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Schedulicity CEO announces “Year of Service” with generous pledge

Following a year like no other, Schedulicity have continued to adapt and support the hair and beauty industry. CEO Jerry Nettuno has outlined plans to further support the sector with an incredibly generous pledge for 2021 in a personal letter which can be read below.

We salute Jerry and his incredible team for their relentless support of hair and beauty professionals.

We often say that successful businesses are a sum of their parts. 

You know this well. You built your business one client at a time, grew your revenue with every appointment, and proved your passion each and every time you fit someone in last-minute or after-hours. 

Schedulicity is a business built on hard work and passion, too. We owe our success to people like you — stylists, barbers, personal trainers, massage therapists, estheticians, yoga instructors, reiki healers, music teachers, chiropractors, nail artists, and every other service provider who’s trusted to simplify their days. You are our community. 

Some Thoughts on 2020

None of us could have predicted what came our way last spring, but if there’s one thing we all learned during these unprecedented times, it’s that community means everything. This year, we learned how to ask for help from the people around us and — as important —  how to offer it.

That’s why, as soon as we realized that shutdowns were going to profoundly affect our businesses, we knew we needed to throw our resources into supporting you in any way that we could. We waived all our fees through the height of the pandemic (and expanded that period for California businesses). We built our Tip Jar feature to allow clients, family, and friends to tip you even when they couldn’t see you. 

We also launched our Town Hall webinar series with industry experts, wrote dozens of articles on how to navigate COVID-19 regulations and shut-downs, and expanded our small business grant program,Schedulicity Cares, to give multiple businesses support every week. 

We tried to find every chance we could to support our community, to sense when you needed us most, and to be there in whatever way we could. All told, in 2020, we gave service providers $250,000 in aid. 

2021: The Year of Service

We’re not done. It’s now my pleasure to end an incredibly difficult year on a high note:

In 2021, we’re pledging to award $250,000 more support to service providers everywhere. 

As the world reopens over the next few months, each one of us will have the chance to lift up our communities in countless ways, big and small. Let’s take them. Let’s take them all.

The beautiful thing about service providers is that you support your communities simply by doing what you do. We need you. And that’s why, for Schedulicity, our Year of Service means finding new ways to help you do better work. We’re going to be right there with you as you rebuild, recover, and grow.

Until we’re able to gather together again over dinner tables, at holiday parties, and in our favorite salon waiting rooms, I’m wishing you and yours all my best from Bozeman, Montana. It’s a new year coming, and we’re looking forward to spending more of it with you.

Happy holidays, friends. 

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