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Andis Company Launches Sharpest Blade to Date


Andis® Company, a leading manufacturer of handheld grooming tools and education for professional barbers, has launched the GTX-S Blade, the sharpest blade to date in its product line. Designed specifically for crisp line-ups, this deep-tooth, carbon-steel T-blade fits the company’s popular GTX-EXO trimmer and features a sharper, flatter tooth profile for next-level precision in the barbershop. The new GTX-S Blade is available now for professionals to purchase from and authorized Andis distributors.

  • WHO: Andis Company and Interested Professionals. 
  • WHAT: Launch of GTX-S Blade, Andis Company’s sharpest blade yet.  
  • WHEN: Available now. 
  • WHERE: Purchase today from the Andis website and authorized Andis distributors.

For more information visit For more information on Andis® Company, follow them on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

ANDIS Company On X Games Mode

Kicking off the new year at the ‘24 winter x games where the barbers are just as extreme as the competitors, andis company partners with barber authority to give athletes and vips gold medal looks.

Andis® Company, a leading manufacturer of handheld grooming tools and education for professional barbers took its expertise to new heights in January, literally. Sitting at nearly 10,000 feet above sea level, Buttermilk Mountain played host to the 2024 Winter X Games, as well as Andis Company’s partnership with Barber Authority. Joining forces to offer barbering services in the Athlete’s Lounge, Andis Ambassadors were tapped to style the athletes with fresh haircuts and beard trims to show off at the games, plus at-home tools to keep up the looks.

Teaming up with Barber Authority, a barbering collective founded by celebrity barber Steve Vilot in Lynchburg Tennessee, Andis sent Andis Ambassadors Jose Perez Zamora (@flashy_faded), Julien Howard (@thevelobarber), and Jorge Saldana (goalku_) to demonstrate their own skills on the mountain. Equipped with fresh, custom-engraved Master Cordless Clippers and all new Andis tools including trimmers, shavers and more, these barbers brought expert talent to the competition known for taking things to the next level.

These X-treme styles included many athletes walking away with the X Games official logo shaved into their fades. Snowboarder Pat Fava left the games with a mustache trim by Jose Perez Zamora as well. While the Winter X Games are often synonymous with the long hair that many of the athletes would refer to as “flow,” the Athlete’s Lounge was packed with athletes and other VIPs waiting for their shot at a new, Andis-perfected look. Fades, sculpted mullets, and crew cuts transformed the style of the games.

“Andis tools have powered Steve and Barber Authority for 10 years at the X Games. This year, we were excited to also provide barbers for the event,” said Bruce Bock, Sr. Corporate Communications Manager at Andis. “Jose, Julien and Jorge are extremely talented barbers and everyone who walked into the tent walked out with a perfect haircut.”

“I have always been an Andis-only barber and after years of using their precision tools in my barbershops and on tour, it has been awesome working with the team here at the Winter X Games,” said Vilot. The level of talent and the quality of tools is obvious looking at every haircut that left the tent. We are very excited to continue partnering with Andis, especially this summer at Lollapalooza.”

As 2024 is already shaping up to be a big year for tight, structured haircuts, Andis and Barber Authority have secured themselves as the trendsetters in the world of extreme sports. Sharing the incredible talent of the Andis Ambassadors and the precision of the Andis tool lineup on a stage this large is set to forecast a wave of new styles in the world of barbering.

For more information visit and To keep up with all things Andis® Company, follow them on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

Building Your Personal Brand by Chico Boom

We are ecstatic to welcome the one and only Chico Boom as a BarberEVO columnist for 2024. He’s been on the cover and now he’ll be on the pages for every issue. This globally celebrated barber and motivation speaker is also an author, educator, presenter, and go-to guy for Rolda, JRL, and Squire. His first column tells you how to design your personal brand. 

“Once you define your goals, you can build relationships that fuel your personal brand and take you into the rooms, onto the stages, and even into the boardrooms that you want to be.”

You want to build your personal brand in 2024? Let’s get into it…

Find your niche: Specialize in a specific industry niche.

Look introspectively to define your goals. Who do you want to be? What do you want people to come to you for? Once you define your goals, you can build relationships that fuel your personal brand and take you into the rooms, onto the stages, and even into the boardrooms that you want to be.

When I started, I didn’t want to just be a barber, I wanted to be a motivational speaker and educator. So, I designed my personal brand around that. You can design your brand around the clients you want to serve – maybe you want the creative, younger people in your chair, so start posting content online that reflects that ideal candidate.

Want to be known as a top tier barber? Create some guru content – utilize your social media to share advice and facts, maybe promote a couple brands. The internet is yours to play with.

Network: Go to tradeshows and events like the CT Barber Expo, which is by far the number-one show out there for barbers in North America. It is here that you find the brand contacts that you need to get a foot in the door with the biggest names in the industry – or even just to find likeminded people who might want to create with you, whether that’s online content, collections, or academies.

I am always at events scouting talent and education opportunities for JRL. If you come speak to me and you’re articulate, well-presented, and attentive then I’ll give you the chance – I’ll hear you out. Being put together is a huge part of professionalism and of boosting that personal brand.

Maximize social media: In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is essential for developing a personal brand. 

We can all agree that a barber can leverage social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube to showcase their work. This is your direct line to clients and your direct selling platform – selling your work and selling your personal brand. 

By creating eye-catching content and consistently posting updates – which, honestly, is something that I need to work on too – that showcase your craft builds you a following and attract new clients. Once you master that, you’re opening yourself to not just new clients, but new opportunities with brands and even getting featured in magazines like BarberEVO.

Don’t forget about websites, too. You want people to find you everywhere – they shouldn’t have to investigate the internet to find you. You must maintain a professional website that features information about your service pricing and contact details to further enhance your credibility and visibility online.

Get headshots and a résumé: Identify who you are and capture that in a headshot. I wanted to present myself as a public speaker, so I wore a suit.

Also create a bio about yourself; something short and snappy that says what you’re about. Also write out a résumé and always have it on hand, so when opportunities do present themselves for work, presenting gigs, or someone contracts you for something, you have a resume to submit that shows all your qualifications. 

To summarize: a bio is just a short description of your accomplishments and things like that, but the resume goes more extensive into the work field. Make sure to put your website and social handles on there so they know where to see your practical skills.

Learn how to talk: this is essential if you want to be a platform artist/educator, which I think is the ultimate goal for most ambitious barbers.

I won’t take people seriously who come to events and tradeshows who aren’t well presented in their clothing, or who talk casually. I want you to be eloquent, driven, and professional – not too many ‘uum’ or ‘you know what I’m saying’. 

To be successful in the professional field, communication needs to be mastered. You do that by taking speaking courses.

I recommend Toastmasters International. They’re a public speaking and communication skills educator that teach all over the globe. This is where you learn how to develop your communication skills and gain coping mechanisms that help you manage nerves or anxieties about speaking on stage.

MENSPIRE Academy: 3 Tips For Barbers

Josh Lamonaca is one of the most-respected barbers in the industry, and this Apprenticeship Week he has three key points of advice for young barbers.

“It’s all about being the best you can be, learning the fundamentals and taking your time. With my business partner Sam Palmer, we started Menspire 10 years ago and we are only just starting our journey. It’s not a race to the top, you have to be the best you can be along the way” – he says.

Josh’s three tips for new barbers:

1 Work hard.

Do as many haircuts as you can on as many different hair types as you can. Nothing will be perfect, so learn from the mistakes you make.

2 Work smart

Look to the people on your left and the right of you when you’re on the shop floor. Observe what they are good at and take into account what you can improve. 

3 Be patient. 

Today we live in a world of Amazon and YouTube, where everything is available at the click of our fingers. But when it comes to barbering, be patient. You’re not going to be the best barber the next day, or the best educator the next month. Be patient with your skills. Know that it’s going to take time to build a successful skillset and mindset. 

For more information:
@menspiresalon @joshlamonaca

OUT NOW: BarberEVO North America Issue 35 Feb/March

The latest issue of BarberEVO North America is OUT NOW, featuring…

Get your copy here! 

Barber of the Edition: Jessie Perez Gil
Barbershop of the Edition: Blind Barber Chicago
Newcomer of the Edition: Elliot Thomas, The Spot Academy
EVO in the City Location: San Francisco
EVO Abroad Location: Switzerland
Diary of a CEO: Aston LaFon, 18.21 ManMade
Behind-the-Scenes Photoshoot: Purcy Chair

Welcoming our new and returning columnists: 

Angie Perino
Chico Boom
Byrd Mena
Brandi Lashay
Tyler Kelbert



Everything you need to know about 2024 style is HERE.

Featuring trend predictions from STMNT’s Jōvan Figueroa, American Crew’s Phoenix Thomson, Andis’ Angie Perino, Pamela Reyes, Taylor Leven and Jason Rios, too. Including insight to color, style, cuts, design, texture, and protective styling.


Shaving and skincare make for the perfect relaxation experience in a shop. Learn how to maximize on sales and revenue using grooming services.

Featuring advice from Jay Cruz, J. Harris Barber, Danilo Alfonso, Joseph Macdonald and more.


Expect big names in the editorial world in this feature. Byrd Mena is one of our new columnists and gives you the tools you need to do justice to your creativity and design photoshoots that showcase your skill AND look cool.

Also spotlighted are Carlos A. Trista, who covers freestyling on competition stages; Edwin Cruz Delgado, who speaks about the best products. Angel Marcano also looks at the power of color and pattern to boost your creative streak. And the one and only Byrd Mena tells you what you need to do to get your work notices.


The biggest names in electricals are here: Cocco Hair Pro, Bevel, Tomb45, Panasonic, BaBylissPRO, Andis, and Wahl share their most exciting releases. This is where you find out what tools are going to up your game this year.

We hope you enjoy this issue! You can order your print copy here.   

Wahl Ambassador Program: Early Access, Free Gear & Community


Become A Wahl Ambassador

WAHL are looking for passionate and loyal barbers and stylists to become a valued part of their journey and to share their Wahl passion through creative posts, videos, and images to their social media followers.

Apply NOW here!

What Can They Offer You?

  • A 12 month certified membership to this exclusive program (a maximum of only 15 members will be chosen for 2023/2024)
  • Be among the first to receive new products and may be asked to partake in product testing opportunities.
  • Free product(s) sent monthly to share/review with your social media followers and local community.
  • Potential to advance as a member of the Wahl Education Team.
  • Exclusive ambassador welcome pack of awesome goodies.
  • Finally, be a part of a team that will help you grow as a professional in the industry whilst building amazing local and international relationships along the way.

Qualifications & Benefits

  • They’ll ask you to make sure you’re only using Wahl tools (clippers, trimmers, shavers, etc…)
  • Post a minimum of two posts a month (must be on your native feed—not stories) with a couple of specifics that need to be included in these posts.
  • In order to apply, they are requesting a simple video of you with Wahl’s tools. This can be an unboxing, haircut tutorial, showcase, etc… Show them your best stuff!
  • Fill out their application and make sure your social media platforms are up to scratch and that your content is creative and engaging.

Click HERE to start your application.

Deadline for submission is 14/02/2024 11:59PM GMT.

2024 Beard & Facial Hair Trends

Jim Shaw, Director Of Toni&Guy Billericay And Multi Award Winning Men’s Hairdresser

The Van Dyke – consisting of a small goatee, beard and moustache. These three elements can be connected or disconnected, creating a unique yet sophisticated and trendy look for men. With celebrities such as Robert Downey Jr. And Johnny Depp previously sporting this beard trend, it was of course going to be popular for the modern-day man who is looking to give themselves a celebrity inspired look. 

The Full Beard – as we come into 2024 many men will be looking to grow their beard, perfect to give their face some warmth over winter! It’s also great for men who like a more natural and effortless look. The full beard may not be for everyone, but for those that suit this style, it can really make a statement and show off their personality and confidence. 

The Anchor Beard – a beard style we have noticed becoming popular more recently and that replicates that of an anchor, including a moustache and a pointed beard that traces the jawline. For those who like a more groomed beard style, this is perfect. It also is incredibly versatile where it can work for almost any face shape, but I particularly love this style for those who are looking to enhance some of their best facial features such as their jaw line.

Stubble – a beard trend that will never go out of style! Stubble is particularly great for those who want to dip their toe in the water when it comes to having a beard. It’s a casual but classy style and can also be paired with a moustache. I love this look paired with a buzz cut/super short hair look to provide balance.

Guess Who Just Crossed The Pond To Canada? Daimon Barber


Daimon Barber, the prestigious London-based professional brand celebrated for its diverse range of men’s hairstyling, grooming, and skincare products, a staple at premium barber shops, Harrods, Selfridges, and other upscale retailers across the UK, has now ventured across the pond to establish a presence in Canada. In a visionary mission to introduce global beauty brands to the Canadian beauty industry, Oriac, the largest distributor in Canada, has partnered with Daimon Barber, securing its position as its exclusive supplier for the Canadian market. 

It all started with the Original Pomade (50g / $35.00 CAD) created by Daimon, a seasoned London barber. Hence the name Daimon Barber. Louis Hayes-Davies later joined Daimon Barber and facilitated the creation of new and unique formulations to expand on the Original Pomade. Now Louis is at the helm as owner and Managing Director, Daimon Barber has become one of the most respected and sought-after brands in the men’s grooming category. 

Daimon Barber has become synonymous with unrivaled quality and beautiful design, not to mention its complex fragrances. Yuzu Paste (100g / $65.00 CAD) gets its distinctive scent from a sparkling aroma with wonderfully sweet, tart and bitter elements that are subtle yet impactful. Texture Clay (100g / $65.00 CAD) is scented with Fig and frankincense combined to give a sophisticated and fresh scent. Our Original Pomade is made with Raspberry seed oil and Bee propolis to nourish the hair. Daimon Barber offers a diverse range of products, with prices starting from $35 CAD for the 50 gr. container size of its hairstyling range.

In a Canadian grooming market dominated by others, Daimon Barber emerges as the sole British player, carving out a unique niche. Renowned for its innovative formulations, the brand offers a comprehensive range, including high-performance hair styling, skincare, beard care, and shaving products. The exceptional Revitalising Moisturiser (50 ml. / $84.00 CAD), featuring plant-based ingredients, is designed to hydrate and revitalize the skin. For beard aficionados, the classic Beard & Stubble Softener (50 ml. / $50.00 CAD) contains nutrient-rich avocado oil and aloe vera, ensuring facial hair stays healthy, and the skin beneath feels moisturized.

“Creating these remarkable products and seeing them on the shelves of esteemed Canadian retailers is an immensely proud and exhilarating moment for our brand,” Louis stated. “Launching in Canada marks a huge chapter in our brand’s journey, and we look forward to them becoming one of our strongest partners.”

Building on the brand’s triumphs, Louis Hayes-Davies inaugurated the Daimon Barber Hair Retreat to great fanfare. Located in a three-story townhouse in Stratford-Upon-Avon, this flagship salon and outlet for Daimon Barber products promises guests a complete personal experience, offering various services from haircuts to facials to traditional hot towel shaves.

Daimon Barber’s entire product line is crafted with ingredients sourced from the U.K., boasting a 100% cruelty-free, paraben-free, and “nasty chemicals”-free ethos. 

To immerse yourself in the world of Daimon Barber or to place an order, please visit 

MR Barbers Awards 2023

MR. Barbers Managing Director Karl Foster, Director Paul Davenport, and Shop Owner Mark Lovell told us why the MR. Barbers Awards mean so much to the winners and also to the structure of the business as a whole.

MR. Barbers’ experienced and friendly teams across each of their shops offer quality styles that fit each client perfectly. 

Karl, Paul, and Mark keep their customers and their teams at the heart of everything they do and make sure that every detail of their services delivers value for money and a welcoming environment that people will want to return to again and again. 

Every MR. Barber shop is an essential part of each barber’s community, and they work to make each one a ‘local’ business where clients and visitors can feel right at home.

They have shops in Stowmarket, Sadbury, Thetford, Witham, Bishop’s Stortford, Braintree, Bury St Edmunds, Diss, Enfield, Halstead, Hertford, Saffron Walden, and Standsted. 

Every team member is encouraged to ask questions, learn, and grow within the MR. Barbers model. Karl’s and the senior members of MR. Barbers’ support and education goes far beyond helping teams refine their practical barbering skills – what these new barbers, young and old, get from the team is a community, a support network, and a chance to grow as professionals as well as human beings.

MR. Barbers Awards 2023 fostered an atmosphere of joy and pride in the grand hall of The Athenaeum on Angel Hill in Bury St Edmunds. After food and drinks, awards were handed out to some of the brightest stars in MR. Barbers.

Karl said: “The MR. Barbers awards are about so much more than celebrating achievements on the night. These awards inspire barbers to work hard throughout the year, knowing that if they focus themselves, they will be rewarded.

“Many of the barbers here tonight have overcome many obstacles in their lives both in the industry and in their personal lives. It is our great pleasure and quite frankly our honour to provide them with a support system that is always rooting for them; that is always finding ways to make them better at their craft and feel better about themselves.”

Mark Lovell, fitness influencer, barber, and MR. Barbers shop owner, said: “We have all achieved so much this year – barbers and shop owners/educators alike. Myself, Karl, and a group of other MR. Barbers barbers, embarked on a 100km walk for charity that impacted us in deeper ways than we ever thought possible. We have bonded as a management unit and as friends as a result. Having that solid relationship between senior management is what empowers our mentees and junior barbers, showing them that life can be incredible, and barbering will keep you stable and grounded should you wish to accept.’

Paul Davenport, Director of MR. Barbers, said: “Tonight has been such a positive and uplifting evening. We love to highlight the successes of the people in our shops because they deserve to be celebrated as they embark on a career in this actually very challenging industry. They learn business acumen, they learn practical cutting skills, and they also learn how to manage their skills and capabilities in a way that helps them grow as individuals both in and out of the shop. I am so please for all the winners tonight and can’t wait to see where they go next. Bring on 2024 – and bring on the next awards!”

We can’t wait to see who comes out on top this year. Watch this space for more @mrbarbers //

Denman Supports Maghaberry Prison Barbershops

Maghaberry Prison is a high security facility for 1000 plus male prisoners in County Antrim, Northern Ireland which hosts no less than four barbershops with two to five workstations in each. Denman team member Maria Stafford recently visited Maghaberry to talk to Janice Lawther, barbering tutor from Belfast Met and Governor Wendy Graham and meet some of the barbers that have trained there. 

Maria said “It was wonderful to hear from some of the prisoners which included trained barbers and barbering mentors. They believe that learning barbering has changed their lives in a positive way and gives them a reason to get out of bed every day.”

Denman is providing the gowns, brushes and combs required for all the working barbers and trainee barbers at Maghaberry and is actively seeking other prison barbering training programmes to support across the country.

Barbershop Maghaberry Prison.