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Update to Barbershop Re-Opening Guidelines in California

Barbershops and salons in certain areas of California have been able to reopen and operate indoors as officials announced an update on Wednesday 2nd September.

Those in Los Angeles County have been allowed to reopen with limited indoor services and will be in line with the state recommended reopening guidelines. Los Angeles County Supervisor announced the update on Wednesday 2nd September:

“LA County’s Health Officer Order will be updated to allow hair salons and barber shops to resume indoor operations at 25% capacity. Options for increasing capacity will be re-evaluated three weeks after Labor Day.” (@SupJaniceHahn, Twitter)

At a COVID-19 briefing, Los Angeles County Health Officer Dr. Muntu Davis added that barbershops and salons would be able to open and operate at limited capacity as of the 3rd September if they were in line with all of the Health Officer Orders.

Counties in the San Francisco area have also begun to reopen, but only outdoors at the moment, with barbershops and salons not expected to resume service indoors until late September.

Keep up to date with the latest government guidelines on reopening here.

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