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After a successful 2019, Panasonic are ending the year on a high, adding a number of high profile names to the Panasonic Professional grooming team

“Thanks to the fantastic feedback we received from the barbering community last year, we decided that 2019 was absolutely the right time to look at expanding the Panasonic Professional Grooming team,” explains National Account Manager, Darrel Feasey. “We are delighted with the incredible talent and enthusiasm that all of our ambassadors bring to the table and look forward to growing alongside them in the near future.

The team certainly have reason to be excited, with Sam Wall, Hannah McKnight, Maisie Speed, Kieran Evans and Dale Hince all joining the team. BarberEVO caught up with the barbers to get their thoughts on this thrilling new partnership…


“I am absolutely delighted to join the Panasonic team and can’t wait to fulfil my role as an ambassador. Joining forces with such a prestigious brand is something I value dearly and believe together we can achieve extraordinary things.”


“I’m completely overwhelmed to be asked to work for such a huge brand as Panasonic. It’s a dream come true! I’m excited to see what we can do together as a team. My goals for the next 12 months are to keep pushing the Panasonic brand forward as well as working and building my own business and taking them to the next level.”


“I feel very excited to work with and represent a global brand as big as Panasonic, who are pioneering a new age of barber equipment technology. It’s my intention this year to provide and inspire as much realistic, practical information and learn as much as I can alongside a great team of influencers.”


“I am super excited and grateful that I am embarking on a new adventure with the Panasonic team and thrilled with the potential for progression with this ambassador role. Working alongside the brand, I look forward to what the future holds. This year I’m focused on upping the anti with the imagery I create, to portray the best quality to represent myself and the brands that I work with. Every image tells a story, bring on the next chapter!”


“I genuinely feel honoured to be a part of this amazing brand and am excited to work with such an enthusiastic, talented team.”

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