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Sofie Pok, Julius Caesar and Nomad Barber launch new product brand, STMNT

Henkel North America’s Beauty Care Professional business has officially launched STMNT (pronounced statement), a new brand offering a range of effective, high-performing grooming goods with superior formulas and prestige packaging – designed to be accessible to all regardless of gender or style.

Sofie Pok aka @STAYGOLD, Julius Arriola aka @JULIUSCAESAR and Miguel Gutierrez aka @NOMADBARBER all collaborated on the brand to raise the standard of grooming products across the barbering industry. The range contains four lines of products; lines specifically curated by each creator plus a general care line. The products range from shampoos, conditioners and all-in-one care products to pomades, sprays and powders for both long and short styles.

Caleb Foltermann, General Manager of STMNT Grooming Goods, said “Over the past few years, barbering and grooming have evolved. Modern barbering is all about making a statement. It is sophisticated, lifestyle-driven, and genderless. We wanted to pioneer a brand that was authentic to the movement and made grooming products accessible to all. These three creators embody what it means to be a modern barber and they have the deep expertise to formulate products that are truly effective.”

STMNT is available at Ulta from September 2020, with suggested retail pricing ranging from $11.95 – $24.95.

For more information, follow and @STMNTGROOMING and make your statement with the hashtags #STMNTGROOMING and #MAKEYOURSTMNT.

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