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Wahl Professional Announces 2nd Online Barber Battle

Risks are a part of life. They don’t always pan out. But when everything falls into place, something truly special can happen.

Wahl Professional took a risk last summer when they debuted the first ever online barber battle. And the response they received from the barbering community paid off for them – and for the best of the battlers who took a chance on entering.

Just ask Benny Machado, the Grand Prize Winner of last year’s battle, and an honorary member of the Wahl Education and Artistic Team (W.E.A.T.) in 2018.

“Winning has sparked a passion to help others and has given me the platform to do so. I’ve met so many professionals and received valuable advice.”

Wahl Professional will provide that same unique platform for artists to showcase their skills to the world with the second iteration of their barber battle, scheduled to launch June 1.

“As a 99+ year company, Wahl Professional strives to be on the forefront of innovation in
all that we do,” said Aaron Flick, Senior Marketing Associate, Professional Division, Wahl Clipper Corporation. “We are looking to grow and separate ourselves from the pack even more in 2018.”

And the changes Wahl Professional is making to the battlefield – the website itself – will play a big part in that separation: Namely, user-friendliness.

“Updates have been made on the mobile development side for a sleeker look and feel.
We also have improved on the login process to allow users to create a login and submit
their entry in multiple steps (instead of all at once),” said Flick.

Another change is the actual competition cuts barbers will be judged on. Like last year’s
battle, participants will have to show their mastery of a Classic Bald Fade and a Creative Design of their own choosing. This year, however, they can choose either the Pompadour or Textured Crop as one of the three cuts for the judges’ consideration.

Wahl Professional has also upped the stakes.

While the grand prize winner will receive a one-year membership on W.E.A.T. and the
entire 5-Star line, valued at over $1,200, 2nd place will be awarded a position in the newly unveiled Wahl Select Barbers program, which is a new addition to this year’s battle.

The top three winners will also receive notoriety on the Barber Battle website, and 1st-10th place will all have their work showcased on Wahl Professional’s social media channels.

The winners will be announced in September and entrants will have from June 1 – June
29, 2018, to submit their videos.

However, if there’s one thing both Wahl Professional and Machado can attest to, it’s the
time needed to make the work standout.

“The only thing that I would’ve changed was waiting until the last minute to make the
video. Which created lots of stress and sleepless nights,” said Machado.

To give yet another incentive, Wahl Professional is rewarding those who submit their
entries promptly.

“We will offer a new 5 Star Retro T-Cut for the first ten full video submissions,” said Flick.

What advice can be offered to those looking to show their mettle? That depends on who
you ask.

Flick gives more tactical advice: “Study the rules and hire a videographer (or use a good
camera) to showcase your cuts in high quality.”

Last year’s champ offers something a little more inspirational.

“Don’t think about it too much! Just go for it, be smart on your model selection. Don’t take

this opportunity for granted,” said Machado.

Those looking to take risks of their own are encouraged to learn more and register at

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