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The Barber Agency – Making the Match

The Barber Agency is a game-changing recruitment company for hair professionals that matches barbers with brands. Born out of the frustration and difficulty of finding the right talent, The Barber Agency is set to revolutionise the recruitment of barbers.

Founded by Lilly Dillon, with over 25 years’ experience in the hair industry (and previously the manager of a successful group of barbershops), Lilly has a unique understanding of the challenges and issues recruiting the right staff in the fickle world of barbering.

“Most people think that it’s all about money,” says Lilly, “but it’s not. Yes, salary plays a big part in any career but it’s also about finding a barber that suits your environment, culture and type of services.” Lilly explains that restaurants and bars recruit in a different way, finding the right person to fit their ideas. She wants to add this ethos to the recruiting of barbers.

Experience has taught Lilly that barbers and barbershops are unique and the reasons why people leave their jobs are wide and varied. She knows that losing staff and staff changes are both time consuming and have a negative impact on business and the individual’s career. For this reason she wanted to take a new approach to connecting barbers with the shop or salon that best suits their skills and their personality. Advertising for staff is hit or miss and often you find out too late that a barber just doesn’t click.

The Barber Agency offers a reliable resource for barbers and barbershops with the aim of connecting the right barber to the right shop or barbering project. Whether it’s a full time or part time position, education assignment or photoshoot, the Barber Agency provides the best person for the job. To do this, The Barber Agency carries out detailed research into the barber and the position that needs to be filled to understand the type of shop, the position or the project – all before recommending a barber. Equally important is that all barbers are fully interviewed to make sure that their claims are genuine.

TBA has a strict interview process that looks at a prospective barber’s training, career history and skill set. Trade tests are conducted to ensure that the barber’s skills are fit for purpose.

If you are tired of the stresses that recruitment brings, or skilled and willing, looking for the perfect job, be sure to get in touch with The Barber Agency, where you will receive a warm and honest approach. Find out more at or download a pdf here.

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