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Tickets on sale now for O.P Hairshow and Awards!

Following a phenomenally successful and impactful O.P Awards 2021 the team is back this year with an even bigger and better O.P Hairshow & Awards 2022. Held on Sunday 25th September in the centre of Birmingham.

“The energy you put into what you do is the energy it will be received with,” – is a quote often used by Josh and never more relevant than when planning this event.

He said: “The O.P Hairshow 2022 will be an event like no other in the UK. An event dedicated to you. Each and every one of you. No sales, no vendors, no marketing, no gimmicks. Just pure, organic energy, education, information and inspiration. The O.P Hairshow is your day. To surround yourself with like-minded, motivated individuals. To network. To learn. To leave a more confident, determined and better you.”

The O.P Hairshow will consist of a full day’s education. Fully representative of Barber.josh.o.p Education in covering every single aspect of our industry:

– Cutting demonstrations – Long, Medium & Short hair. Modern & Classic. Scissor work, Fading, Styling and Creativity.

– Cutting theory presentations – The D.F.S Formula, Line Theory and much more.

– Business seminars

– Social media growth and marketing seminars

– Photography and content creation seminars

– Mindset and motivation seminars

– Self Study seminars

– Networking

Light refreshments will be provided.

This will then be followed by the second annual O.P Awards. Josh said: “Last year was an unbelievably powerful evening where our online academy members from across the globe came together for an evening of joy, inspiration and emotion. The evening was described by many members as ‘a family reunion’. All our finalists got the opportunity to take the stage and share their story, their journey and their inspirations and in doing so each finalist lit up and inspired the entire room. This year will not be the same. No. This year will be even better!

“The O.P Hairshow & Awards 2022 will undoubtedly be the event of the year and we are delighted to say that you are invited.

“Our differences are the most beautiful thing we have in common and here at Barber.josh.o.p Education we look to ensure that no matter who you are, what ‘category’ you fit into within our industry, that you are celebrated. That you have a place to come to learn, to grow, to network, to share, to laugh and to most importantly be fulfilled. We make it our mission to help every individual find what makes them fulfilled and build a life where they can maximise their fulfillment and in doing so maximise their success.” Head to to purchase your tickets and we’ll see you there!

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