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Wahl’s ‘Off The Top’ podcast now available on all major streaming platforms

Wahl Professional® has announced that it has now released its ‘Off The Top’ podcast onto all major platforms, giving a wider audience the chance to listen to interviews with educators and rising stars.  

Being a global industry leader means constantly finding new ways to reach new audiences. And it’s in the spirit of connecting with—and serving—their community that Wahl Professional created its “Off the Top” podcast.  

Co-hosted by Aaron Flick, a Senior Marketing Associate for Wahl, and Byrd Mena (@byrdmena), Sharpfade Founder and Wahl Pro’s creative consultant, the podcast had been planned for years, only to be put on hold by the pandemic. 

“We’ve been itching to get this out there,” says Flick. “We wanted to show that Wahl does more than make tools for barbers and stylists. And there’s no better way than to connect with the industry and communities that have supported us for more than 103 years.” 

True to the free-form nature of the industry, there’s also bound to be a little fun and unpredictability in each episode. 

“We go into these podcasts with no script at all so we can have the most organic conversations with our guests,” said Byrd. “It’s literally off the top of our heads.” 

“People ask for ‘A little off the top and short on the sides’ when they go to the barbershop, so that plays into the theme as well,” adds Flick. 

Only the Freshest Cuts 

There are thousands of podcasts out there competing for attention and only 24 hours in a day. How will this new show break through? 

Wahl’s answer is expertise and variety. “Off the Top” features the latest insights, new release information, must-attend events, education and more. There’s really something for everyone, including segments for people interested in industrial design, social media marketing—even pop culture.  

“We want to grow this with segments as time goes on. Right now, we have ‘What’s Inside The Box?’ where we share a surprise with our audience. It can be an unreleased tool, a Sharpfade project or something else,” said Byrd.  

With their deep industry connections, Wahl has developed relationships with legendary artists as well as up-and-coming industry stars they can call on to talk about their life stories and career passions. 

“There are a lot of amazing people out there who are making a major impact not only in their local communities but across the globe,” says Flick. “For instance, I’m really stoked about our episode with Luis Rivera (@elboribarber). He is a phenomenal artist that cuts some of the biggest Latin pop stars and athletes. His story about growth is worth hearing.” 

Wahl enthusiasts will also enjoy a “backstage” look into the roles of Wahl employees, tales from its headquarters in Sterling, Illinois, and the latest news about its Fade It Forward® scholarship and mentoring program.  

Ever mindful of how visuals dominate the barbering and styling sector, Wahl posts the podcast across multiple mediums, some including video. 

“The fact we provide video and audio versions through several channels separates us from those who do their podcasts on Instagram Live,” says Byrd. 

Three episodes are out now, with more slated to be released every three to four weeks. 

  • Episode 1 features the new Cordless Legend, a recap of the 2021 Disruptour, Wahl’s Fade it Forward® Program and more. 
  • In Episode 2, This Barber is How Old???, barber prodigy Cam Mahar (@cam.mahar) gives an exclusive interview about his passion for cutting hair,  TikTok insights, and what’s next for his career. 
  • In Episode 3, Changing Careers Later In Life, Wahl educator Tina Sapia (@sapiathebarber) sits down to talk about her transition into barbering later in life, where she finds her inspiration,  TikTok trends and more. 

Listeners can stream the podcast on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. Suggested topics for upcoming shows are welcome by commenting on the company’s YouTube Page.  

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