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Menspire and Friends with Kevin Luchmun

Brand new Menspire and Friends, the latest initiative from internationally renowned men’s hairdressing and education brand, Menspire, kicks off in January with a collaboration between two of the industry’s most creative forces.

For the first in a series of collaborations, Menspire co-founder Josh Lamonaca, will be joined by barbering powerhouse, Kevin Luchmun. 

The two giants of men’s hairdressing will share their professional journeys, their creative inspirations and career personal triumphs, while showcasing their skills with live demos and presentation models at the Menspire Academy in St Albans on 21 January.

Josh says: ‘Kevin and I were both there at the beginning of the barbering boom. We got to know each other via social media and realised we had a similar style and a dedication to learning and teaching all-round hairdressing and barbering skills. We developed in different ways but were both driven by the same passion for our craft. This shared passion will make the first Menspire and Friends collaboration both fascinating and, we hope, motivational to other hair professionals.”

Those attending will also have the opportunity to quiz Josh and Kevin in a Q&A session which will round off what promises to be a highly informative and inspirational evening, with creative collaboration at its heart.

Tickets are available via the Menspire website, starting at £69. For those who can’t attend the event, you can tune in online, with tickets costing £49.

For more information
@menspiresalon @joshlamonaca

Hair In Motion Education Global Launch Show 2024

Join the Hair in Motion Education team for a very special event, celebrating the launch of their global education programme. 

The event is an extension of the Hair In Motion education online platform, which has been exclusively designed for the hair professional who seeks more in their career. Charles Gray, Founder of Hair in Motions and Ambassador for Leaf Scissors, said about the Global Launch Show: “Join us for the Hair In Motion Global Education Launch show as we look to start 2024 with a Bang!” 

After 12 years in the hair and fashion industry, Charles has become one of the leading educators within men’s hairdressing across the globe with a formidable reputation and unparalleled experience to most.

“Expect to see a live seminar diving into different genres and subcutures of hair & fashion put together by the team with an array of models who will then partake in a live photoshoot on stage whilst the team display who’s behind the brand and what were setting out to achieve as a team moving forward.” 

The Hair in Motion Education Global launch show is on January the 28th from 1pm-6pm in Manchester.

Expect incredible work shared across social media throughout.  

Tickets are available at .

Follow Charles and the Hair in Motion team on Instagram @hairinmotioneducation // @charliegray248 

Jack Fox Joins the Daimon Barber Family

Daimon Barber, the renowned grooming and lifestyle brand, is delighted to welcome Jack Fox into its exclusive circle as a “Friend of the Brand.” This collaboration marks the union of two entities dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and timeless style.

British actor, Jack Fox, hailing from the Fox acting dynasty, is known for a variety of roles in a number of household favorites, ranging from hit series such as ‘Sanditon’, ’Riviera’, ‘Cheaters’ and ‘Fresh Meat’, to Oscar-nominated and BAFTA-winning ‘Theeb’. Jack will be back on screens in 2024 with a number of projects currently in pre-production.

Daimon Barber, known for its premium grooming products and commitment to elevating the grooming experience, recognizes the importance of aligning with modern individuals who share their ethos. Jack Fox’s sophisticated style, charismatic persona, and dedication to excellence make him an ideal representative of the brand.

The collaboration between Daimon Barber and Jack Fox promises to bring forth exciting initiatives, showcasing the perfect synergy between traditional grooming and contemporary style. Stay tuned for exclusive content, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and collaborative projects that embody the essence of this partnership.

“We are thrilled to announce Jack Fox as a Friend of the Brand,” said Louis Hayes-Davies Managing Director at Daimon Barber. “Jack’s distinctive style, both on and off-screen, resonates with our brand values. We look forward to showcasing the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship, quality, and the refined aesthetic that defines Daimon Barber.”

The partnership between Daimon Barber and Jack Fox will showcase Jack’s appreciation of products he incorporates into his daily routine.

Visit and @daimonbarber for more information.

OUT NOW: BarberEVO UK & Ireland Issue 42 – Jan/Feb



We’re buzzing to announce our new “Of the Edition” features for 2024. Here, we’ll share a Newcomer, Barber, and Barbershop of the Edition. 

Our newcomer is Matt Pearson. Though Matt found the art of barbering later in life, he certainly isn’t short of the talent.

Barber of the Edition is SHABA winner Peter Healy – he tells us his story and why entering competitions is a way to bolster success online and get more people to see your work. 

Barbershop of the Edition goes to Dan’s Barbershop London. There’s colour, creativity, and some great advice for running your business. 


We’re proud to have Fellowship PROJECT: Men 2023 shoot on our cover. It’s a sleek take on contemporary styling that we think takes the award for one of our best covers yet.

We had the chance to catch up with the team at the Fellowship for British Hairdressing Fellowship Luncheon at the end of last year and what an incredible way to get to know these star stylists. 

ALSO we’d like congratulate the new team, too, who we have no doubt will be creating exciting stuff in 2024 – watch this space…


A massive shoutout to our 2024 columnists, Carlie Cardle, Hayden Cassidy and Mark Maciver – welcome to the EVO team, guys!

Carlie is covering skincare, grooming, and everything you need to know abou enriching your service menu for 2024 and beyond.

Hayden – the globe-trotter that she is – is taking us along with her on her travels across cotenants, educating with Andis. This month, she brings us to Japan… style trends and tall tales included!

Mark is a master business owner of Slider Cuts in London and gives some advice on how to energise your business for 2024. This is how to start the new year right…

Of course, we’re thrilled to have the legendary Simon Shaw, Vikki Harrison Smith, and Alan Beak back for an incredible year of content.

We say this every issue, but you REALLY don’t want to miss this one!!

Get your copy here!

The Power Of The Fade

Expert stylist, educator, and co-founder of Salt Lake Beauty and Barber Expo, Tyler Kelbert, gives you his step-by-step to creating the perfect stretched out skin fade with a line up. Transforming a classic style to something contemporary and camera-ready – this is the picture of modern barbering.


To create Mario’s look, the first step is to use a clipper with a number six attachment guard (3/4 of an inch). Go over the entire head with and against the grain of the hair until it is all the same length.


Next, you will create a triangular section starting at the recession and work your way to the apex. Then work from the opposite recession to the apex. Securely clip the fringe section out of the way.

Once you’ve section off the fringe, you will now work on the sides. Use your clipper with a number 2 attachment guard and make sure the taper lever open to debulk. 


Then use your clipper with a 1.5 attachment guard accompanied by your fade comb to connect the sides and top. Hold the comb vertically and ride the comb with your clipper from bottom to top. (Do this around the entire head so that the sides and top are fully connected).

Now use your trimmers to create a guideline about a fingers width above the ear. This will ensure we are leaving enough space to fade up towards the longer length of hair. Start at the front hairline and work towards the center back of the head. Then repeat the same process on the opposite side of the head.


After completing the previous step, we need to make sure that it’s symmetric. Take a step back so you can clearly see exactly what you’ve cut. Then refine the guideline if you see any inconsistencies.

Now, use your trimmers to remove the excess length of hair below your guide line and work up towards the guideline which we have initially created. This will make everything below the guideline the same length.


Next you will use your electric shaver and cut the hair down to skin. This is the shortest length it can possibly be. Work your way from the bottom of the head up to about a half an inch below your trimmer guide line which you initially created. 

Now use your shaver in a flicking out motion in the half of an inch area left below the trimmer guide line to create a smooth transition from skin to the trimmer length.


Next, use your clipper with the taper lever half way open to create a new guide line right above your trimmer guide line. This will be about an inch above your trimmer guide line. 

Now use the clipper with the taper level closed starting at the trimmer line and working your way to the second guideline we have Made with the clipper. As you move up towards the second guide gradually open up your taper lever. Once you get to the second guideline your taper lever should be half way open.

Now you will fade down starting just below the curvature of the head using your clipper with the number 2 attachment guard with the level open  and work your way down to the zero attachment guard with the level closed to blend into the second guideline we created;

Remember to consistently brush away any loose hair that is stuck to the skin.


After you’ve completed the fade, you will move onto the front hairline. Use your trimmer to create a straight line across. Start at the center and work your way to the corner that is naturally higher. Use the area you just completed as your initial guide. Then work from the center to the opposite corner. Be sure to not push the clients hairline too far back, you want to keep it as natural as possible. 

Once you’ve completed the front hairline, take a step back. Look at the front hairline from a distance to check for balance and consistency.


After finishing the front hairline, you will now move down to the sides of the front line up. Use the eyebrows and the corner of the eyes as a guide to check the line up for balance of both sides.


Next you will use a straight razor to go over the entire outline that you have created using your trimmers. The razor line up will improve the shape of the haircut and maintain the outlines cleanliness.


Now, use the styling product of your choice and apply it to the hair. Congratulations, you now have completed this look!

Find Tyler on Instagram as @tyler_kelbert

Fellowship for British Hairdressing Luncheon and Hair Awards 2023

The Fellowship for British Hairdressing celebrated a momentous 2023 with their annual Luncheon and Hair Awards, held at The Londoner – the biggest and best independent networking and awards event in the industry.

2023 was a monumental year for the Fellowship, who celebrated their highest membership to date, a growing Executive Board, regional Centres of Excellence and the largest educational opportunities for their members. It was a time to celebrate the last 12 months and look forward to another fantastic year. The Luncheon was once again a chance to bring together over 400 industry guests from all over the UK, to unite and celebrate the achievements and growth throughout hairdressing.

Welcoming the crowd, Fellowship President Robert Eaton, thanked the audience for their support over the last year and shared an insight into what has been happening within the Fellowship, behind the scenes and as the team gradually move further into the North – a goal set by the President himself. Rob was then joined by CEO Barry Stephens who discussed the progress through the opportunities presented by the Fellowship and thanked the loyal sponsors, brand partners and members for uniting in creativity.

Alongside Chancellor Karoliina Saunders and Executive Board Members Michelle Griffin, Colin McAndrew, Simon Shaw, Andrew Barton, and Ashleigh Hodgesas well as special guest presenters, the Executive Board each shared their own vision and goals for the Fellowship, including giving the audience more information on their own journey and goals within the industry.

With the anticipation building the 2024 winners announcement began, with a host of fabulous names being awarded this year’s titles and trophies. As the awards were handed out, a very poignant award remained – something special for a man whose career has spanned six decades, and his commitment to the hairdressing industry unmatched. With a room filled with many of those who have come through his creative ranks, including Angelo Seminara Antoinette Beenders, Euguene Souleiman, Keith Harris, Sally Brooks, the Fellowship Lifetime Achievement Awards was presented to Trevor Sorbie, MBE. 

Sassoon Scholarship – James Kendell

Hairdotcom Scholarship – Naomi Brooks, The Hair Sanctuary

Trevor Sorbie Creative Scholarship – Erin Marley, Rein & Co

Member of the Year – Darrel Starkey

Fellow with Honours – Ashley Gamble, Emma Simmons, Marlene Lamont, Marnie Williams and Sharon Malcom

Fellow with Distinction – Junior Green Keith Harris Darren Messias

Gold Medal – Ken Picton

Presidents Award – The Lions Barber Collective 

Clubstar Art Team – Olivia-Rose Brady

Project Afro – Hannah Marcia Larden

Project Colour – Allie Harknett

Project Extend – Marlene Lamont

Project Men – Kyle Dodson

Project  Sassoon – Justine Weir

Snapshot Image of the Year – Sam Burnett, Hare & Bone

Men’s Image of the Year – Dom Capel, Lara Johnson Lifestyle

Colour Image of the Year – Angelo Seminara

Afro Image of the Year – Lisa Farrall, Wig London

International Image Award – Danny Pato, D&M Hair Design

Image of the Year – Angelo Seminara

Individual Salon of the Year – Brooks & Brooks

Salon Group of the Year – Goldsworthy’s

Session Stylist of the Year – Luke Benson

Educator of the Year – Lisa Farrall, Wig London

Hall of F.A.M.E. Award – Antoinette Beenders

2024 F.A.M.E. Team 
Elle Foreman, Tribe Salons
Harry Andreou, Ventura Hair
Ilaria Bellemo, Toni & Guy
Stephen Campbell, Hair & Co

The Trevor Sorbie Award for Creative and Commercial Innovation– Roman Sys, Brooks & Brooks

Fellowship Hairdresser of the Year – Tracey Ann Smith, French & Ivi

Fellowship Lifetime Achievement Award – Trevor Sorbie MBE

Issue 34 of BarberEVO North America is OUT NOW!

The latest issue of BarberEVO North America is OUT NOW.  

Get your copy here!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

The latest issue of BarberEVO North America is OUT NOW! This seasonal issue is fronted by the revolutionary BaBylissPRO FX ONE; and this issue we cover everything you need to know to get your barbershop ready for the year to come, in this 104-page issue, packed with colorful talent and in-the-know advice.  


New Year 

With the new year comes endless opportunities to boost your professional brand, whether that’s in educating, managing a barbershop, working behind the chair, or styling on photoshoots across the globe. 

In this issue, we start with some essential seasonal advice, where we help you set yourself up for an incredible year. Our columnists Tyrik Jackson and Ivan Zoot give you intel on becoming a six-figure barber, while Kenny Duncan goes over entrepreneurship. 

We also throwback to our trips to Las Vegas and Salt Lake City, where we brought Play Your Clippers Right, powered by Andis, to hundreds of people across the event circuit. 


Next, we take a deep dive into the world of styling, starting with an incredible step-by-step from global educator, barber, and co-founder of Salt Lake City Beauty & Barber Expo, Tyler Kelbert. He launches us into the modern world of barbering by demonstrating how to recreate his Final Cut collection, transforming a classic fade into a contemporary stretched out skin fade with a line up. Not to be missed! 


We also touched down in some incredible barbershops to learn about their approach to interior design and how it not only enhances the client and barber experience, but strengthens branding and encourage repeat visits too. Shoutout to City Barbers, Garrett Michael Barbershop, and Hudson / Hawk Barber & Shop – really stunning spots with great business advice.

We hope you enjoy this issue! You can order your print copy here.

Fresha, Launches The Most Comprehensive Trend Report In The Beauty And Wellness Industry

In partnership with world leaders in trend forecasting, WGSN, Fresha surveyed over 1,000 consumers, analysed over 600M bookings, and scanned over 2,000 social media accounts in the build up to launching their inaugural Future of Beauty and Wellness Trend Report.

 Fresha, the world’s #1 booking platform for beauty and wellness, has taken its unique industry perspective and launched an invaluable resource: its first trend report, called The Future of Beauty and Wellness Report 2024

Created in partnership with leading trend forecasters WGSN, the report is packed with groundbreaking insights based on:

  • analysing 600 million Fresha bookings
  • scanning more than 2,000 social media accounts
  • more than 1,000 consumers surveyed across the US, the UK, Canada and Australia
  • interviews with industry experts including makeup artist and beauty entrepreneur Huda Kattan, and celebrity barber and educator Mark Maciver

The report uncovers and decodes 11 trends set to shape the industry. From high-octane beauty to the diagnostic tools taking over salons, clients’ expectations of beauty and wellness will evolve like never before in the next five years. 

The report serves as a guide to those changing expectations, and shows how services and treatments will need to be adapted to boost business. All of this game-changing information will help business owners outpace the competition and stay at the forefront of client care.

For beauty and wellness business owners ready to evolve to meet consumer demands with a holistic, personalised approach, this report will help them do exactly that. Those businesses with forward-thinking strategies and customer-centric services will be the ones that find the most success and keep clients coming back, into 2024 and beyond.

Read the report now.

Best Men’s Hair Looks From The Billboard Music Awards 2023


At the weekend we saw the return of the Billboard Music Awards 2023 and there were some fantastic hair looks showcased on the night. Below, I share my favourite looks from some of the male stars that attended the event…

Peso Pluma gave off a cool, laidback vibe at this year’s Bilboard Music Awards. He wore his longer length mullet haircut effortlessly and completed his look with a beanie style hat. Natural hairstyles and longer length edgy cuts like the mullet will be a big trend as we go into 2024 for men and are perfect for those who are looking for an incredibly low maintenance style that requires little to no styling. I love to scrunch in a mousse or sea salt spray into this cut to enhance the natural hair texture and give it a further easy-going finish.

Real Stray Kids the group looked iconic at this year’s Billboard Music Awards. To complement their luxe outfits, they wore their hair styled straight, smooth and sleek. These longer length, smooth styles will be super on trend as we head into the festive party season and as we go into 2024. Whether you blow-dry the hair smooth or use heated styling irons to create this look, ensure you finish with a serum or oil for added smoothness and shine with no flyaways. Many of the band also have fringes, which will be another prominent trend this winter – from full fringes to curtain fringes. For those with oblong faces, a fringe is a great way to create the illusion of a shorter face shape. For those with square face shapes, they will want to avoid anything that overly softens and shortens their features and instead, they should opt for a well-balanced fringe like a side fringe that will flatter their features.

Mark Ronson – although he wasn’t in attendance at the awards, Mark Ronson won Top Soundtrack with Barbie: The Album and during his video award speech, his hair immediately caught my eye. It was worn with a deep side parting and slicked over for a super sophisticated and controlled look that’s very youthful and contemporary. This can be achieved with a pomade or wax either with a matt finish or shine, depending on if you would like to achieve a more natural or polished look. This style looks great on all hair lengths but particularly slightly longer lengths like Mark’s to give the hair added volume and height. This again is another great hair look for those struggling with a receding hair line/hair thinning, as it gives their hair a fuller appearance. It’s also great for showing off facial features and giving the face a more chiseled appearance. 

Men’s Christmas Party Hairstyles


Tis the season where many of clients are looking to look and feel their best for the festivities and upcoming Christmas events and nights out they may have. Below, award winning men’s hairdresser, Jim Shaw, shares some of his favourite men’s Christmas party hairstyles that will be on trend this year, and how he would achieve the looks.

Relaxed & Refined Pompadour – my personal favourite Christmas hairstyle trend for 2023 – the relaxed and refined pompadour. I love the shape of this look and how sophisticated and polished it looks, yet it still has an undone, effortless finish to it. I always create this look using one of my favourite products, American Crew Fiber, distributing this through the hair and then blow-drying the hair back off the face with a hairdryer and brush to create that voluminous pompadour shape. The key is that the hairstyle has hold but that it looks and feels flexible. This is a particularly great Christmas hairstyle choice for male clients who have longer hair length on top and slightly shorter sides that want to give their cut added finesse!

Sleek, high shine hair – Christmas is the time for sparkle and many clients are looking to achieve a sleek, shiny hair look in line with the season. Sleek hair styling works on all hair lengths, but is particularly effective on those with longer hair, especially when paired with a super blunt cut to exude the luxe hair look. When creating this look, I always start with a smooth blow-dry and then go in with my heated styling irons to give the hair a further sleek and smooth appearance. Products are also essential when creating this look. Before any heated styling I always prep the hair with a heat protection spray like LABEL.M Fashion Edition Heat Protection Mist and after styling I always apply a serum or oil through the hair to banish any frizz and flyaways and to give a further mirror like shine to the hair. The LABEL.M Rejuvenating Radiance Oil is one of my favourites.

Voluminous statement quiffs – the festive season is the time to go all out with your hair – the bigger and more voluminous, the better. It’s the time to be extra! With that in mind, this Christmas we will see the return of voluminous quiffs and hairstyles with mega height. A quiff pushes the hair forward and provides a more defined statement style, particularly when paired with shorter sides. With this look I would always start by using a product to help provide the hair with volume like a Volumising Powder. One of my favourites is American Crew Boost Powder Anti-Gravity Volume Powder. Next, I would use a hairdryer to help direct the hair into the desired shape and follow up by using a strong hold product such as a pomade like American Crew Pomade to mould the quiff shape and to give it further structure. Finish with a hairspray like American Crew Finishing Spray to lock in the style all day/night.

Deep side partings paired with sleek styles – deep side partings for men have become incredibly stylish in recent years and are a great way to change up their look. Previously we have seen these styles been worn to achieve volume, however this year, this style will also be worn sleeker and smoother for a more contemporary, polsihed take on the style. To create the side parting, always use the tail of your comb to help achieve that straight, defined line and finish by distributing a smoothing product like LABEL.M Anti-Frizz Smoothing Balm through the hair before blow-drying the hair smooth for added smoothness and glass like shine.