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The latest addition to the OSMO IKON Blonde Elevation family is the new Yellow Colour Additive. Created after responding to customer demand, OSMO IKON Blonde Elevation range allows the creation of a bespoke blonde colour service for clients, regardless of their individual hair demands and needs. This multi-use, neutralising solution is suitable for use with any lightening formula with no compromise on development time. Colourists can create a quick solution and get excellent results, which is perfect for saving time in busy salons.

The Blonde Elevation collection currently includes Premium Violet Lightening Powder with Bond Builder, Freehand Clay Additive with Kaolin Clay, the Colour Additive Starter Kit, and Colour Additives in Blue, Green, Red and Violet to help counteract brassy tones delivering the perfect super-clean base pre colour application.


  • Neutralise violet undertones
  • Is perfect for use as a pre-pig tool on blondes to replace the missing colour pigments of the desired target level
  • Is designed to be mixed with the existing 4 Colour Additive shades to create the perfect colour palette – e.g., Yellow + Red = Orange
  • Can be added to bleach with a low volume of peroxide for a beautiful sun-kissed blonde result
  • Can be added to a leave-in conditioner such as Wonder 10, asa top-up colour treatment or to help mask violet tones in blonde shades

Lesley Stitt, OSMO Global Educator, explains; “Blonde Elevation is about creating bespoke blonde techniques for your client. The ColourAdditives are cocktailed with your lightening powder and developer to help develop the tonal effect you want. With this new Yellow Additive, you now have all the primary colours so can create a rainbow of additives to tackle any colour correction and neutralise any colour you come across. As colourists we all know how hard it is to shift blue from a colour correction but if you combine the new Yellow Additive with the Red Additive to create orange, this will ensure a clean base for your blonde colour service.”

SALON PRICE: £8.35 + VAT (50ml)

Stay in control of your finances

Business consultant Phil Jackson from Build Your Salon, offers these tips for managing your money within the salon.  

We are living in turbulent times and even world events occurring far from home are having an impact on your business.  Energy prices are on the rise and it won’t be long before our manufacturers have to pass increased costs along to our salons.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. So much seems outside of your control. There are, however, a few simple moves you could be making to protect your business and ensure you remain profitable. 

Firstly, review your prices. I’m hoping you do this regularly anyway, but I’ve heard of a few salons that are delaying their pricing review ‘until things settle down’. To be blunt, things won’t settle down any time soon and you run the risk of running on reduced profit in the meantime. Holding out to see what your suppliers are doing could mean delays of weeks or even months. Far better to decide your prices on the information you have now and make an educated guess on what might happen in the next couple of months. Then implement any changes sooner rather than later. 

Price reviews can cause a little upset with your customers (though few will expect your prices to remain the same, particularly in the current climate). You can take some of the sting out of the increases and ensure your prices are set where they should be by reviewing prices more frequently. Six-monthly price reviews tend to mean smaller increases and some services may not need reviewing at all. In times of drastic change don’t be afraid to increase sooner than that. I am certain your customers would rather that than see you operate at a loss or even have to close your doors for good. 

Changing prices is far easier if you have made the decision to finally ditch physical price cards. Make your pricing available online or alternatively, if you have something you want to physically give your customers, exclude the prices and instead provide them with a link or QR code where the latest prices can be accessed. That means that changing your prices is a simple two-minute job rather than paying hundreds of pounds for a print run of price cards. It’s also friendlier to the environment than binning a box of unused cards. 

Encourage online bookings. Not only does it mean you can take bookings 24/7, it means your customers are shown the latest, up-to-date prices at the point of booking too. It will never suit everyone but it can make a huge difference to your business, particularly if you implement a booking fee to reduce no-shows. 

Finally, take the opportunity to review your costs. Some increases are unavoidable but shop around as much as you can for utilities and other supplies. Even 1% of costs saved can make a massive difference to your profits over a year. Sadly, we can’t exclude wages from this review. If you set your commission to an affordable level a few years ago but your fixed costs have increased, either your variable costs (including commission) will need to reduce or you are going to have to reduce your profit margin. Remember to take legal advice before making changes to contracts or pay. 

There is currently an affection for small businesses and salons that means your customers are less price sensitive. The best way to weather a financial storm is to remain nimble, adapt quickly and keep a firm grip on those things you can control. 

A Wellness Revolution

Mick Phipps, host and co-founder of  THE PODBARBER’S WELLBEING PROJECT  podcast is channelling his wisdom and energy into a project that will revolutionise school-age mental healthcare forever.  

Mick is working with a local high school to create a safe space where children can share their feelings with appropriate adults, without judgement. 

Mick says, “This was an opportunity to make a difference in my own community. This is the school that I went to and the school my children will attend, and I knew that my platform with the Podbarber Podcast and my place in the community as a barbershop owner could make an impact. I’ve raised over £20,000 in funds and over £10,000 in donated time from tradespeople to make this amazing space within the school – a place where children can talk openly about their feelings. It’s a mental health first aid unit for the student body and the first of its kind in the country. 

The Pandemic has left our youth with huge mental health challenges, and they aren’t being properly addressed. This light, bright space is safe and secure and will serve as a place where children can sit with their feelings in a healthy way, rather than become isolated and end up feeling worse.” 


Mick is on a mission to arm our youth with the emotional literacy they need to build mental resilience and protect themselves as they grow. He has conducted extensive research and spoken with teachers and mental health professionals to design the space. At a time when government funding is scarce and when 1 in 6 children aged 6-16 have a diagnosed mental health issue, this project will make a real difference.  

Mick adds, “We are creating a place where, in their moment of crisis, children will have the confidence to know they can be supported by a caregiver in privacy and comfort. Conversation really is the cure.” 

Booksy Presents ‘Turn Up the Heat’ night in Bristol 20th June

“Turn Up the Heat – a special night of inspiration for salons, hairdressers and barbers – in association with Wahl”  

Join Booksy in Bristol for the hottest ticket of the summer with a live masterclass from two of the UK’s leading Barber and hairdresser, Alan Beak and Pedro Plastic, plus lots of exclusive content and entertainment.  

It’s time to turn up the heat and step into action so the summer season doesn’t slow you down. Booksy, in partnership with Wahl, invite you to join us for a special night of inspiration, education and entertainment. Here’s what you can expect 

  • A masterclass in hairdressing and barbering from Alan Beak and Pedro Plastic 
  • A presentation from Alice McNails on how to maximise brand partnerships 
  • Access to exclusive offers and incentives from Booksy and Whal 
  • A 3-course dinner and drinks plus entertainment  

This event is absolutely FREE to attend for industry professionals and will fill out pretty quickly so register today to guarantee your seat. 

Venue: Mercure Bristol Grand Hotel 
Address: Broad St, Bristol BS1 2EL 
Date: Monday 20 June 2022 
Time: 7pm – 10pm (doors open at 6:30pm) 

Click the link to book your place.  

New direction for the Fellowship for British Hairdressing

Following its 75th anniversary, the Fellowship for British Hairdressing has unveiled its plans for the next 75 years to come – with new initiatives, a new direction and new faces to lead it into the future. 

With President Robert Eaton at the helm, the Fellowship is embracing the diversity of the industry, the challenges it faces and the opportunities available with the launch of its Executive Board, Fellowship members who have come together to share ideas, inspirations and determination to take the British hairdressing industry to new levels. Each member not only brings a wealth of experience, but will also be responsible for driving the Fellowship forward.  

Robert explains: “The launch of our dedicated Executive Board is about recognising the great work that has already been done, celebrating our heritage and driving the Fellowship forward in a fresh and modern way.” 

The Executive Board members are: 

Rob added: “Hairdressing is an exciting career and our Executive Board want to inspire people both new to the industry and those who have worked in the industry for many years. We will be collaborating and bringing the industry together from all corners of the UK and inspiring, educating and motivating salon owners, salon stylists, freelance independent stylists and barbers, as well as our product houses and our press. Working together we want to re-energise the next generation and make them realise what a diverse, inclusive and exciting industry this really is.”  

Want to get involved? Become a member and be part of the future of British hairdressing. Find out more


Booksy – the beauty industry’s leading booking and business apphas announced Jose Schnekenburger as its new Senior Creative Marketing Manager for the company! Schnekenburger will be responsible for the ideation and creation of the brand’s campaigns across market sectors and the overall vision for the brand look, feel, and tone for the U.S. market. With his extensive wealth of knowledge and experience, Jose hopes to help build the Booksy brand for those seeking a new, innovative way of growing their business and making it easier for clients to find them. 

As a licensed cosmetology educator and barber for the past 20 years, Schnekenburger hopes to bring the Booksy brand to the next level with his background and vision. Following his passion in the beauty and barber industry with a visionary standpoint for brands, he’s held roles in nearly every facet – from education and sales, to brand development and creative direction. Schnekenburger previously worked with Pivot Point International, Schwarzkopf, his own professional brand Lock & Loaded Men’s Grooming, and his latest project of creative director/curator for @unitedbyshorthair.  

Booksy is the leading scheduling and business app for the beauty industry that is designed to make lives simpler and much more efficient. The cloud-based app easily connects beauty industry service providers with customers. Booksy not only allows for convenient 24/7 online appointment booking for clients but is also a comprehensive business management tool for beauty businesses of all sizes.  

“I, and the entire Booksy team, is delighted to have Jose as our new Senior Creative Marketing Manager. He has been an important and pro-active member of the Booksy marketing team. I look forward to his ongoing contributions in his new role as the company continues to expand our brand presence within the professional beauty industry and with consumers,” commented Dee Hadley, Head of Marketing Booksy U.S.  

Download the Booksy App for free, or visit 

Sign up for an evening with Dove Palmer

Sign up for a dose of inspiration, enjoy a drink and witness a true creative at work… The perfect social night out while picking up incredible skills. 

Combinations, Balance and Proportions, Outlines, Shapes of Disconnection, Placement of Disconnection, Combinations of Disconnection, Movement From Technique, Texturising, Finishing Techniques, Use of Irons, and Product Application. 

Dove Palmer is a true Global leading light in the modern salon industry. He has gained years of experience working with the very best throughout the world with an unmatched reputation for his understanding to the dynamics of haircutting. This led to the release of his education concept: “The MethoD”. 

This blends together the discipline of precision cutting with natural ergonomic form. Doves’ concept focuses on finding our individual strengths and weaknesses and offering guidance in the right direction to unlock our full potential. 

“This concept does not want to change the way you work with hair, but to give you the understanding to develop yourself when we are not with you”  – Dove Palmer 



Need a New Salon Space? HotPatch Has Got Your Back

HotPatch is the go-to platform for those seeking professional flexibility in the Hair and Beauty sector.  

HotPatch allows users to find any space they need, from nail stations to beauty rooms; available in locations all around the country, and bookable on a flexible basis to match their own schedules.  

Likewise, if you’re a salon or nail-bar owner (or an owner of any space, really!) HotPatch enables you to make extra income by making it accessible to a buzzing community of professionals and freelancers.  

Over 60% of the beauty industry are working freelance in the UK, and HotPatch was built to remove many of the obstacles they face and make finding a space to work as simple and smooth as possible. 

Need a more professional location to serve clients from? Planning a long trip elsewhere and want to get a few days work in? Fancy working nearer your clients? Or maybe even a little closer to home? Grow your professional network with HotPatch, and work from a whole host of stunning salons or beauty rooms, all at your fingertips.   

So then, how do you use HotPatch to find your next work space?  

  1. Sign up for free at, and browse our categories to find whatever space you need. 
  2. Filter Patches depending on your location, availability, amenities and price.  
  3. Click to book, get connected to the host, and that’s it! Simple as that. You’ve found yourself a Patch. 

How do you use HotPatch, if you have space to rent?  

  1. Sign up to HotPatch on  
  2. List the details of your Patch, such as location, price, amenities, with a brief description of the space. 
  3. Publish that listing and let the Patch community at it!  

And that’s everything there is to it. 

No more scouring the internet to find if a salon has a spare chair, or going from door to door checking availability. Connect with hosts in just a couple of clicks, and work where you want, when you want.  

Say it with us: 
Make Space Work For You.  

Fellowship PROJECT: X spend an inspirational day with Rick Roberts

Award-winning Rick Roberts spent the day with the Fellowship’s PROJECT: X recently where they learnt about texture, curls and coils.  

The team travelled to the ghd Academy in central London with their team leader Sam Burnett for their latest mentoring team day, the latest in their year of education. Rick is no stranger to creating beautiful textured hair images, winning Afro Hairdresser of the Year three times and is now a member of the Hall of Fame.  

Working on mannequin heads, Rick talked to the team about the unique make up of textured hair, and discussed how to bring curls and coils to life.  Then, in the afternoon, they worked on Bantu Knots, twisting and rod setting, seeing for themselves the different curl results and styles possible with curly hair. But importantly, Rick went through the history of curly hair, the history of Afro Caribbean hair and understanding and respecting the curl. 

Team member Tanahya Nash said: “Our PROJECT: X day with Rick Roberts was fantastic. Rick taught us a universal texture cut, braids, twists, Bantu knots and setting techniques. I can’t wait to take what we’ve learned, especially the styling techniques and put them into practice.” 

Justine Weir added: “I had the best day with Rick, as always he delivers, his knowledge and understanding of curls and texture is unbelieveable. The vibes were amazing and everyone was buzzing after it, I really left like  I learnt a lot.” 

Chris Donohue commented: “I had a wonderful day with Rick. Textured hair is a hole in my knowledge, so it was amazing to be taught the fundamentals and more.  Rick has a really relaxed way of teaching, and it was a very open conversation.  I now feel more confident and knowledgeable in textured hair and I can’t wait to grow that part of myself.” 

PROJECT: X Team Members:  

Tanahya Nash – Bebop 
Sian Roscoe – Sian Roscoe Hair 
Edd Moss – Headmasters 
Miles Twist – Architect Hair 
Justine Weir – Tweedie & Marshall Hairdressing 
Christopher Donohue – Billi Currie 
Lauren Oram – Matthew Curtis Hair 
Cameron Willetts – Combers Inside-Out Hairdressing 
Sam Arnold – Strangeways 
Kenneth McLeod – My Two 
Lee Patrick Devlin – Blue Tit 
Idalina Domingos – DK UK 

For more information:

Instagram: @fellowshiphair
Call: 01295 724579