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Nathalia Almeida

Paul Falltrick Joins Alfaparf Milano Professional as Brand Ambassador UKI

ALFAPARF Milano Professional is thrilled to announce the appointment of multi-award-winning hairdresser and global educator Paul Falltrick (@paulfalltrick) as Brand Ambassador UKI.

With more than 35 years’ hairdressing experience, Paul started his career at John Frieda as Nicky Clarke’s assistant, where he quickly acquired expertise on editorial shoots, stage work, shows and TV.

He soon gained a reputation for his cutting and styling work and became a FAME Team member in 1996 before eventually opening two salons in Essex, as well as a state-of-the-art training academy.

As one of the country’s leading artistic directors, Paul’s love for education has seen him travel the world sharing his passion, expertise and techniques with global audiences.

Today Paul works at GFC Hairdressing in Hornchurch, Essex where he combines working with his loyal clientele along with educating and motivating the industry.

“I’m super excited to be part of such a professional and inspirational product company with a parallel ethos to my own, especially at a time of such significant momentum,” says Paul. “I am really looking forward to working together on our mission to elevate the art of hairdressing.”

“It’s a real treat for us to have someone like Paul in the family,” believes David Donnellan, on behalf of ALFAPARF Milano Professional. “Not only is he vastly experienced in the craft of hairdressing, but he is also as dedicated as us to make sure our industry continues to grow incredible talent on both the salon floor and the business of hairdressing.”

Paul joins the growing family of ALFAPARF Milano Professional experts which is made up of Paul Stafford (Brand Ambassador UKI), Coia Dahill (Brand Ambassador UKI) and Ben Brown (Digital Brand Ambassador UKI).

For information on Paul’s bespoke ALFAPARF Milano Professional courses please go to:

Professional Beauty Association Launches New Line of Merchandise


The Professional Beauty Association (PBA), whose mission is to advocate and fight for the rights and professionalism of the beauty industry, is delighted to announce the launch of a new line of merchandise representing the professional beauty industry. The curated styles, which include hats, travel mugs, and cozy sweats, are designed with beauty professionals in mind, and proceeds support initiatives critical to the beauty industry.

“Being a licensed professional in the beauty industry takes hard work, determination, creativity, and passion. The relationship between people and their hairstylist, barber, esthetician, make- up artist – you name it – is a unique and special connection that helps people feel good about themselves, inside and out,” said Angelica Kenrick, Director of Marketing at PBA. “It’s an industry we deeply value, and we respect the hard-working individuals who make us feel amazing. As the largest trade nonprofit representing the entire professional beauty space, we wanted to create something for beauty pros to be able to have fun and show off while making the industry even stronger. It’s more than just merch: it’s sharing pride and giving back.”

The new merchandise is not only trendy, but also supports PBA’s efforts to address issues that matter most to beauty professionals. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the merchandise goes towards supporting initiatives critical to the beauty industry such as fighting against the deregulation of licenses, elevating the need for more texture hair education, and supporting license portability through the Interstate Cosmetology Compact. Deregulation is particularly important as there is a lack of education about the importance of licensing to ensure the health and safety of the public. Similarly, texture hair education is gaining traction across the nation as cosmetology state boards are being encouraged to add texture hair education to their licensing requirements and curriculums. PBA’s Government Affairs team relies on funding from Membership dues to be able to make an impact on both state and federal levels for these matters. Now, even non-Members can contribute by purchasing merch through the official PBA shop on

By purchasing and wearing the new merchandise and sharing PBA’s message on their platforms, beauty professionals can help be a part of PBA’s efforts to support the hundreds of initiatives PBA is working on to elevate and support the industry. 

To learn more about the efforts PBA takes to advocate for the beauty industry, visit

The new line of merchandise is now available for purchase at

BARBEREVO and BARBER STRONG Discuss Professionalism, Functionality and Comfort In The Shop

As we know, Barbers find great pleasure in using products that help create a memorable experience for their customers. The main goals every day are to make money, save time and provide a quality and professional service. That being said, BarberEVO sat down with functional apparel leader Barber Strong to discuss the main pillars of what makes an ideal situation in the shop, for both the barber and the client.

Barbers adhere to high standards, ethics, and conduct while providing barbering services. This encompasses various aspects, including:

1. Skill and Expertise: A barber demonstrates a mastery of haircutting, styling, and grooming techniques. They keep up with the latest trends, tools, and products to provide quality services to their clients.

2. Punctuality: Being punctual and respecting clients’ time is a crucial aspect of professionalism.

3. Hygiene and Cleanliness: Maintaining a clean and hygienic workspace is vital. Barbers follow proper sanitation practices to ensure the safety and well-being of their clients.

4. Communication: Effective communication with clients is essential to understand their preferences and deliver satisfactory results. A barber listens attentively and provides appropriate suggestions when needed.

5. Customer Service: Barbers prioritize customer satisfaction. They are courteous, friendly, and attentive to clients’ needs.

6. Appearance: A professional appearance creates a positive impression. Barbers should dress neatly and present themselves in a manner that reflects their commitment to their craft.

7. Ethics and Integrity: Barbers operate with honesty and integrity.

8. Continuous Learning: Embracing ongoing education and skill development is a sign of professionalism. Barbers should attend workshops, seminars, and industry events to enhance their knowledge and expertise.

Overall, professionalism in barbering fosters trust and loyalty among clients and contributes to the growth and success of the barber’s business.

Barbers should always be effective and efficient with all the tools, equipment, and processes they use in their daily work. It involves ensuring that everything in the shop is well-organized, easy to use, and supports the smooth execution of their services. Here are some aspects of functionality in the shop:

1. Tools and Equipment: Barbers rely on various tools, such as clippers, scissors, razors, and trimmers, just to name a few. Functionality demands that these tools are of high quality, well-maintained, and properly sanitized to deliver precise and consistent results.

2. Workstation Layout: The layout of the shop’s workstations should be designed for efficiency. Stations should be well-equipped with the necessary tools within reach, allowing barbers to perform their services without unnecessary movements.

3. Appointment Management: An effective appointment scheduling system ensures that barbers can manage their time efficiently and minimize wait times for clients. This may include using appointment booking software or maintaining a well-organized appointment book.

4. Inventory Management: A functional barbershop keeps track of its inventory of hair products, grooming supplies, and tools. This helps barbers know when to restock and ensures they always have what they need to deliver services promptly.

5. Payment and Point-of-Sale System: A smooth and reliable payment system simplifies the transaction process for both the barbers and their clients. Functionality in this area involves using secure, efficient, and modern point-of-sale systems.

7. Client Records: Maintaining accurate and up-to-date client records helps barbers track client preferences, haircut history, and any specific needs, leading to personalized and attentive services.

8. Workflow and Time Management: A functional shop optimizes workflow and time management to maximize the number of clients served without sacrificing the quality of services.

9. Comfort and Ambiance: Functionality isn’t just about tools and processes but also the overall environment. A shop with a comfortable waiting area, pleasant ambiance, and adequate lighting enhances the overall experience for clients and barbers alike.

By prioritizing functionality, barbers can streamline their daily operations, improve customer satisfaction, and create a more productive and enjoyable workspace.

Barbers should always create a welcoming and relaxing environment for clients during their visit to the shop. It involves taking various measures to ensure that clients feel at ease and have a positive experience throughout their time in the establishment. Here are some aspects of comfort in a barbershop:

1. Waiting Area: Providing a comfortable and well-furnished waiting area with ample seating, magazines, and perhaps refreshments, allows clients to relax before their appointment.

2. Chairs: Investing in ergonomic and comfortable barber chairs ensures that clients can sit comfortably during their haircuts and grooming sessions.

3. Adequate Lighting: Proper lighting in the barbershop helps clients feel more at ease and allows barbers to perform their services with precision.

4. Temperature and Ventilation: Maintaining a comfortable temperature and good ventilation is essential for the comfort of both clients and barbers, especially in warmer or colder months.

5. Background Music: Music adds to the overall ambience of the shop and can create any type of atmosphere a barber is striving for. Kept at an appropriate volume, it can create the perfect experience.

6. Cleanliness: A clean and well-maintained shop instills confidence in clients and contributes to their overall comfort.

7. Communication: Friendly and respectful communication between barbers and clients is crucial in ensuring clients feel comfortable expressing their preferences and concerns.

8. Personalized Service: Taking the time to understand each client’s individual needs and preferences contributes to a more comfortable and satisfactory experience.

9. Privacy: Respecting client privacy during the service and providing options for private grooming areas when needed can enhance comfort, especially for sensitive services.

10. Post-Service Care: Offering aftershave treatments, hot towel services, or other pampering extras can leave clients feeling refreshed and well-cared for.

Overall, creating a comfortable environment in the shop not only makes clients feel valued and cared for but also fosters positive word-of-mouth and repeat business, contributing to the overall success of the barbershop.

Please visit our friends at Barber Strong for all your functional barbering apparel requirements!

Non-profit Team Hope Launches T-shirt Brand to Support the Homeless

Off The Fence (OTF) – a charity that aims to restore the lives and hopes of people experiencing homelessness, women in difficulty and vulnerable school children in Brighton & Hove – has unveiled its new exclusive t-shirt brand, Team Hope, and during a recent launch fashion show, 62 t-shirts were sold.

Team Hope t-shirts involve leading artists and designers, including Sam Bailey, The Postman, Rip Gill and Ellie Judd, coming together to donate unique designs to create 500 strictly limited batches that will be sold to support homeless and marginalised individuals in the city.

Each t-shirt will come with a certificate of authenticity and be signed by the designer. Six designs are now available to purchase from the Team Hope website: Priced at £35 per t-shirt, £10 from each purchase will go directly to the OTF charity. 

The new brand officially launched on Friday 8th September at an exclusive event at Leonardo Royal Hotel on Brighton’s waterfront. Showcasing the talent, inclusivity, compassion, and creativity of the Brighton & Hove community, the launch was attended by the Mayor of Brighton & Hove Cllr Jackie O’Quinn and Bruno Saltor’s partner Raquel Seliva (Valencia shirt designer and producer), who is a co-creator of the Team Hope brand and heads up the creative team. Peter Kyle MP sent a special message of support via video.

The evening featured an alternative catwalk, hihlighting diversities in ability, age, gender, and size throughout the model line-up. The models included Karen Dobres who is the pioneering director of Lewes FC and responsible for the club’s equality policy for women players, local author Patrick Souiljaert who has Cerebral Palsy, three under 16 year olds, several non-models in their fifties and sixties, the CEO, and founder team who walked the catwalk to the Steptoe & Son theme at the end. There was entertainment from singer/songwriter Scarlett Chapmana 13-year-old homeless campaigner who also modelled, and talks from the designers about the inspiration behind their designs, as well as speeches from the brand creators.

Roy Stannard, CEO of Team Hope, commented:
“Team Hope is more than a brand; it’s a movement aimed at levelling the playing field for those who have been dealt an unfair hand. We exist to ensure the vulnerable in our cities are seen, heard, and understood. It’s about literally wearing our hearts on our sleeves, demonstrating our commitment to fostering empathy, inclusivity, and compassion. With every purchase, our customers become a part of this remarkable journey, a journey that gives extra time, attention, and care to those whom society has unfortunately overlooked.

“In a world where trends come and go, Team Hope stands as a beacon of purpose-driven fashion. We have launched the brand with a wardrobe staple – t-shirts that transcend boundaries, cultures, and backgrounds. Each t-shirt is unique, not just in design but in the lives it touches. Crafted by exceptionally talented local artists who share our vision, these shirts carry the essence of transformation and hope. I want to say thank you in advance to our customers – when you choose a Team Hope t-shirt, you are not simply making a purchase; you are casting a vote for change, compassion, and progress – which is, in itself, emblematic of Brighton & Hove.”

For more information, visit

One of London’s Oldest Barbershops Upgrades to Cutting-edge Booking Platform, Fresha

Fresha, the world’s leading marketplace and booking software for the beauty and wellness industry, is excited to announce its new partnership with one of London’s oldest barbershops, Pall Mall Barbers. 

Pall Mall Barbers, founded by Richard Marshall, has eight locations in London and a flagship at Rockefeller Centre on Fifth Avenue in New York City. This collaboration with Fresha will help them integrate a seamless, tech-based experience into their innovation-driven services, bolstered by a storied barbering history that dates back 127 years.

To boost their growth, Pall Mall Barbers’ integration of Fresha will provide an all-in-one platform for seamless online appointment booking and management, secure card payment processing, and customer relationship management. The easy-to-use interface and integrated marketing, staffing, inventory, and accounting automation will help ensure Pall Mall Barbers keeps innovating and expanding.

“We’re passionate about lifting up storied businesses like Pall Mall Barbers, so bringing them on as a Fresha partner is a big win for us,” says Tim Frankcom, Fresha’s Chief Commercial Officer. “With their history and excellent reputation, we know they’ll find even more success with the added capabilities Fresha offers.”

“When I pieced together the history of Pall Mall Barbers, it was a really exciting discovery and made my ambitions to build a brand start to come to life,” says Richard. “And now, working with Fresha will help cement Pall Mall Barbers as a barbering destination, making it easy for all our clients to come to one of our shops and experience our heritage and expertise.”

Pall Mall Barbers was renamed and modernised in 2005 by Richard, but its roots go back to 1896. While redecorating after buying his first space, Richard discovered a business card with the heading ‘Pall Mall Toilet Saloon’ dated 1910, indicating the space housed a barbering business for almost a hundred years before he changed the name and took it into the future.

Now, Pall Mall Barbers is a multi-award-winning, global barbershop that puts the customer experience first and delivers best-in-class results. Their success is driven by Richard’s entrepreneurial spirit, building the business from the ground up with no investment, and his decades of experience in barbering, along with his team’s knowledge of styling techniques and traditions.

You can find Pall Mall Barbers on the Fresha marketplace at or by downloading the Fresha app on the App Store or Google Play.

Calling All Barbers & Short Hair Specialists: Join The STMNT Styling Competition!

SMNT grooming is excited to invite all talented barbers and short hair specialists to showcase their skills in our thrilling STMNT styling competition! this is your chance to take centre stage and win fantastic prizes, including a grand prize trip for two to be part of the 2024 SMNT summit, as well as full product and merchandise packages featuring the exclusive STMNT artist edition design collection.

How to win:

It’s simple – style to win! Share your best STMNT looks on Instagram and TikTok using the hashtags #styledwithstmnt and #makeyourstmnt and don’t forget to tag us @stmntgrooming. Your creativity and talent could earn you the title of STMNT styling champion.

Where to participate:

Join the competition via our official @stmntgrooming Instagram and TikTok channels. Follow us to stay updated and be part of this exciting contest!

Amazing prizes:

1st prize: the ultimate STMNT experience awaits the grand prize winner – a trip for two to be part of a STMNT event/photoshoot in 2024. Prepare to be inspired and create magic with the STMNT team!

2nd & 3rd prize: our runners-up won’t be left empty-handed! They will receive a complete STMNT product and merchandise package, including the exclusive STMNT artist edition design collection.

Meet the jury:

Your entries will be judged by our three esteemed STMNT creators: Julius Cvesar, Staygold, and Nomad Barber. These industry icons know what it takes to make a statement with short hair, and they can’t wait to see your unique STMNT styles.

Winner announcement:

The moment we’ve all been waiting for! The winners of the STMNT styling competition will be officially announced in February 2024. Keep your eyes on our channels for the big reveal!

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to showcase your talent, win amazing prizes, and be a part of the STMNT legacy. STMNT grooming is all about celebrating the craft and making statements, and we can’t wait to see your STMNT creations.

For more information and updates, follow us on Instagram and TikTok @stmntgrooming or head to .

*The closing date for the competition is November 30th, 2023*

Premiere Launches San Antonio, 2023

Premiere Show Group, the nation’s leading network of beauty industry events and world-class educational programming is expanding to Texas!

Following this year’s highly successful Premiere Orlando show, with 42,000 visits from beauty professionals and students, 500+ exhibiting brands, and resounding praise from attendees and manufacturers alike, the Premiere Show Group is pleased to announce registration is now open for the launch of Premiere San Antonio, October 1-2, 2023, at the Henry B. González Convention Center.

“We’re thrilled to grow Premiere Shows to reach new audiences in the southwest. Premiere San Antonio is the place to help innovators get in front of beauty professionals across the U.S. while simultaneously experiencing the latest trends, techniques, and new products the beauty industry has to offer,” says Ed McNeill, Senior Vice President, USA Beauty LLC. “Premiere San Antonio provides a first-class opportunity to connect with 175+ industry leading brands from around the globe, explore a curated marketplace and experience hands-on educational sessions,” added McNeill.

Premiere San Antonio
Premiere Shows has a 30+ year history of supporting the beauty industry through world class education and is the nation’s leading network of immersive events that bring together licensed beauty professionals, students, renowned educators, and the hottest brands in the beauty community from across the globe. With the Premiere San Antonio show pass, attendees can expect two-days packed full of more than 200 educational classes, demos of the latest and top products, insights into current trends and techniques, exclusive offers to purchase the latest products, and free admission to the Premiere San Antonio After Party. Participation in workshops and competitions can also be purchased for an additional fee. 

Shop, Connect and Learn from Top Brands 
Watch live demos, shop, and forge invaluable connections with your favorite brands across hair, nails, barber, skincare, makeup and more. Select exhibiting brands include: Advance Esthetic, Amika, Andis, Apres, Avlon, BaBylissPro, Barberology, Chi by Farouk, Circadia By Pugliese, CND, Crown Brush, Dermaware Bio Targeted Skincare, Evolution Nails, Gelish, Halocouture, Hattori Hanzo Shears, Johnny B, Kenra Professional, Kokoist, L’Oréal Texture of Change, Matrix, Martinni Beauty Inc., Nail Factory Co, Nano Shape Of Beauty, Olaplex, Profiles Backstage, Redken, Rude Cosmetics, SalonCentric/State RDA, Sexy Hair, and many more! For a full list of exhibiting brands click here.

Expert-led Education
Attendees of Premiere San Antonio can expand their knowledge and upskill with two full days of classroom education, complete with over 200 complimentary sessions and 15+ hands-on workshops from the best experts in the industry.

Professionals can also fulfill license requirements at Premiere San Antonio with the Continuing Education Package for just $28. Texas licensed professionals can have the opportunity to earn 4 CE hours provided by the Center of Attraction Hair Gallery and licensees in other qualifying states can earn up to 6 CE credit hours! Learn more at:

Top educators and artists include Lihn Phan, Sofie Pok, Presley Poe, Nicck Townsend, Matty Conrad, Danny Amorim, Matt Conn with SUNLIGHTS PRO, Danger Jones Artistic Asylum, Los_Cut_It & Papiblendzz with L3VEL3, Sam Villa, Danielle Keasling, J Ladner, Leysa Carrillo, Daniel Mason Jones, John Mosley, Tim Bo Mack, Wayne Tuggle, Jalia Pettis, Adrienne Dara, Tippi Shorter Rank, Lauren Wireman, Lavette Cephus, Barbero Bengie, Michelle O’Connor, Jacob Khan, and many more!For the schedule of education and list of educators view the show preview here.

The Stages

Premiere San Antonio Main Stage 
welcomes a powerhouse of educators from the hottest brands! Attendees will watch creativity come to life as they learn the latest techniques on color, style, and texture from some of the biggest names in the industry, including BaBylissPRO, Matrix, Social Art House, SalonCentric #ItTakesAProTeam, Danger Jones, REDKEN, and L’Oréal Professionnel.

At the Barber Stage, professionals and students willtake home the latest barber trends in classic cuts, modern twists, designs, fades and grooming all in one place! They will learn from barber experts Carlos Los_Cut_It Estrella, John Mosley, Matty Conrad, Lucas Kemper, Allison Cuts, Papiblendzz & Chuy Filos.

Competitions: Join the Premiere Legacy
Premiere San Antonio competitions offer the chance for attendees to show off their skills and gain industry exposure across hair, barber, makeup and nail categories. Nail competitors also have the opportunity to take home the coveted Nailympia Premiere Cup. To learn more and participate visit:

The Premiere Experience
Get ready to connect, chill, and unwind at the Premiere Lounge and Barber Lounge on the show floor. Complete with relaxed seating and convenient charging stations, attendees, exhibitors, and brands can meet and greet with influencers and educators, catch up on work or just sip a cocktail. Complimentary beauty services offer the perfect preparation to snap a selfie for an Instagram-able moment. Don’t forget to tag @premierebeautyshows and use #PremiereSanAntonio for a chance to be featured!

Premiere Shows continues 15+ year partnership with SalonCentric
Premiere Shows is excited to extend its invaluable 15+ year partnership with SalonCentric to this launch event in San Antonio. SalonCentric will be exhibiting on the show floor and bringing their #ItTakesAPro Team to San Antonio. Attendees can meet their passionate, product-obsessed Beauty Gurus for expert-level demos and the hottest pro tips. SalonCentric and State Beauty Supply | RDA Promart members can purchase a Premiere San Antonio show pass direct from their rep or in store. Learn more here

Register Early and SAVE!
Register by September 30th and save $20 off the day of show price. There are two price tiers remaining for professionals and students and the earlier you register, the more you save! Advance Rate (Professionals, $75 and Students, $55) available September 6th-30thShow Rate (Professionals, $95 and Students, $75), October 1st & 2ndPurchase your show pass here

Save on Travel with These Exclusive Offers
Premiere San Antonio attendees and exhibitors can save with exclusive hotel rates as well as flight, rental car discounts and city-wide savings with the “Show Us Your Badge” program through Visit San Antonio. For more information visit: be sure to book your hotel stay via the official hotel partner, onPeak, providing the most competitive nightly rates at favorable hotels throughout the city.

To learn more about Premiere San Antonio visit:

Other Upcoming Premiere Shows:
Premiere Columbus, October 8–9, 2023; Greater Columbus Convention CenterPremiere Anaheim, February 4-5, 2024; Anaheim Convention CenterPremiere Orlando, June 1-3, 2024, Orange County Convention Center

ANDIS Debuts New Retro Revival Style Collection



 Andis® Company’s International Artistic Lead, Kevin Luchmun, premiered his Retro Revival collection at BarberCon in Dallas, Texas. After months in development, Kevin’s newest styles debuted to incredible fanfare.

Presenting six unique cuts to round out this collection, these styles are modeled on multiple genders and feature several hair textures and popping colors to complement the edgy elements of nostalgia. As a part of the Andis Company, Luchmun crafted his looks with Andis professional tool line, with a strong reliance on the reSURGE Shaverand the reVITE Clipper.

After 6 months of planning, Kevin’s looks are not only emblematic of his incredible skill but of the elite-level performance of Andis products. As Andis’ International Artistic Lead, Kevin viewed this as an opportunity to not only drive innovation in the styling sphere but to demonstrate the versatility of Andis’ cordless lineup of clippers, trimmers, shavers and accessories.“My goal here was to take the inspiration that’s constantly available to us from fashion to social media, to our day-to-day lives and to create a collection that would totally cut through that noise. But, rather than building on contemporary trends, it was my intention to reinvent retro and older styles from the ground up.

With the help of my incredible creative team and my Andis partnership, I feel that this collection is the start of a complete reset for my own work and the barbering industry as a whole,” said Luchmun. As both barber and creative director, Luchmun worked closely with a team of stylists to craft clothing profiles that were able to complement the hair as much as the hair complemented the clothes. Directing his videography team with incredible precision, each angle of these cuts has been artfully captured in exceptional detail. In combination with Kevin’s own photography, this collection sets a new standard for barbering innovation. 

The six Retro Revival looks featured in this new collection were built to highlight the texture and color of each model’s hair, creating custom but easily replicable looks. The styles include:

Sculpted Tapered Afro

This style combines the natural volume and texture of an afro with a precise and gradual taper on the sides and back.  The hair is carefully shaped and sculpted to maintain a rounded silhouette, while the low taper provides a clean and polished look.  This creates a harmonious balance between the shape’s fullness and the well-defined lines of a taper, resulting in a stylish and sophisticated look. 

 Wave Fusion Mullet

A modern Mullet hairstyle with blonde hair, styled with its natural wavy texture and enhanced by a taper fade on the sides.  This trendy and versatile look has the retro appeal of the mullet with a contemporary twist. 

Sharp Edge Undercut Bob

This style is a precision bob hairstyle with an undercut at the back.  This edgy and modern look combines the sleekness of a classic bob with a bold twist.  The precision bob frames the face with clean lines and a sharply defined fringe.  At the back, the undercut is incorporated to remove weight and create movement throughout the shape. 

Tender Flow Mullet

This style is a soft, textured mullet hairstyle that gives a gentler look by maintaining length while still removing weight around the parietal ridge.  The underneath is connected to the top with soft waves and natural texture. 

90s Retro Rise

This style is a high-top hairstyle with a tapered fade that pays homage to the iconic trends of the 90s.  This classic yet contemporary hairstyle features a voluminous and structured high top, reminiscent of bold and gravity-defying vintage styles, embracing nostalgia while maintaining a fresh and fashionable aesthetic.

Rugged Edge

This Rugged Edge style combines elements of shorter internal lengths with textured layers and longer fringe for added flair. Using clippers to create texture through slide cutting, the layers play a significant role in adding dimension and movement to the style.  

Videos and photographs of Andis’ Retro Revival collection feat. Kevin Luchmun are available to view on the Creator Series Section of the Andis website.

  To keep up to date with Kevin’s work follow him on Instagram. To learn more about Andis® Company, follow them on InstagramTikTok, and Facebook

Wahl Professional® Launches New On-Demand Education Platform

Wahl Professional® launches new on-demand education platform to be a hub of knowledge and connection for the barber and stylist community around the world

 The on-demand education platform will bring professionals from around the world together online to enhance their skills, stay current, and share knowledge with their peers that will elevate their craft.

  Advancing education for stylists and barbers worldwide has always been a top priority for Wahl Professional, the leader in professional and home grooming electric hair clippers, trimmers and shavers. After over 104 years as an iconic and respected brand, Wahl continues to adapt and evolve for the benefit of the industry by introducing a cutting-edge global on-demand education platform allowing for continuing education, career advancement, and community building among barbers and stylists of all skill levels.

Education is a crucial part of Wahl Professional’s brand identity, having opened The Wahl Barber Academy, offered the Wahl Fade It Forward® scholarship program, and held countless live educational events. However, in this increasingly on-demand and globalized world, Wahl felt it was time to create a platform for learning that could be accessed by professionals anytime, anywhere, and at their own pace.

Wahl’s new platform offers barbers and stylists a vast library of educational videos that teach basic skills as well as cutting edge trends. The platform will also feature monthly ‘Lives,’ where instructors from all over the world will offer demonstrations to the global audience. In addition to the library of educational content, the state of the art on-demand education platform will be a place where professionals can access details about in-person global events and sign-up information, as well as information about Wahl, its products, and its list of Global Educators. If professionals want to attend a Wahl course, such as the Future Maker Classes but don’t have the ability to travel to attend in person, they can also pay to experience these classes through the platform as ‘Premium Content.’Stephanie Polansky, Wahl’s Director of Global Education, was especially excited about the gamification and badge features of the new platform. As barbers and stylists make their way through the courses on the platform, they can track and celebrate their progress by receiving badges for more videos watched.

Stephanie said: “Professionals can share their badges and accomplishments on social media to show their clientele that they are continually investing in education and enhancing their skills.”

Building a cohesive community of hair professionals around the world is what Garrett McGuire, Wahl’s Global Brand Director, is most passionate about. “The on-demand education platform is intended to be an online gathering space in addition to being a world-class educational platform. Wahl’s goal is to advance the industry and bring professionals together to share knowledge and connect with others who share their love of the craft. It’s our hope that the Wahl on-demand education platform sets the standard for online barbering education just as Wahl has set the standard for electric hair tools for over 100 years.”

To register for the Wahl on-demand education platform, visit