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Out Now: BarberEVO UK & Ireland Issue 26 – May 2021

Back and Booming!

We know it has been a manic few weeks back for those of you returning to your chairs, that’s why we have packed this issue full of exciting content, to not only inspire our readers, but educate, inform, and offer helpful tips and tricks from leading experts.

As we all know, adapting is the name of the game, during these unprecedented times. We speak to leading barbers Luka Chitty and Phil Jarman about how they utilised their time during the lockdown for the better, by retraining, and adding another notch to their belts. 


Speaking of comebacks, featured on our front cover are Jay Nouri and A-Rod, Founders of L3VEL3 grooming. In this issue we chat to Jay about how the barber-owned and operated company, pulled together during lockdown to launch their impressive range of grooming products and tools. Now available in the UK, Jay told us of his goals to elevate the barbering industry and help barbers around the world level up their retail game. 

Finishing Tools & Products

In the barbering world, its all about giving your client that detailed, sharp and perfected finish. For that, you need the right tools and products. 

We chat to industry-leading barbers like Hayden Cassidy, JJ Savani, Pete Cranfield, and many more to find out what tools and products they depend on to ensure their clients are walking out that door with a look that could be only achieved by a skilled barber. 


We all know that there is no planet B. But did you know that adding more sustainable solutions and features to your barbershop will not only help lower your environmental footprint, but help increase your footfall? For many barbershops, green solutions have become their USP which has driven in more eco-conscious customers and in turn, brought in more revenue. 

We chat to barbers and hairstylists such as Ky Wilson, OS Barbershops, Damien Diablo who have made sustainability a priority in their shops, from utilising the recycling services of Green Salon Collective, reducing waste, incorporating refill bars, and using more eco-friendly products! Every little bit helps to create a big difference. 


Finally, have you ever thought about bringing colour services into the barbershop? The boundaries between what is being offered in salons and barbershops are becoming more and more blurred—and why not! Why let salons have all the colourful fun? 

In this issue we investigate the pros and cons of bringing colour and other alternative services into the barbershop, and what to look out for. We chat to 2020 British Master Barber of the Year Shaun Buckingham – known for his skill and creativity with colour about how to use colour in the barbershop, while balancing time and increasing revenue. Norman Boulton, member of the Crazy Color Squad talks haircare, and that you don’t have to sacrifice hair health for vivid colours.  We also catch up with Bridey Jo, of Bridey Jo Barbers, who shares all the additional services she offers to pamper both her male and female clients. 

Do you have what it takes to win the All-Star Challenge?

Put your technique & talent to the test. Capture the trendsetting-yet-timeless spirit of the American Crew man.

Spend time with top grooming experts, perfect the American Crew Menswork method of styling, and show off your craft with the best stylists in the world.

This year’s challenge will consist of individual in-country judging panels to select their national winner, who will then move forward to participate in the Global competition. For the first time ever, a student edition of the competition will also be hosted in the US.

The Global Committee will then name (5) top competitors as the All-Star Challenge 2021 Winners. A Local Committee will select the student winner.

Looking for inspiration? Want to find out how to enter?

Visit: for full details!


Barbershops in England to re-open on Monday, April 12th

Good news at last from the UK Government as Boris Johnson has announced that hairdressers and barbers in England will reopen on Monday, 12 April, following on from Scottish barbershops opening their doors on Monday 5th April.  

People who offer close-contact services in the home – such as mobile hairdressers and massage therapists – will also be able to return to work, but must follow government guidance.

Hairdressers in Wales have reopened for pre-booked appointment only, All close-contact services will also re-open from 12th April. As yet, Northern Ireland has not set a date for these services to re-open, however a review will take place on Thursday, 15th April.

OUT NOW: North America Issue 18

Spring has sprung!

This issue is jam-packed to the brim with creative content, inspirational features, and real-life business advice, and tips from industry leaders. 

Pat Regan 

This issue’s front cover has been graced by godfather of fades, Pat Regan, aka Patty Cuts. We caught up with Pat to chat about his work with highflying UFC and NFL clients, as well as some of his current projects, such as his Signature BaByliss PRO Influencer Collection Trimmer, and his residency weekend in Old Spice’s brand-new brick and mortar barbershop. Pat tell us his inspiring story of how through determination and hard work he found his place in the industry. 

American Crew

American Crew have given us behind the scenes access to their latest collection, titled HQ. A stunning array of dramatic silhouette sand exaggerated shapes inspired by the military crew cut and paying homage to the nineties film and music era. Check out the old-school techniques that feature. 

Styling Tools and Products 

In this issue we take a deep dive into the toolboxes of the industry’s most elite brand ambassadors to find out what tools and products take them from great to greatest.  

We chat to everyone from American Crew All Star Canada Winner, Sandra Perovic, to official NFL Barber Fuss, to hear about what tools and products the most sought-after barbers are using day-to-day. 

We also caught up with Miguel Gutierrez aka Nomad Barber, Julius Cvesar and Sofie Pok, co-creators of their new Grooming Line, STMNT, about how the line started, and what they believe STMNT will bring to the industry. 


We focus on franchising this issue as we talk to the most successful barbershop brands that have smashed the process of replicating their shops all over the country. We look at what a franchise offers the franchisee, and the benefits of picking up what is effectively already-made business in a box.

We caught up with Jim Valenzuela of V’s Barbershop, to find out what’s in the secret sauce for not only the expansion, but longevity of a franchise brand, as they approach twenty-two years of success. 

We also catch up some of the largest and most successful franchises in the States: Great Clips and Scissors and Scotch to talk education, business advice, and some of the pros of getting involved in a franchise. 


Shaving is what sets barbers apart from the rest. A good shave is measured by more than just the result, it is about the customer experience. As barbers, you need to ensure you have the best techniques, products and tools to give clients that experience unlike any other.  

Columnist Tyrik Jackson gives us a brief history of shaving and the importance of making shaving an experience that brings guests back time after time. 

As well, we also chat with Woody Lovell, founder of the Barbershop Club in LA to chat about how his shop takes the experience of a barbershop shave to new levels. 

Dre Da Barber, educator for Woody’s and Clubman Pinault tells us about the importance of skincare, aftercare and health and safety when it comes to shaving, and making sure you are giving your client the ultimate long term results.

EVOLive with Whitney VerMeer

We were joined on EVOLive by global award winning published artist Whitney VerMeer on Monday 8th March.

We discussed industry inspiration, creative output, business focus and so much more in this hour long discussion!

You can view the full discussion below. Enjoy!

Whitney VerMeer

Out Now: BarberEVO UK & Ireland Issue 25 – March 2021


Allan Stone

We would also like to mark the passing of our dear friend, and industry legend, Allan Stone of Stoney’s Barbershop in South Shields. A grand master barber, an educator, and one of the soundest lads in the industry. You will be greatly missed Stoney. 

This issue features a touching tribute to Allan Stone by Vikki Harrison-Smith, remembering Stoney, his victories, and all the joy he brought to the industry. 


We are delighted to showcase Wahl Barber of the Year: Kilian Maddison, this issue. We caught up with Kilian about what winning the title meant to him, how he has been coping with lockdown this year, and what is next on the bucket list. 

We are also looking forward to some of this year’s events such as BarbersRide 2021, which will take place this in August, raising funds for Make-A-Wish foundation. These crazy barbers will be hopping on their motorbikes for a road trip of a lifetime: from Liverpool to Fort William, and back down to Leeds, visiting incredible barbershops along the way. 

We are also looking forward to this year’s Barber Connect. We spoke to Matt Brice from Barber Blades, and organiser of Barber Connect – who has had a year to think about the future for the UK’s largest barber event, after last year’s event was cancelled due to the current pandemic. We speak to him about the chances of the show going ahead this year.


We spoke to owners of what we think are some of the UK’s most aesthetically impressive barbershops, such as Alternative Barbering Co, Kitch Hair, Tallboys, and Avanzato Grooming. In this segment, we talk inspiration, design, ergonomics, practicality, and even, ‘instagramability.’ Learn how to create a space that not only draws clients in but makes them want to stay forever—or at least come back, time and time again. 

Speaking of design and ergonomics, we also celebrate Takara Belmont’s centenary in this issue, and their one hundred years of comfort, style and evolution. 


We were lucky enough to catch up with Jody Taylor, highly acclaimed session stylist and BaByliss ambassador, to hear about how he found his way into the industry. With Jody, we talked about apprenticeships and how he went from making ups of tea at Toni & Guy, to working with some of the world’s best hairdressers, fashion designers and magazines. Jody also offers advice for those just looking to get started in the industry.  

We also chat with Robert Rix and Paddy Hunter, to hear their two-cents about apprenticeships, building skills of the trade, and their personal experience with apprenticeships. 

Enjoy the read, as always, we’ve enjoyed pulling the issue together and we hope you enjoy it too. 

You can purchase a hard copy here.

OUT NOW: North America Issue 17


We are committed to continuing to deliver a combination of creative content, inspirational features with the biggest names in the business, and the very best of real-life business advice to ensure we keep everyone rolling in the right direction. 

With that in mind, events and tradeshows are top of our list in this issue as we talk to those in the know. The organisers of the events, that we miss so much, talk about the chances of them going ahead, the challenges they face with staging them in a pandemic and the hopes for the ones that are scheduled for this year.

This issue’s barbershop focus has some cool places featured. Barbers are so proud of their shops, whether they are traditional, cutting edge, minimalist, or are designing with Instagram in mind, the design is so personal, and how you choose to furnish your shop, and the décor you choose, can make or break the visual. We’ve found some knock-out barbershops that have opened their doors to BarberEVO, talked us through their décor decisions, what works for them and what they love about their shops.

A hugely important part of the hair industry right now is how it can be more sustainable. We have spoken to hair professionals who have taken their personal commitment to being eco-friendly and carried it through to their shops and their business practices. Whether you want to commit fully or just make a small change, have a read of our eco feature and see what changes you can make to be a little gentler on the planet. 

Last, but certainly not least, The Barber Authority’s Steve Vilot lets us into some tour secrets as he and his band of elite barbers provide grooming services for international rock starts and the world’s top athletes. It’s a great read, and his commitment to elevating the image of barbering is commendable.

You can order your printed copy of the new edition right here.

FLUID Volume 2 released by Andis

Andis Company has today released the second volume of ‘FLUID’, an Andis Hair Tech publication embracing heritage and the natural beauty of multi-cultural textured hair. 

Featuring work from Andis Creative Leads, Eric Cheek and Kenny Duncan the publication has five looks created using a selection of Andis tools. 

Angie Perino, Managing Director for FLUID and Global Education Manager for Andis Company. “Kenny and Eric are world renowned for their talent and skills as educators within the beauty and barber industry. They did an incredible job of creating looks that allow learners to expand their skillset, preparing them to service any type of hair pattern they encounter. Their creative techniques will inspire the industry to continue reaching for its fullest potential.”

The publication includes step-by-step guides on how to achieve each look, including the tool for each step, suggested techniques, and tips for perfecting the cut. For barbers and stylists who may be less experienced with textured hair, the book also contains a hair pattern terminology guide, outlining the types of hair by size and pattern, along with other terms commonly used when cutting and styling hair.

Fluid Volume Two is available for purchase here for $14.95.

Ontario Barbershop controversially becomes film studio

There’s no getting away from the hardship that having to close your barbershop can bring. Barbershops in Ontario are currently unable to open due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, as part of a province-wide declaration of emergency and a stay at home order.

However, the folk at Chrome Artistic Barbering are able to remain open, despite this. They are offering their clients auditions for $37 each to participate in their podcast and documentary, by being filmed having a discussion about their lives whilst getting a haircut.

While hair salons and barbershops are not permitted to open right now in Toronto, film production is permitted.

Despite the controversial nature of this, owner Alicia Hirter told local press that it wasn’t a case of exploiting any loopholes. Camera’s, lights and microphones were already set up in the shop, and this had been planned for some time ago.

You can visit the Chrome Artistic Barbering Facebook page here:

Ontario barbering legend Frank Filice hangs up his clippers

Legendary Ontario barber Frank Filice has hung up his clippers one last time, leaving behind a notable career, with clients ranging from Premiers, Politicians, Bureaucrats and Journalists.

“Frank the Barber” cut hair in his basement shop at the Ontario Legislature, which explains those intriguing clients, for over 45 years.

Frank was known for being neutral, fair, balanced, and good with secrets… “What is said in the barber’s chair, stays in the barber’s chair” was his motto, according to Speaker of the Legislature Ted Arnott, no doubt one of Frank’s regulars!

Frank originally arrived in Toronto in 1960, aged 16, from his native Calabria in Italy.

We wish Frank, who was clearly a local legend, the happiest of retirements!