells us about his incredible new project, Together Create, which he hopes will inspire small, local businesses to come together and create something beautiful.

This issue really is about coming together and supporting the industry, local businesses and artists in this very weird period in time. I hope reading it brings a little spark of hope to your day and inspires you to check-in and support each other.

Stay safe, stay creative, and look out for your community – we’ll get through this together!

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