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Squire Technologies Partners with Barber Industry Titan

Today Squire Technologies announced a partnership with industry titan, Jason “Jay Majors” Raposo as the company’s Community Director. Appointed on March 1, Jay, whose 15-year career has taken him to impressive heights within the Barber and Hair Industry, is one of Squire’s main educational liaisons, helping to improve the quality of the conversations around community engagement and education, as well as bridging the gap between tech and one of world’s oldest professions.

Jay is a Master Barber and Educator, and is also the Founder and host of the first and second largest barber events in the world; Connecticut Barber Expo and Las Vegas Barber Expo, respectively. Raposo has been the premiere driving force in organizing and promoting the Babyliss4Barbers Team for the Conair Corporation in the U.S. and Canada, and has leveraged his position in the barber community by building relationships with consistency and integrity.

“I see immense growth potential in Squire’s operations and the opportunity to recruit, train and innovate the barbers of the future,” said Raposo. “Our people are our greatest asset. From the shop owner to the employees and most importantly the clients.”

Jason’s first major Squire initiative is a Barber Educational curriculum that will be implemented in Summer 2020, and will focus on financial literacy, time management and how to use the tools that Squire offers to help barbers expand and grow their business.

“Jason brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Squire. His relationships and expertise are unparalleled within the barber industry,” said Squire Co- Founder, Dave Salvant.

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