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Samson’s Haircare Showcases 2023 Men’s Trending Styles

New hairstyles and hair trends for women are easy to find, as they’re always emerging online, in magazines and on celebrities. For men’s trending hairstyles are not always as prominent – and they should be! Men’s hair deserves just as much attention as women’s, and that means delivering not only the hottest hair trends, but the best hair products to support them. 

With the help of Samson’s Haircare, an artisanal men’s hair and beard care range and Ethan De Nolf (@denolf), and barber and owner of DeNolf’s Barbershop, we have identified year’s trending men’s hairstyles. 

Messy Crop: Crop top fades have been increasingly trending! The sharp contrast between buzzed sides and longer hair on the top helps any man make a big style statement. One of the best things about this hairstyle is the versatility, no matter what texture hair a man has. Samson’s Haircare Volumizing Matte Powder (1.4 oz. / $19.00) can help you achieve an unstructured, full yet controlled crop. A few quick sprays will help mattify hair, while providing volume, dimension, and texture. 

Grown Out Curls: Men are embracing their natural texture and growing out curls for more styling versatility. Samson’s Haircare Foster the Curl (5 oz. / $26.00) is perfect for curly and textured hairstyles. It nourishes, defines, and holds curls all day long thanks to its low shine, light hold, protein-packed crème. The name Foster the Curl is representative of Samson Haircare founders, Jake Hamlet and Adam Muncy’s passion and advocacy for the foster care system. A portion of the revenues from Foster the Curl will be donated to Foster the Family to provide self-care products for multicultural children entering the foster care system. 

Modernized Mullet: The ‘80s have made a comeback with the modernized mullet haircut. More and more celebrities – men and women – have been rocking this blast from the past look, and Samson’s Haircare Matte Styling Cream (4 oz. / $19.00) can help elevate this edgy hairstyle. Use it to nourish and hold loose, textured hairstyles, but if you’re feeling a more slicked back, sleek look, you can also use it on your towel dried hair, combing it through, for a firm holding, satin finish. 

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Largely embedded in the foster care community, Jake and Adam strive to do everything with good intent and purpose, and their character is built within their hard work and dedication to delivering the best hair care products possible.

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