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TruFades rolls out incredible community program

Barbershops are truly the heart of the community and none more so than TRU Fades in Richmond, VA. They have introduced an apprenticeship program that is beneficial to the participants and the community as a whole. 

The program has been approved to perform free haircuts for the less fortunate, apprentices perform these services allowing for regular practice while providing a public service that is in great need. 

Now the program has been rolled out throughout the state and in do so will introduce so many more opportunities.  

Here is a little background about TRU Fades and the program it has created. 

Perry, also known as P Lee, opened TRUFades Barbershop on January 29th, 2022. The ethos here is ‘Each One, Teach One’, which means that the barbers teach and improve one another. In other words, within the shop, ‘iron sharpens iron’. 

The apprentices begin performing the services of barbering and grooming all over the state within the community for the most in need. This is also giving the apprentices an opportunity to practise and also grow their own skillset. P Lee has expanded on this idea by evolving it into a regular program, with various locations in Richmond, and with plans of increasing the number of apprentices, clients, and venues in the upcoming months. 

This program also caters to those who are not able to afford basic necessities, let alone personal grooming. During the events of the program, those that participate are not only provided with a free haircut but are also given a free meal and a safe place to be at peace.  

This program takes care of a major concern for apprentices, and that is not having an established clientele. With this program, not only are they providing an excellent service to their community, but they are also gaining experience and confidence in their abilities. 

In the words of “Each one, Teach one” hopefully barbershops all over will follow suit and use this program to give an expedited path to success for future barbers, as well as bringing our communities together and making them stronger. 

If you as a barbershop owner or barber would like to get involved with the program, please contact P Lee at Trufades_by_plee

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