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The STMNT journey continues

STMNT was created with a distinct message, and that was to rewrite the standards of grooming, looking back over the last year, does the group feel they are on their way to achieving that standard?

“Yes!” says Sofie, “We stayed very true to our intention for the brand. We were very careful and deliberate in our messaging, both when we started and in the growth since then.”

As a gender-neutral product range, STMNT has seen incredible uptake in both salons and barbershops. Sofie adds: “There are so many people, from all walks of life that travel to and from shops everywhere. We want to encourage everyone to understand that grooming products are not just for men!”

The founders are the people who know how to use these products best. Hit us up with a cocktail that will blow our minds.

Jules steps forward to take this one. “Recently, Shine Paste x Beard Oil cocktailed together, raked thru towel damp hair, and blow-dried through has been a favorite! It’s a unique mixture that gives a very sleek all-day finish that acts as a heat protectant via the beard oil with the natural structure for shape via the shine paste.”

The range at the moment has two branches, the styling range, and the care range. Are there any thoughts of extending?

Jules says: “We feel like we have a strong foundational range but plans to extend the range is definitely a major consideration down the line!”

It’s a major undertaking launching a brand-new brand, product development, marketing etc. How did you all cope with the challenges that came your way?

Miguel says: “It’s been an interesting experience, obviously being in the middle of a pandemic had changed it from the normal routine you’d be in launching a new brand. As we’ve been working away hard on the brand since 2017 it’s more of a natural progression to see the launch and it’s amazing to see the response we’ve had. Knowing we made all the right decisions as a team prior to launching by the buzz around the brand in its first year is fantastic.”

It’s been an amazing process to take the idea from just that to an actual range. What’s been the fun part?

“I love creating,” says Miguel, “Just like Jules and Sofie. The whole process from throwing ideas around to watching it all come to fruition is fantastic. We have a lot of synergy between us and this makes the process even easier.”

And the big question, in five years’ time, Jules, Sofie, and Miguel are sitting around a table, what are you discussing and where will you be in the STMNT journey?

Sofie says: “Our products have helped barbers/stylists/ and people around the world feel and look their best. This is something I am so proud of. I love the fact that STMNT is such a quality product line and has created an extremely loyal line of users. I am proud to be a co-founder of such a quality line!”

Jules adds: “In this day and age, I think it’s important to appreciate the NOW and to foresee the future is something that I’d like to be mindful of, yet do not want to put solid expectations for. So much can change in the blink of an eye, and the world literally has seen that happen with the pandemic. I think we are all focused on continuing to build day by day, with the goal to have STMNT help bridge the gaps in our industry and be the platform to tell our own story. I’m grateful for all the amazing feedback and response we have received so far. If I were to look at where myself, Sofie, and Miguel were at five years prior til the present day… based on that, I can say the next five years should mirror that evolution and success, on a much higher precedent.”

And Miguel concludes: “Honestly, considering we started planning this nearly four years ago, in another five years’ time we’ll probably just be blown away by how time has gone so fast. Hopefully, we are talking about the shoots and shows we got to do together post-pandemic versus the zoom calls during it, haha.”

STMNT is available for purchase in-store and online at Cosmo Prof STMNT Mens Grooming products (

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