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Wahl Professional’s New 5-Star Look is Golden

Mention the name 5-Star Senior or Magic Clip and what comes to mind? Most likely it is the precision, power and ease of fading that barbers and stylists rely on from Wahl Professional’s 5-Star Series for their multi-cultural clients.

Now look again, because precision fading with the name Wahl 5-Star is taking on a new gold-star design. Every one of the tools will receive an update and be revealed over the next month.

“Each product will progress into the new 5-Star look at different times during the second quarter of 2018,” said Tracy Vock, Senior Product Manager, Professional Division, Wahl Clipper Corporation. “The completion date for the full line to be transferred over to the new look and feel is the end of May.”

As the new 5-Star look begins to unfold, each of the classic styles will be transformed by a consistency in look with gold color accents as the dominate design feature, along with easily identifiable Wahl logos that are laser cut into each tool.

“Think of it as an enhancement to the products,” says Jesey Nicholson, Senior Graphic Designer, Professional Division, Wahl Clipper Corporation. “The new look was designed with barbers in mind, providing the consistency of tools for the busy barber and stylist. Gold levers and switches throughout the line separates the 5-Star products from our other clippers and trimmers.”

The idea for the new gold-star look originated from discussions on the line in general and working with Wahl’s marketing team and design engineers to test samples and colors to finalize the style.

“I’m excited about the upgrade to the 5-Star Senior clipper that gives this product a lot of class,” says Nicholson. “The black and gold accents balance well together and give the product more of a high-end look that reflects the product’s performance.”

Barbers will also notice a color change in the attachment combs in some trimmer sets to help elevate the appearance of the line.

“There are not any new features for each product,” says Vock, “Each product is already unique, so we basically gave the line a face lift, so to speak.”

Just last year, a similar update to the Wahl Designer Clipper Family of tools was introduced, featuring a classic black color scheme to keep everything consistent in that line.

“We are focused on making the Wahl 5-Star Series look consistent and upscale,” says Nicholson. “Our customers love our products, so making the looks consistent as well as enhancing the packaging was an easy decision.”

The branded look of the new 5-Star packaging reveals a clean design on the front. On the back of the package, pertinent information easily identifies how each product differs, and printing enhancements to the package design make the products stand out when displayed on store shelves.

As for marketing the new line, Wahl Professional created first-class product videos to help show off the new looks, along with website updates and social media posts to reflect this new design. Those interested in learning more about the new 5-Star line can view the latest product improvements at

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