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The limited-edition release of the vintage-inspired clipper is finally here with the Metal Edition Cordless Magic Clip. Barbers and stylists can cut in style and power as the metal casing transforms this clipper into a must-have with a lengthy battery life of 90 minutes. 

While the look of the Metal Edition Cordless Magic Clip is all vintage, the technology is anything but. Using advanced “crunch blade” technology thanks to its staggered-tooth blade, rotary motor, and linear-cutting system the clipper’s blades can move parallel to one another. This helps barbers cut faster and creates smoother blends, allowing them to remove hair in bulk and create texture, especially when fading. 

Wahl Education and Artistic Team member Kevin Nguyen (@yakuzabarber) sees the release of this new tool as a continuation of the company’s entrepreneurial spirit. “Wahl’s audience will always grow because our products have continued to fulfill the needs of barbers and stylists for generations. There is a reason why Wahl has been in business for 100 years and counting. Innovation is what the company is all about.”

Wahl Professional is releasing the Metal Edition Cordless Magic Clip for a limited time only. The clipper retails at $179 and can be found at Wahl’s Senior Marketing Associate Aaron Flick believes this special release will be big for the company. “The vintage look in barbering is very popular right now. It transports barbers back in time, and that was our goal with this limited time only release. As a collective, we wanted to continue our celebration of Wahl’s 100 years of being a top clipper manufacturer.”

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