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Wahl Professional Announces Barber Battle 3 Winners

Wahl Professional is pleased to announce the winners of its Barber Battle 3 competition. Andrew Rosario (@AndyFadeMaster) of West Palm Beach, FL has been awarded first place in the competition and earns an honorary year-long spot on the Wahl Education and Artistic Team (W.E.A.T.) and a prize package that includes the complete 5 Star line of tools.

Cory Hull (@thehellrazor) of Marysville, CA earns second place in the competition and was also offered an honorary W.E.A.T. membership for 2020 along with a selection of clippers, trimmers and finishing tools.

Josh Pereira (@iamjoshpereira) of Boston, MA has scored third place in the competition. The win gives him a spot on the Wahl Select team as well as a barber combo set and prize pack.

Wahl’s U.S. Director of Education, Lisa Finucane, chose three cuts for the competition – the mid/low bald fade, the Caesar and the modern mullet – to test entrants’ skills and their ability to teach more complex styles while being pushed out of their comfort zone. Pushing limits and redefining haircutting continues to be on Wahl Professional’s agenda for 2020. Finucane plans to continue to challenge entrants in Barber Battle 4 with the inclusion of another longer hairstyle.

Prospective participants should be on the lookout for Barber Battle 4 details in mid-2020.

 “It’s amazing to be on W.E.A.T. and be able to create pieces of art on stage with everyone. I can’t wait to start educating with so many great barbers. This competition really does open doors for people who enter,” says Rosario.

For Hull, being on a team is a dream come true. “When I was asked to join the team, I was so excited. I [appreciate] comradery and being around people who love what they do and are loyal to one another, and in this case loyal to Wahl. I’m extremely pleased to have achieved a goal that I’ve had  for years.”  

Says Pereira, “I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for Wahl clippers. I am just so honored that this company has given me this opportunity to reach my goals. I’ve learned how important it is to keep moving forward and to never slack off.”

When asked for advice for next year’s participants, all three winners noted how challenging it was at times to give step by step instructions, especially through a video. They urge future entrants to prepare as much as they can for the competition and to make sure to get a great videographer.

Says Rosario, “I made sure that I was comfortable and confident in the haircuts and with the models. I went down to every last detail taking notes on how I styled them, what tools I wanted to use, and that everything was in place before I started filming. Make sure you always give it your best and never settle with the first take.” Hull advises, “In order to succeed you just need to be yourself. Show your  bread and butter in the video and show how you can set yourself apart from the competition.”    

Videos from this year’s winners can be found at

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