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Wahl’s New Mentor Detachable Clipper Honors an Icon

The new Mentor Clipper honors the life, career and mentorship of Wahl employee and barber mentor Isadore Adams. Isadore Adams was a pioneer of barbering and a valued employee at Wahl. After opening his first shop in 1971, Isadore designed his first of many barber hair style charts, which are now commonly known to the industry as I ADAMS or Wahl Posters.

Isadore eventually grew to a vital role at Wahl, keeping the century-old clipper company deeply connected to working hair professionals. He regularly traveled to barbershops throughout the U.S., taking time to understand what barbers need from their Wahl tools. His experience and first-hand knowledge were critical in the development of the premier Wahl 5 Star barbering line alongside another Wahl legend, Bo Langley.

During his travels, Isadore held true to his passion for the craft by taking barbers under his wing, becoming a valuable mentor to many. He then led the charge to form the Wahl Education & Artistic Team (W.E.A.T.) and, to this day several current members attribute securing their places on the prestigious team to the support of and mentorship by Isadore.

“He worked the information into us, there was no option other than success if you were learning from him,” said Wahl Education & Artistic Team member Garland ‘G-Whiz’ Fox. “He met everyone at their level regardless of their gender, income, location or whatever – he was an awesome mentor.”

A reflection of Isadore’s passion for barbering, the Mentor Clipper is designed for the barber or cosmetologist who is serious about their craft. Excellent for achieving a seamless fade with using just one tool, and especially great for debulking course, thick hair.

The Mentor comes with a detachable four-blade system. Compared to other Wahl clippers, the Mentor has much more power; its brushless motor has a speed between 3,000 and 3,7000 RPM – faster than all other detachable blade clippers on the market. This extra power makes the Mentor better and faster to use on coarse or thick hair. It’s an ideal tool for barbers that work with quick turnaround clients. “The new detachable blade system diminishes the lines of demarcation when changing blades. This allows the barber or stylist to work faster at completing the haircut. A high RPM clipper and improved blade design is a winning combination” says Tracy Vock, Wahl Professional Senior Product Manager.

Ergonomic and light weight, the Mentor makes it easy to use for barbers and cosmetologists alike. Wahl increased the comfort and control to make sure it was perfectly balanced and reduced the vibration to a minimum. In addition, a long flexible cord allows for ease of movement for the barber or stylist. Plus, to prevent mistakes, there’s a locking mechanism that must be engaged in order to switch the blades.

Taking its cue from Isadore, the Mentor Clipper brings a new depth of opportunity to the professional hair industry by maintaining quality while pushing efficiency. A reminder that there is no other option than success and acting as an ode to every great barber who had a great mentor.

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