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ANDIS® Company Promotes Black Friday Mystery Deal Competition


WHO: Andis® Company

WHAT: Enter to win a mystery coupon for Andis’ Black Friday deals. Possible prizes include: 

  • 1x Grand Prize Winner – $100 & Free Shipping
  • 20% off coupon (10% of the signup list will receive this deal)
  • 15% off coupon (90% of the signup list will receive this deal)

WHEN: Sign-ups close at 1pm EST/12pm CST on Wednesday, November 22, 2023

WHERE: Andis’s Black Friday Deals Webpage

10% off site-wide will also be available for those without a coupon code. Mystery deals cannot be stacked on the original 10% off. Head to to learn more and sign up. To learn more about Andis® Company, follow them on  Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

Denman Supplies Student Kits for Funded Barbering Learners

Denman recently donated Jack Dean by Denman barbering kit to a new cohort of barbering learners at Mike Taylor Education in Poole. A general lack of offering for apprenticeships in barbering means that students are forced into a choice between private courses that are often premium priced and can lack real world training or hairdressing college courses that lack a barbering focus. Mike says “These nine students were falling between the cracks when it came to the training on offer. After years of petitioning and a change of local MP, I finally succeeded in securing funding for seven students. They were all worthy applicants and so eager to begin that I couldn’t just select seven, so we are funding two of them ourselves. Denman’s donation of kit means that they have quality tools from the very start.” 

These students will take English, maths and wider learning along with their practical skills and Mike’s purpose is to ensure that when they have acquired their VRQ Level 2 they will be workplace ready and an asset to any barbershop who will help them progress further.

For more information on Mike Taylor Education go to

Follow @denmanpro. 

1 in 5 Afro Hair Types Experience Discrimination in Salons

20% of people with Afro hair have experienced discrimination in a salon vs 4% of people with straight hair 

58% of Afro-textured individuals have felt let down by a salon service 

A quarter have experienced undue pain and 15% have faced verbal micro-aggressions 

One in five people with Afro hair have experienced discrimination in a salon, compared to one in 25 people with naturally straight hair, a study has found. 

Ripe Hair & Beauty Insurance surveyed 2,113 UK residents from a range of ethnic backgrounds on their past experiences with hair stylists and barbers. 

It found that 20% of those with Type 4 (Afro) hair – which is typically considered the curl pattern of Black people – have faced discrimination when getting their hair done. Just 4% of those with straight (Type 1) hair said the same.  

In addition, a quarter of people with a coily hair texture reported experiencing undue pain during a hair salon treatment, with 15% saying they had also faced micro-aggressions and unsolicited comments related to their hair type. Amongst those with Type 1 hair, just 10% and 11% reported the same, respectively.  

People with Afro hair types were also more likely to feel let down by a hair service, with 58% saying this was the case vs. 44% of people with Type 1 hair. The most cited reason for this disappointment was that the stylist or barber didn’t know how to manage their hair type (32%).  

Perhaps even more concerningly, amongst those respondents, 78% said the salon had explicitly advertised that it specialised in their hair type.   

Consequently, nearly half (45%) of people with an Afro hair type acknowledged that they were left with long lasting disappointment following this experience, with 37% saying it had negatively affected their self-esteem in the long term. 

And finally, when asked whether they trust that a hair stylist or barber can do their hair well, 81% of people with Afro hair agreed compared to 87% of individuals with straight hair. 

Issue 34 of BarberEVO North America is out now!

The latest issue of BarberEVO North America is OUT NOW.  

Get your copy here!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

The latest issue of BarberEVO North America is OUT NOW! This seasonal issue is fronted by the revolutionary BaBylissPRO FX ONE; and this issue we cover everything you need to know to get your barbershop ready for the year to come, in this 104-page issue, packed with colorful talent and in-the-know advice.  


New Year 

With the new year comes endless opportunities to boost your professional brand, whether that’s in educating, managing a barbershop, working behind the chair, or styling on photoshoots across the globe. 

In this issue, we start with some essential seasonal advice, where we help you set yourself up for an incredible year. Our columnists Tyrik Jackson and Ivan Zoot give you intel on becoming a six-figure barber, while Kenny Duncan goes over entrepreneurship. 

We also throwback to our trips to Las Vegas and Salt Lake City, where we brought Play Your Clippers Right, powered by Andis, to hundreds of people across the event circuit. 


Next, we take a deep dive into the world of styling, starting with an incredible step-by-step from global educator, barber, and co-founder of Salt Lake City Beauty & Barber Expo, Tyler Kelbert. He launches us into the modern world of barbering by demonstrating how to recreate his Final Cut collection, transforming a classic fade into a contemporary stretched out skin fade with a line up. Not to be missed! 


We also touched down in some incredible barbershops to learn about their approach to interior design and how it not only enhances the client and barber experience, but strengthens branding and encourage repeat visits too. Shoutout to City Barbers, Garrett Michael Barbershop, and Hudson / Hawk Barber & Shop – really stunning spots with great business advice.

We hope you enjoy this issue! You can order your print copy here.

Fresha’s marketing campaign builder transforms how barbers engage with their clients

Marketing is key to your barbershop’s success, and finding easy-to-use tools that can boost client engagement while saving your business time and money can be a gamechanger. To help barbers build and launch end-to-end email and text message campaigns from scratch, Fresha just added a campaign builder to its suite of marketing tools. 

With a simple drag-and-drop system, you can create content, segment your audience, schedule email sends, and reach out to your clients with text messages. Not only will all those elements help you keep your clients informed, but you can do it all quickly, right from your phone, tablet or computer.

This campaign builder is the newest update to Fresha’s subscription-free suite of barbershop management tools, and it enhancestheir already best-in-class platform. Read on to find out how the campaign builder can help you manage and grow your business right now.

Drag-and-drop builder: This new marketing tool is the industry’s most powerful and intuitive drag-and-drop campaign builder. You don’t need specialised marketing knowledge to make it work for you, and it’s built with busy barbershop owners and staff members in mind.

Free template gallery: The email builder comes with a free gallery full of templates you can use to send messages in minutes. Each template can also be edited to match your shop’s branding, so everything you send out is cohesive.

Emails and text messages: The unique, multichannel campaign function lets you reach clients with email-style content via text messages, or shorter, post-appointment thank you messages that’ll make your clients feel valued.

Simple retargeting: With the campaign builder, you can also retarget your messaging to get more value from your campaigns and reach even more people.

Campaign reporting: You can evaluate all of this activity with enhanced reports that’ll give you visibility of your success so far, and help you make decisions about future marketing activity.

Boosted bookings: Fresha Partners who use this suite of marketing tools have seen at least four times their return on investment from email and text message campaigns. 

Fresha is constantly innovating, and this is just the latest addition to its end-to-end software. That means there’s always more to come, so you can maximise your time and focus on taking care of your clients. Join the 100,000 businesses globally taking barbershop management and client experience to the next level with Fresha – sign up now on

Wahl Professional® Introduces 5 Star Cordless Barber Combo™

Wahl Professional, has unveiled its highly anticipated 5 Star Cordless Barber Combo™.

This exceptional combo pairs Wahl’s best-selling professional cordless clipper and trimmer in one convenient package.

With an upgraded motor on the clipper, DLC blades, and a sleek design, this duo is set to optimize every barber’s workspace. Offering exceptional quality at an affordable price of just $279 (MSRP), professionals won’t want to miss the chance to elevate their craft and station with this remarkable combo.he 5 Star Cordless Detailer® Li trimmer, in a modern black casing with gold blades and details, boasts a T-Wide blade made from high-carbon steel.

Featuring cutting-edge titanium and DLC coatings, this new blade maintains a lower temperature, resists corrosion, and offers outstanding durability, making it perfect for precise detailing and fine-line trimming. Additionally, the trimmer comes equipped with an enhanced, full-size clipper motor to cut through all hair textures and densities in just one pass.

Matching the sleek black body and gold accents of the trimmer, the 5 Star Cordless Magic Clip® clipper showcases a more powerful motor that effortlessly handles thick, wet, and textured hair, providing exceptional cutting performance. The new titanium and DLC blade surface stays cool and resists corrosion, guaranteeing client comfort and optimal longevity.

Renowned Wahl Professional Educator, Garland “G-Whiz” Fox (@thisisgwhizwahlclippers), expresses enthusiasm for the upgraded Cordless Magic Clip and Detailer Li sold as a combo, as well as the space-saving single cord and the cost-effective price of the Cordless Barber Combo™.

Fox states, “As a professional, maintaining a clean and efficient workstation is essential, and cordless tools are a no-brainer. Having two high-quality tools charging on a single station with just one cord not only saves space but also adds a cool aesthetic touch.”

Barbers and stylists can purchase the 5 Star Cordless Barber Combo™ beginning July 12th for just $279 at or by visiting their local distributor.

OUT NOW: BarberEVO UK & Ireland Issue 41 – Nov/ Dec

The latest issue of BarberEVO UK & Ireland is OUT NOW. 

In this issue, we explore how you can elevate your business during the festive period in prep for a successful 2024. It’s time to market yourself and your shop, upskill your teams, and boost that bottom line.


BIG UP Cal Newsome, our cover star this month and the Master of the Fade. This talented stylist tells us what it takes to cut the hair of celebrities, build that all-star client list, and why Chris and Sons is his go-to for the best barber supplies.


‘Tis the season to maximise on… everything!

Let’s get into it. In our winter season feature, we look at how to really strengthen your brand for Christmas. Including everything from social media marketing right down to putting seasonal branding in your shop windows. 


You know us! We love a good styling feature. Our editor attended a hectic (but incredible) run of shows at London Fashion Week in September and rounded up some really valuable styling advice. Industry icons Nick Irwin, Syd Hayes, and Adam Garland took LFW by storm and gave intel on the newest and best tools.


We also look inside some of the UK’s finest barbershops to find out what it takes to not only make a space look good but how to entice clientele. Experts from Cape Gang, Ned’s Barbershop, REM, Gould Barbers, Takara Belmont, and many more give you the scoop.

Out Now: BarberEVO UK & Ireland Issue 33 – July 2022


Get your copy here!

A summer of connection

The latest issue of BarberEVO UK and Ireland is OUT NOW. This issue is packed full of advice, features and trends to keep you up to date with what’s current in the barbering world.

Check out our front cover featuring two young barbers from Glasgow that are making their mark in the industry as they attract a celebrity clientele off the back of their work on textured hair. @exthebarber and @destacuts have ambitions for the future… keep an eye on them, they are going places.

We can’t not mention the UK event of the year, Barber Connect which certainly lived up to its name as the place to connect and forge new friendships. We feature a review of the show and a selection of the many hundreds of images we took in our exclusive BarberEVO front cover booth… it’s been a smash everywhere we take it. 


Trends come and go but when summer hits, there’s always a style that makes its mark. And this year it’s all about the crop. We talk to some top barbers and ask about what they are being asked for in their chairs on the daily, and they share what the looks are, the techniques to create them and the products that keep them in place. 


The skills needed to excel in textured hair takes time to master and we interview Tariq Howes, 5ive, Ex from EXStudio and SCurl, the biggest brand in textured hair, about how to tame the curls and create a silhouette to be proud of and what their advice is for those that want to be confident in this field.


Barbers are always learning, and we talk to Vikki Harrison-Smith about her teaching techniques at her SB Barbering Academy about what she expects from her students and the level she wants them to achieve. Also sharing their knowledge is Skins and Needles barbering academy and we have a controversial column from master barber Rob Rix about how the education levels of today leave him feeling less than impressed.


The solutions to hair loss have increased tenfold over the last decade and now is the time to invest in some training so that you too can be part of the solution to those that are suffering with it. We talk to the brands and practitioners that are giving back a confident future to men that are struggling with hairloss in this feature and see the incredible transformations that can happen. 


Are you even a barber if you haven’t admired a classic barber chair and wish you had a line of them in your shop? We are exploring the world of barbershop chairs and what remains the classics, what’s new and the options for buying them… buy the best you can afford, and if you can’t afford them, then leasing is now an incredible option for barbers to have the shop of their dreams.

We hope you enjoy this issue! You can order your print copy here.


In 1992, Dean Wada, founder and CEO of JATAI, the exclusive distributor of the Feather brand in the US and Canada, approached the Feather team in Japan with an idea for a new haircutting razor that used guarded, replaceable blades. That new tool, now known industry-wide as the Feather Styling Razor, opened a door to a whole new creative space for stylists, allowing them to razor cut without fear of cutting themselves or their clients. This summer, JATAI is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Feather Styling Razor with a new influencer driven social media campaign. 

Safety was the most important factor in the design of the razor. Featuring a non-folding razor handle for ease of use and to prevent accidental cuts from an exposed blade, the Feather Styling Razor can be held like a paintbrush, becoming an extension to the hand and making it easier for stylists to use the razor more creatively. Unlike folding haircutting razors, no special training is needed with the Feather Styling Razor which also includes a blade tray and disposal case that allows stylists to insert and dispose blades without having to touch them.  

When reflecting on the anniversary, Wada said, “Over the last 30 years, the success of our company and the Feather brand has been deeply rooted not only in our business strategy, but in the creativity of the hair professionals. It was our intention to design a safe haircutting tool for them that allowed them to freely create and showcase their artistry and skill. We are thrilled that all these years later, the Feather Styling Razor is still the number one haircutting razor on the market.”  

Since its debut in 1992, the Feather Styling Razor has forever changed the way hair professionals cut hair, allowing for unique and fun styles that can only be achieved by a razor. JATAI will be honoring that endless creativity with its summer campaign which will feature a host of stylist-led content including a collection of anniversary-themed videos in the JATAI Academy, JATAI’s free online education platform. The new Education CONNECT video tutorials will showcase modern day takes on iconic hairstyles from the past three decades including 1990s grunge-inspired French bob inspired by Winona Ryder and Drew Barrymore’s iconic ‘90s looks; a 2000s-inspired pixie made famous by Halle Berry; an ode to the sexy, long layered cut of the 2010s; and one of today’s hottest styles, the shullet. Filmed with Los Angeles-based stylists Janine Jarman (@janinejarman), Mikey Teeze (@mikey_teeze), Rae Steele (@raeikole) and Charli Boell (@shrunknheads), respectively, each video will highlight the versatility of the Feather Styling Razor, showing a complete haircut done using only the razor. 

In addition to the education-focused content, JATAI will also collaborate with influential razor-cut specialists for a social media campaign across Instagram and TikTok. These stylists, who know and love the Feather Styling Razor, will be sharing tutorials, finished looks and their own personal tips and tricks using the razor. JATAI will also be hosting giveaways and special offers on the razor handle and Styling Razor Blades exclusively on 

JATAI’s Feather Styling Razor 30th anniversary campaign launches July 5, 2022 on and @jataifeather. 

Pete Cranfield and Tariq Howes join the BaByliss PRO UK team!

BaByliss PRO has become synonymous with some of our industry’s biggest and best talents. Continuing this legacy in 2022, they are delighted to announce their two newest grooming brand ambassadors, Pete Cranfield and Tariq Howes. This year is shaping up to be a very exciting year for the brand, with the long awaited arrival of CustomFX in the UK in July, and another two big launches coming later in the year. Tariq and Pete will be joining the BaByliss PRO team alongside regular brand ambassador and grooming legend, Jody Taylor. 

Pete Cranfield

Pete says: “Being a BaByliss PRO Ambassador is such an incredible opportunity for me. After so long in the industry I feel I’ve achieved something massive being involved with a huge brand that share the same forward thinking values as me. The whole team are like a huge supportive family, so it’s a dream position for me to be in!”  

Tariq Howes

Tariq says: “Signing with BaByliss PRO is one of the highlights of my career, and a life changing opportunity for me. I feel blessed to be able to work with a brand like them, who literally give me the tools and the freedom to be creative and grow as a hairdresser. I’m excited to see what the future brings with this partnership.”