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Phorest announces rebrand and charitable growth fund

Scheduling software Phorest has announced a global rebranding and the launch of a charitable growth fund.  

Phorest’s CEO, Ronan Perceval shares his business journey from back in 2004 up until the current rebranding.  

The Gift of Growth – Then, Now and Next

A letter from Phorest’s CEO, Ronan Perceval

It’s 2004.  As I am hunched underneath the salon reception desk, troubleshooting a computer issue in the first infant version of Phorest’s Software, I wondered if I would ever truly delight the salon owner waiting behind me. I can barely remember what else happened that day, but I remember this very clearly. It was my goal to make sure that everything in her growing business was working smoothly and I knew if I got it right, together we could bring more revenue in through her door.  

“At this point, the fledgling Phorest team was less than 12 months old. We had more to learn than we could imagine, but what we did have was something in common with salon owners across the globe – the ambition to get it right for this one customer in front of me. I wanted her not just to believe in me, (although I’m grateful to say that she did) but to see the proof right there in her takings at the end of the day. If you had told me then that 19 years later we would have a team of 300 people with these same values, serving salons in 10 regions across the world, I probably wouldn’t have believed you; all I wanted to do was to prove I could give this person more time to treat her clients, while helping her salon business grow. 
“Lucky for me, we did. And then we did it again; and again… and again. 

“One by one, over time, Phorest has become a global company with over 8,500 businesses using our products and services. Each one helping us be better. Each one a real person we tried to make it right for.  

 “The events (or lack of!) of the last two years have caused most of us to pause for reflection. I have thought about those early days alot in this time, and the intervening years. I realised that the Phorest team’s combined passion for growing our clients business’ alongside the passion those business owners share has been the real success story behind our own growth.  

Together, We Grow. 

“Today, we revealed a brand new look, for a new era. One that tells that story, with the people behind the industry right at the heart of it. One that showcases our capabilities – a fresh, optimistic, forward-thinking salon software with real people and passion behind every screen.

“But it’s what comes with our new look that matters most to me. I’m proud to announce the establishment of The Phorest Growth Fund. It’s our commitment to give a minimum of £/100,000 back to salon businesses across the globe in 2022, and every year from now on. 

“The global Phorest Growth Fund is a financial stepping stone for salons that have plans for growth but struggle to secure funding, loans or finance to level up.  

“Phorest was born on the salon floor – we know what it’s like to be at the heart of a business that is striving for excellence but we are also acutely aware of the challenges facing the industry when it comes to growing that business. The Phorest Growth Fund is there purely to give back to the community that has given us so much. From our own research, we know that for 42% of salons getting established, business planning and finances was the biggest challenge they faced, while 24% – a quarter of all salon businesses – struggle with getting appropriate loans or funding. 

“Launching in March 2022, we will have a Phorest Growth Fund application process and review panel in every one of our 10 regions. Funds will be awarded for various amounts to the salons selected through the application process. No tricks. No hidden hooks. Just a helping hand into this brave new world.  

“Please put a calendar note to check in on 1 March when we’ll be announcing our review panel, application criteria and giving a sneak peek on how to prepare for applications. 

“We have taken the next step in our growth journey with a brand new look; but it means nothing unless you are on that journey beside us. 

“Together, We Grow.” 

Ronan Perceval 

CEO, Phorest  

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