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Wahl Professional® Launches New On-Demand Education Platform

Wahl Professional® launches new on-demand education platform to be a hub of knowledge and connection for the barber and stylist community around the world

 The on-demand education platform will bring professionals from around the world together online to enhance their skills, stay current, and share knowledge with their peers that will elevate their craft.

  Advancing education for stylists and barbers worldwide has always been a top priority for Wahl Professional, the leader in professional and home grooming electric hair clippers, trimmers and shavers. After over 104 years as an iconic and respected brand, Wahl continues to adapt and evolve for the benefit of the industry by introducing a cutting-edge global on-demand education platform allowing for continuing education, career advancement, and community building among barbers and stylists of all skill levels.

Education is a crucial part of Wahl Professional’s brand identity, having opened The Wahl Barber Academy, offered the Wahl Fade It Forward® scholarship program, and held countless live educational events. However, in this increasingly on-demand and globalized world, Wahl felt it was time to create a platform for learning that could be accessed by professionals anytime, anywhere, and at their own pace.

Wahl’s new platform offers barbers and stylists a vast library of educational videos that teach basic skills as well as cutting edge trends. The platform will also feature monthly ‘Lives,’ where instructors from all over the world will offer demonstrations to the global audience. In addition to the library of educational content, the state of the art on-demand education platform will be a place where professionals can access details about in-person global events and sign-up information, as well as information about Wahl, its products, and its list of Global Educators. If professionals want to attend a Wahl course, such as the Future Maker Classes but don’t have the ability to travel to attend in person, they can also pay to experience these classes through the platform as ‘Premium Content.’Stephanie Polansky, Wahl’s Director of Global Education, was especially excited about the gamification and badge features of the new platform. As barbers and stylists make their way through the courses on the platform, they can track and celebrate their progress by receiving badges for more videos watched.

Stephanie said: “Professionals can share their badges and accomplishments on social media to show their clientele that they are continually investing in education and enhancing their skills.”

Building a cohesive community of hair professionals around the world is what Garrett McGuire, Wahl’s Global Brand Director, is most passionate about. “The on-demand education platform is intended to be an online gathering space in addition to being a world-class educational platform. Wahl’s goal is to advance the industry and bring professionals together to share knowledge and connect with others who share their love of the craft. It’s our hope that the Wahl on-demand education platform sets the standard for online barbering education just as Wahl has set the standard for electric hair tools for over 100 years.”

To register for the Wahl on-demand education platform, visit
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