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Slick Gorilla – King of Collaborations

Slick Gorilla made their statement in the barber industry with their market-leading Hair Styling Powder. Born in barbershops in Leeds, the brand offers a range of styling products that are recognised and used globally, which is why they embrace their KING of hair products status.  

The brand previously launched its ‘The New Chapter’ campaign, that highlighted its position in men’s fashion and how its products play a huge part in this area of men’s lifestyle. The campaign pushed the brand into new territories and their latest venture sees the team collaborate with two unique brands that allow Slick Gorilla to reach a range of audiences.

Slick Gorilla x Matt B Customs saw the brand team up with a Manchester-based brand that specialise in trainer customisation, to create a one-of-a-kind Slick Gorilla trainer. Matt B Customs has worked with some of the biggest names in fashion, music & sports and the Slick Gorilla collaboration aligns both brands’ messages of creativity, innovation & individuality. The partnership displays Slick Gorilla’s street style statement as a fresh pair of trainers are just as important to style as a fresh haircut.

Slick Gorilla x Northern Monk collaboration combines two brands that share the same values. Community and collaboration run through the veins of Northern Monk, with countless creations with musicians, artists, charities and much more, that express their core message.

A community built on strong relationships and acknowledgment of creativity, much like the barber community that Slick Gorilla embraces and invests in. Slick Gorilla teamed up with fellow Leeds-born Northern Monk, to create a unique beer can design and labelled up an exclusive range of THE KING OF THE JUNGLE German Lager.

“Slick Gorilla recognise individuals and organisations that showcase innovation and talent. We aim to use our platform to create something unique that appeals to all types of audiences,” said Ari Farbod, Slick Gorilla co-founder.  

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