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The Booksy Doll Head Tour kicks off!

Booksy’s ‘Doll Head’ tour has just kicked off with the idea being that this social project will unite Booksy artists from all corners of the globe as they participate in a collective education project. 

One Pivot Point doll head will travel from Los Angeles to London, making five stops along the way with Booksy artists.

Each artist will do a one-hour demo that will stream live on Booksy social media channels. The project allows Booksy to provide on-trend education to existing and new merchants. It also helps engage the community and create camaraderie amongst Booksy educators and ambassadors. 

We wish the doll head safe passage on its extensive journey. The head will, of course, start with long hair in LA, then on to Las Vegas, then Orlando, ending with a pixie cut when it reaches the end of its journey in Europe. 

There will be a return journey from London, this time with a men’s mannequin head, starting out in the New Year, look out for further details on our page. 

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