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Lovers Fall Through Montreal Barbershop Storefront

Hands up… we missed this one a few weeks back!

In what has to be one of the strangest news articles we have published in forever, it would appear that CCTV footage caught two lovers during the throes of passion, falling through the shop front window of Savvy Barbershop in Montreal.

Despite the damage, Mike Rose and Dave Lechasseur, co-owners of the Savvy Barbershop want to identify the couple who smashed through the shop’s glass door as they were making out early on Monday morning.

“It’s just to go full circle to see if everybody’s fine, nobody got hurt. How did that actually end for them? It’s just to see,” Lechasseur said.

As if we wouldn’t post the video below for your enjoyment / bewilderment!

Barbershop Railway Museum Hybrid Celebrates 40 Years

The world famous Headhunters Barber Shop and Railway Museum is celebrating 40 years in business.

In what must be the only place on earth that you can get a haircut and peruse some amazing steam age railway memorabilia, Headhunters is owned by brothers Nigel and Gordon Johnston – in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland.

Initially the barbershop hosted a temporary exhibition of railway items, however it soon engulfed five rooms, and properly opened in 2002. Indeed it has been recognised with the Queens Award for Voluntary Service in recognition of its work in the community.

We wish Nigel and Gordon the very best for the future as they celebrate this superb business anniversary.

Barber Provides Free Haircuts and Food to Homeless

Reading based barber Waheed Ullah has been doing his bit for the local community.

The owner of Diamond Scissors, has provided haircuts and food free of charge to up to 30 homeless people every Sunday.

On top of this, Waheed has also provided toiletries and women’s sanitary products.

We salute Waheed for his community spirit and for showing just how vital a barbershop can be to its local surroundings.

Montgomery Barbershop Teaches Teens About Drug Abuse and HIV

The Council On Substance Abuse, (COSA) partnered with Educational Cutz, a barber shop in Montgomery, Alabama, to host a very special and important awareness event on drug abuse and HIV.

Educational Cutz, in addition to providing haircuts, provides a safe place for all of those in the community to go to for help.

“I feel like that’s peoples’ safe haven,” owner Lemuel Martin said on the shop. “To come and talk, to get advice, find out how to deal with your problems.”

Staff provided brochures and offered free HIV testing to educate and assist those 13 to 17 years old in attendance.

We salute COSA and Educational Cutz for this important work in Montgomery.

Back-To-School Bash Provides Supplies and Cuts to Kids in Waco

Sid Rodriguez, owner of the Elite Barber Shop in Hewitt, teamed up with Viento Fuerte and David Santibanez – to sponsor the Back-To-School Bash this past week at the First Baptist Woodway Church in Waco, TX.

Sid cut hair for five hours, free of charge. Other barbers and stylists joined in, as kids received free cuts, backpacks, school supplies and free food.

Pastor Rene Maciel said, “It was an amazing event to assist families starting back to school and we also had a chance to pray with several families about the new school year.”

Once again, a local barbershop and its owner has played a vital role in binding a community together. We salute Sid and his friends who participated in this wonderful charitable event.

Sovereign Grooming to Launch Hair Salon and Barber School in Glasgow

Award winning barber and owner of Sovereign Grooming with salons in Aberdeen and Edinburgh, Kyle Ross, and marketing guru Ryan Crighton, are to open a hair salon and barber school in Glasgow.

Backed with investment of more than £500,000, they are taking over three floors / 2,570 sq. ft. of 38 Renfield Street in Glasgow City Centre, creating 20 jobs and providing 15 week long courses.

Kyle said, The industry was facing a skills crisis before Covid, and this has been exacerbated by the extended shutdowns the sector has experienced since April 2020. Scotland’s salons need a fresh injection of talent as soon as possible and we are working with partners to deliver the equivalent of an apprenticeship, condensed into an intense, 15-week, full-time course.”

We wish them well on tis exciting new venture!

Globally Renowned Barber Announced as Wahl UK Creative Director

Co-owner and founder of Ruger Barber, Alan Beak, has been announced as Creative Director for Wahl UK.

Alan is a world leading educator, often found on the main stage of many major international hair events, but is just as well respected for his down to earth and approachable nature.

Alan has featured on the front cover of BarberEVO on more than one occasion, and has always been a delight to work with.

All at BarberEVO wish Alan every success with this exciting new role.

Here’s the promotional announcement video…!

OUT NOW: North America Issue 19

Raw Talent

We open this issue up with an incredible story from our cover star, SCurl Ambassador Angel Raws.

Angel tells us about how determination, taking yourself out of your comfort zone, and accepting new opportunities can lead you to positions of power and respect.

We also talk about his position with SCurl, his experiences as an educator, and his advice for young barbers looking to make it big. 

Old Spice

There are few brand names as universally known as Old Spice.

We all remember their advertising campaigns and their signature scents.

A brand that has survived since 1937 is certainly doing something right, but they have gone one further to step up their game— The Old Spice Barbershop in Columbus, Ohio. We talk to Chris Talbott, Senior Brand Director, to learn a little more about Old Spice’s brand-new venture. 

Hair Art

It is no news to barbers that working with hair is an art, but some barbers out there have given that phrase a whole new meaning.

We talk to hair art pros like Los Cut It, John Carmona, Henry Rodriguez and Assyria Gindo, to learn a bit about the skills and techniques required to create their works of art, where they draw their inspiration from, and the tools and products necessary to get the job done. 


In this industry, you don’t just pass your exam and throw away your books. Education is something that is continuous throughout your entire career.

The day you stop learning, is the day you die. In this feature, we spoke to leading educators such as Kevin Nguyen, Alessandro Comai, as well as mentor/mentee duo turned educational team, Zach Ramsay and Cam Mahar, to learn a thing or two, and find out what the best lessons they have learned over the years have been. 

Summer Haircare

We have had a rough year and for many this summer there is only one goal: live your best life.

So, we spoke to Eufora Style Director, Mirza Batanovic for the best tips for barbers and clients on how to get the best summer hair, and how to keep it healthy and protected in those summer elements. 

Essential Scissors

What might seem like an obvious necessity to any barber: the humble scissor and the skillset that goes with it, has seemed to have somehow gotten lost along the way. However, the art of the scissor is back and sharper than ever.

With tips from scissor-work expert Alan Beak, to advice on maintaining your shears from Washi scissors. This feature is jam-packed with helpful tips on how to keep your skills and your tools from going dull. 

Baton Rouge Barbershop Combines Reading with Haircuts

The first Monday of the month is a special day inside O’Neil’s Barber and Beauty Shop in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Children get a free haircut, and a unique opportunity to work on their reading ability, with books sprinkled throughout the shop. Indeed as soon as they come into the shop, they collect a book and become engrossed in the plot prior to sitting in the chair.

Once in the chair, the barbers assist with any difficult or hard to understand words, and enquire about the plot and story that the children have been reading.

Shop owner O’Neil Curtis created the Line 4 Line program in 2014 with volunteer Lucy Perera. Each year this program serves 200 kids aged between 3 to 16 years old.

You can find out more about this amazing program here:

Pakistani Barber Swaps Clippers for Cleavers

Do not adjust your computer screen or handset… we bring you news of the Lahore based barber Ali Abbas…

Ali is, somewhat controversially, swapping his clippers and scissors, for meat cleavers and blow torches.

Sometimes pictures (and a video) speak louder than words… so watch at your discretion…!

and DO NOT try this at home, or in your barbershop!

Abbas charges $13 / 2,000 rupees for the ‘treatment’ and has seen his popularity and fame grow rapidly thanks to the hype around his unusual technique and tools.