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In 1992, Dean Wada, founder and CEO of JATAI, the exclusive distributor of the Feather brand in the US and Canada, approached the Feather team in Japan with an idea for a new haircutting razor that used guarded, replaceable blades. That new tool, now known industry-wide as the Feather Styling Razor, opened a door to a whole new creative space for stylists, allowing them to razor cut without fear of cutting themselves or their clients. This summer, JATAI is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Feather Styling Razor with a new influencer driven social media campaign. 

Safety was the most important factor in the design of the razor. Featuring a non-folding razor handle for ease of use and to prevent accidental cuts from an exposed blade, the Feather Styling Razor can be held like a paintbrush, becoming an extension to the hand and making it easier for stylists to use the razor more creatively. Unlike folding haircutting razors, no special training is needed with the Feather Styling Razor which also includes a blade tray and disposal case that allows stylists to insert and dispose blades without having to touch them.  

When reflecting on the anniversary, Wada said, “Over the last 30 years, the success of our company and the Feather brand has been deeply rooted not only in our business strategy, but in the creativity of the hair professionals. It was our intention to design a safe haircutting tool for them that allowed them to freely create and showcase their artistry and skill. We are thrilled that all these years later, the Feather Styling Razor is still the number one haircutting razor on the market.”  

Since its debut in 1992, the Feather Styling Razor has forever changed the way hair professionals cut hair, allowing for unique and fun styles that can only be achieved by a razor. JATAI will be honoring that endless creativity with its summer campaign which will feature a host of stylist-led content including a collection of anniversary-themed videos in the JATAI Academy, JATAI’s free online education platform. The new Education CONNECT video tutorials will showcase modern day takes on iconic hairstyles from the past three decades including 1990s grunge-inspired French bob inspired by Winona Ryder and Drew Barrymore’s iconic ‘90s looks; a 2000s-inspired pixie made famous by Halle Berry; an ode to the sexy, long layered cut of the 2010s; and one of today’s hottest styles, the shullet. Filmed with Los Angeles-based stylists Janine Jarman (@janinejarman), Mikey Teeze (@mikey_teeze), Rae Steele (@raeikole) and Charli Boell (@shrunknheads), respectively, each video will highlight the versatility of the Feather Styling Razor, showing a complete haircut done using only the razor. 

In addition to the education-focused content, JATAI will also collaborate with influential razor-cut specialists for a social media campaign across Instagram and TikTok. These stylists, who know and love the Feather Styling Razor, will be sharing tutorials, finished looks and their own personal tips and tricks using the razor. JATAI will also be hosting giveaways and special offers on the razor handle and Styling Razor Blades exclusively on 

JATAI’s Feather Styling Razor 30th anniversary campaign launches July 5, 2022 on and @jataifeather. 



Booksy, the leader in booking and business technology for the beauty industry, has just launched its new Add-ons feature to its award-winning app. This gives service providers yet another way to grow their businesses, and their revenues. During the booking process, the new Booksy Add-ons feature allows providers to showcase additional options to their customers. This helps them upsell services, increase revenue, and delivers added value to end customers.  

What are Add-ons? Add-ons are booked alongside an existing service to create a more unique experience. Examples include adding nail art or gel polish to a manicure, using premium products during a shampoo, using hot stones during a massage. Top sectors that use Add-ons to increase their overall profits are barbers, hair, and nails. Like many Booksy features, Add-ons are entirely customizable by the beauty professional and/or salon, barbershop, nail spa or other.  

As of today, more than 6,000 Booksy providers are using Add-ons to expand and upsell their service offerings. And it’s working. Booksy data shows, for example, all Providers using the Add-ons feature today, the revenue from Add-ons makes up about 20% of total Service value while revenue from existing Services makes up the other 80%. Since Add-ons became available to Booksy Providers and clients, the weekly average appointment value increased by over 70%.  

Currently, 56% of appointments booked with Add-ons are bookings made on the Boosky for Customers App – the easy-to-use consumer app that allows for simple booking for any beauty service. This indicates that customers are loving the newest feature too and are more likely to enhance their services when presented with a list of Add-ons upon booking. 

“I am so happy with the new Add-ons feature and my business has significantly grown since I started using it. I specialize in body waxing and in the past my clients would normally book one service through Booksy. I have experienced a huge increase with people booking additional services regularly and my revenue has absolutely increased as a result. People simply didn’t know all the options available to them and now those options and Add-ons are highlighted at the time of booking. The Add-ons feature has truly simplified the upsell process, saved me time, and benefited my business in so many ways. I highly recommend it,” commented Jess Oehler, owner of Ritual Wax Studio in San Antonio, TX. 

Get discovered and get booked using Booksy. Download the Booksy Biz mobile app for free or visit to learn more. 

Gearing Up For BarberCon NYC/NJ

The industry is gearing up for one of the most anticipated shows on the east coast, BarberCon NYC, being held at East Rutherford, NJ on July 17, 2022.

BarberEVO is the proud media partner for BarberCon and tickets are now available for this not to be missed event in the barbering calendar. Be quick, it is selling out fast!

Barbercon is the premier global festival of the barbering community.  Launched in 2016 by Lee Resnick as the live networking event for Barbershopconnect, the first social site exclusively for barbers, Barbercon brings together thousands of high-profile and amateur barbers, cosmetologists, and brands from around the world. 2020 will be the biggest and most dynamic Barbercon to date, including three stages for live hair tutorials and product demonstrations, Barber Battle, an even larger indoor/outdoor Barbercon Marketplace, intimate education classes and workshops, an outdoor festival area, the prestigious Barbercon Awards, and so much more.

New educators are being added to the list to help you elevate your career to the next level by tuning into those in the know.

For more details: go to

IVAN ZOOT wins lifetime achievement award

Booksy, the leader in booking and business technology for the beauty industry, congratulates Ivan Zoot, its Brand Ambassador, on being honored with the Barber Lifetime Achievement Award at the Barber Grammy’s held at the Connecticut Barber Expo in May. 

In addition to working with Booksy, Zoot is President and CEO of Zootcuts, as well as a trainer, coach, mentor, and industry educator with 30+ years of experience. He is also the winner of three Guinness World haircutting records including World’s Fastest Haircut, Most Haircuts in One Hour, and Most Haircuts in 24 Hours. Zoot is also the author of 13 books including the “ClipperGuy Says” series, Be a $100,000 Haircutter and 100X100, 100 New Haircut Clients in 100 Days. Zoots has been an Ambassador for Boosky since 2016.  

“On behalf of the entire Booksy team, we congratulate and celebrate Ivan’s award and many accomplishments. He has been instrumental, through his passion and talent, in helping share our mission and educating savvy beauty pros about our App.  His skills as a barber, educator and leader allow him to engage with all levels of beauty professionals, and especially with the barber community. Well done and well-deserved on this award, Ivan!” commented Dee Hadley, Head of Marketing, Booksy.  

Book anytime, from anywhere, 24/7 with Booksy. Download the Booksy App for free, or visit


Booksy, the leader in booking and business technology for the beauty industry, is delighted to announce that renowned international hairstylist, influencer and educator, Philip Wolf has joined as Brand Ambassador.

For over 25 years, Wolf has built an incredible career in the beauty industry thanks to his unique style and unconventional flair. With over 750,000 followers on Instagram alone, this LA-based stylist is one of the most sought-after names in professional beauty. Wolff has a serious passion for cutting hair and helping other hair artists develop, design and define their own unique style. His enthusiasm for the work he does shines bright and inspires his followers from all over the world.  

To kick off his partnership with Booksy, Philip Wolf will be making his debut for Booksy at the Premiere Orlando Beauty Show, June 5-6th. He will be featured on the mainstage with industry veteran, Alfredo Lewis, and showcasing his unique cuts while educating the crowd about Booksy. 

“We are delighted to have Philip Wolf join the Booksy team and help share our mission to the professional beauty community. His skills as a hair artist, educator and businessperson are exceptional and I know our community will benefit significantly with him on board! His ability to connect with people around the world through social media and through education will help propel our growth in the years to come!” commented Dee Hadley, Head of Marketing, Booksy. “With the help of Philip, Booksy plans to take education to the next level!” 

Book anytime, from anywhere, 24/7 with Booksy. Download the Booksy App for free, or visit 

Date announced for Sacramento Barbers Club Industry Mixer

Build your network at the Sacramento Barbers Club Industry Mixer. Barbers, stylists, aestheticians, nail techs, braiders, make-up artists are invited to come party with the industry on June 4th.  

It’s a free event, sponsored by The Lifestyle Barber and Beauty Supply so grab your party hat and head to Union Nightclub, 112 Pacific St, Roseville CA 95678. 

You can join the Sacramento Barbers club here.

For more details follow the club at @sacramentobarbersclub.


Booksy – the beauty industry’s leading booking and business apphas announced Jose Schnekenburger as its new Senior Creative Marketing Manager for the company! Schnekenburger will be responsible for the ideation and creation of the brand’s campaigns across market sectors and the overall vision for the brand look, feel, and tone for the U.S. market. With his extensive wealth of knowledge and experience, Jose hopes to help build the Booksy brand for those seeking a new, innovative way of growing their business and making it easier for clients to find them. 

As a licensed cosmetology educator and barber for the past 20 years, Schnekenburger hopes to bring the Booksy brand to the next level with his background and vision. Following his passion in the beauty and barber industry with a visionary standpoint for brands, he’s held roles in nearly every facet – from education and sales, to brand development and creative direction. Schnekenburger previously worked with Pivot Point International, Schwarzkopf, his own professional brand Lock & Loaded Men’s Grooming, and his latest project of creative director/curator for @unitedbyshorthair.  

Booksy is the leading scheduling and business app for the beauty industry that is designed to make lives simpler and much more efficient. The cloud-based app easily connects beauty industry service providers with customers. Booksy not only allows for convenient 24/7 online appointment booking for clients but is also a comprehensive business management tool for beauty businesses of all sizes.  

“I, and the entire Booksy team, is delighted to have Jose as our new Senior Creative Marketing Manager. He has been an important and pro-active member of the Booksy marketing team. I look forward to his ongoing contributions in his new role as the company continues to expand our brand presence within the professional beauty industry and with consumers,” commented Dee Hadley, Head of Marketing Booksy U.S.  

Download the Booksy App for free, or visit 


Booksy, the leader in booking and business technology for the beauty industry, has recently unveiled their new 2022 marketing campaign, “Get Discovered”. 

Get Discovered is actually a love story and campaign dedicated to helping beauty professionals find their forever clients through the #1 beauty booking marketplace – Booksy. Just like online dating, any barbershop, beauty pro, salon, or spa can create a snappy, enticing profile, upload amazing work that best reflects their talents, and market themselves to find the right client matches in their area.

Get Discovered also focuses on highlighting one of many things that Booksy does best … connecting people via the Booksy Marketplace. Rather than be another run-of the mill, “all-in-one” booking solution, Boosky shifts the conversation. Powerful marketing and business management tools empower Providers to do more, and the Marketplace is the place where it all happens. 

The Booksy Marketplace allows providers the opportunity to find more of their ideal clients (not just cute calendar features) and retain them. Who wouldn’t love that! 

The Provider’s journey to getting discovered is as simple as these 5 steps: 

  1. Create a Profile – share exactly who you are with the world 
  2. Show your Work – create a Portfolio of your best work and showcase your mad skills 
  3. Get Discovered – put yourself and your business on the map to attract the perfect clients 
  4. It’s a Match! – get booked, paid, and re-booked all using Booksy
  5. Long-term Clients – use the built-in Marketing tools to ensure client retention and repeat business 

Did you know about 68% of beauty professionals are looking for ideas and tools to optimize their business, be more effective and acquire new clients! Booksy can help with all of that.  

Booksy‘s vision and goal is to establish itself as the top marketplace where beauty professionals and providers can discover new clients and keep them returning while promoting their talents. We want our users to thrive business-wise and provide the tools they need to accomplish that in a meaningful, robust, yet easy way. Through the Get Discovered campaign, we are looking to reach new beauty professionals and businesses and underscore our significant and unique advantages in the market,” commented Dee Hadley, Head of Marketing, Booksy

Book anytime, from anywhere. Who wouldn’t want to Get Discovered through Booksy

Olivia Garden Expands Its Line With The OG Barber Collection

Unique high-quality brushes designed specifically for barbers 

Garden has been a staple in the hair industry for more than fifty years, with the sole purpose of providing stylists with high quality, innovative, & cutting-edge salon tools. Over the years there has been a rise in dedicated artisan barbershops and a demand for brushes unique to styling men’s and short hair. 

Olivia Garden is excited to introduce a new line of high-quality tools designed specifically for barbers – the OG Barber™ Collection

The OG Barber Collections provides a wide range of high-quality enhanced tools exclusive to men’s grooming. This new collection includes paddle and round brushes featuring ceramic + ionic technology with ion charged bristles to help hydrate the cuticle, eliminate frizz, flyaways and add shine to hair. 

The collection is available in two different designs for varied usage: 

  • The OG Barber™ Vented Paddle Brush – Olivia Garden’s classic scalp hugging design massages the scalp with comfortable ball tips allowing barber’s to quickly detangle hair with the ion-charged bristles hydrating the cuticle to add shine. The vented design maximizes airflow for ultra-fast drying so there is never more heat on the hair than necessary! 
  • The OG Barber™ Round Brush – Features a barrel designed for creating shape and volume with Olivia Garden’s high-quality ceramic coating that retains heat evenly, so hair dries faster. The V-shaped bristle design allows for barbers to easily pick up even the shortest hair and control tension. Available in three different sizes, including Small (1”), X-Small (¾”) and XX-Small (½”). 

“Olivia Garden has been creating innovative tools for the professional salon industry for over fifty years and it is about time we entered the barber space,” said Anne Maza, Co-Owner of Olivia Garden. “We created the OG Barber Collection with valuable features that assist barbers in getting the job done with ease and comfort every time.” 

Each brush is uniquely designed with a timeless tortoise shell effect that will look slightly different on each brush. 

Both designs offer an ergonomic handle design that is non-slip, suitable for all hand sizes, great for easy rotation and entirely snag-free with a retractable sectioning pick. 

All brushes will be available at select Olivia Garden retailers, as well as on

For more information about Olivia Garden, visit or follow them on Instagram and Facebook.