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Tips for creating vivid short hair

Vivid, bright colour isn’t the domain of long, wavy hair – nothing looks more dramatic that a short vivid pixie crop – and if you follow the advice from Pulp Riot Artist Christabel Legrand, it’s easier than you think. 

“Vivid colour isn’t going anywhere – and for summer 2022 the brighter the better! We’re used to seeing gorgeous colourful waves on Instagram, but a pop of colour can add the wow factor to any short hairstyle. Icy and silver have always been a favourite for short hair, but we are starting to see people becoming more adventurous with pastel blues and pinks fast becoming trends.” 

Here’s Christabel’s top tips for working with short hair 

  1. Depending on what tone you want to achieve it’s important to make sure you have prepped the canvas properly. So, if you want to create a light pastel you will need to lift the hair to a level 9/10. I would then neutralise any unwanted pale yellow tones using either Pulp Riot Moonstone, Icy or Silver (depending on what tone you are creating) this means your pastel will look more true to tone. 
  2. As hair fades and grows, clients will be able to enjoy it at every step. They will feel like they have a completely different hairstyle within a month.  
  3. When lifting shorter hair isolate the hair to allow for maximum lift, check your sections and remove when lifted to the desired level.  
  4. If you’re using Pulp Riot semi-permanent colour to create your vivid, don’t panic if it goes wrong, Blank Canvas will remove it and return it to its original canvas so you can start again! 
  5. It’s important to look at your client’s skin tone; do they suit warmer colours or cooler tones? Look at their fashion, lifestyle – will the colour fit with their everyday look? Will they be able to maintain it at home? 
  6. Talk to your clients about aftercare and also how regularly they may need to return for a follow up appointment. 
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