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Utah barber Tyler Kelbert launches online academy

A Cut Above The Rest Academy will launche their online educational platform on October 21, 2019

A Cut Above The Rest Academy is set to launch their website to help new barbers further their careers by providing online classes on tools and specialty cuts as well as the skills and tools that barbers need to have to succeed in todays modern barber economy. 
A Cut Above The Rest was started to help the barber community in Utah grow by providing continuing education classes and conferences. After a successful first year and another successful launch with Utah’s first Salt Lake Beauty and Barber Expo, Tyler Kelbert Co-Founder of SBBE and Founder fo A Cut Above The Rest decided their needed to be more. 
“Barbers just get the basics while they go through through their certification, but there is so much more to learn and that’s why I started A Cut Above the Rest,” Kelbert said. 
Kelbert teamed up with friend and now partner Daniel Rubio to help implement the vision he had to help barbers around the nation grow. Rubio saw the skills that he and Kelbert gained from a degree in digital media could really help set barbers who learned the fundamentals of digital media apart from others. 
“Knowing how to effectively use video and having a good online presence is key to succeeding in any business. But especially in business as social as barbering,” Rubio said. 
The website will have articles with tips for new and seasoned barbers, reviews of new tools and most importantly online courses ranging in specialty cuts to how to create your own website.

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