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Step back in time for a retro barbershop experience

There’s a new place to get a haircut in downtown Quincy, MA, and the owners said they want to give you the traditional barbershop experience your grandfather might’ve had when he was just a boy.

Master barber Matthew Thomas, at Gold Line Barbershop, at 830 Maine Street, said their company started out in 2015 in California with a mission to re-create the classic American barbershop with vintage cash registers, traditional barber equipment like antique chairs and more.

He said some of the services they offer are also vintage.

“Straight shaves, skin fades, traditional classic men’s hairstyles. We specialize in all classic men’s hairstyles we do the greaser 50’s haircuts. We do the classic 1920’s haircuts; and we also do a lot of modern cuts as well,” said Thomas.

Thomas said they plan to renovate the storefront with a new gold flake design. They said they signed a long term lease and hope to be in the community long term.

Good luck to Matthew and the team from all at BarberEVO!

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