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Slightly Buzzed

Within the village of Nottinghamshire there is an incredibly unique barbershop, where you can get a both a haircut and a drink – you don’t even have to move. The Barber Shop & Bar in Burton Joyce offers their clients just that.

The establishment is a barbershop set up nearly 30 years that is also a fully licensed bar in the evenings.

Situated on Station Road in the village, the family-run business has drawn on inspiration from another barbershop bar in Soutwell, which is run by the brother of the owner.

Angela Robertson, who has lived in the village for 22 years and comes from a family of barbers is the owner of The Barber Shop & Bar – which was established in 1992, she said: “When the shop was first opened by my dad, it was just a barbershop back then. Him, my brother and me are all barbers.

She continues “It’s quirky because you can sit in the barbershop chair and have a drink. It’s a great way to utilise the business space because you can have two things going on.”

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