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War Paint For Men

War Paint is a grooming brand on a mission to give men the freedom to feel confident every day.

When founder Danny first borrowed his sister’s concealer at 15, he discovered what War Paint customers the world over experience every day: the power of these products and how they can make people feel about themselves.

And when he couldn’t find a brand that related to him? He created one.

Since launch in 2018, they have gained media attention (GQ, BBC, The Independent), going viral several times. This has translated into sales to thousands of customers around the globe, with average 100% YoY growth (FY ’21 £1.5m P&L -£1.3m)*.

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War Paint is not a subset of a women’s brand. They speak directly to male customers in their language. They sell their award-winning products D2C and through selected partners e.g. John Lewis & Reiss.

War Paint is about more than just products. They have partnerships with Norwich City FC & Wigan Warriors to support mental health initiatives. They have also opened the first men’s makeup & wellness store in the world.

While men’s makeup is still a growing sector, the men’s skincare market is well established; it’s estimated to grow to $16.9bln worldwide by 2027 (+5% 2020-27). With their existing credibility, partnerships and distribution channels, they see the skincare market as the next category to tackle.

War Paint are fundraising to launch their new skincare line, due to launch in 2022.

*Based on management accounts.

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