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Step back in time for a retro barbershop experience

There’s a new place to get a haircut in downtown Quincy, MA, and the owners said they want to give you the traditional barbershop experience your grandfather might’ve had when he was just a boy.

Master barber Matthew Thomas, at Gold Line Barbershop, at 830 Maine Street, said their company started out in 2015 in California with a mission to re-create the classic American barbershop with vintage cash registers, traditional barber equipment like antique chairs and more.

He said some of the services they offer are also vintage.

“Straight shaves, skin fades, traditional classic men’s hairstyles. We specialize in all classic men’s hairstyles we do the greaser 50’s haircuts. We do the classic 1920’s haircuts; and we also do a lot of modern cuts as well,” said Thomas.

Thomas said they plan to renovate the storefront with a new gold flake design. They said they signed a long term lease and hope to be in the community long term.

Good luck to Matthew and the team from all at BarberEVO!

Toronto street renamed after beloved local barber

North York Community Council, Toronto, has passed a motion to rename a street after a local barber and musician.

The new Jimmy Wisdom Way, which will replace Locksley Avenue from Eglinton West to Hopewell, is named after a renowned member of Toronto’s Jamaican Community.

Wisdom was a talented musician, active community member and leader who helped many newcomers ‘from his barber’s chair’ for more than 35 years.

The street is located right by Wisdom’s barbershop to honour his life and legacy. 

“We are grateful to Councillor Colle for his recognition and leadership to honour our father, affectionately known as Jimmy Wisdom,” said his daughter Ninfa Wisdom.

Wisdom passed away in 2019, but his shop attracted a wide range of clients.

“In renaming this street ‘Jimmy Wisdom Way’ next to where he worked, mentored, and inspired in his barbershop for over 35 years, we honour a man who devoted his whole life to celebrating and respecting his Jamaican roots and culture and weaving this into Toronto’s fabric,” said Mike Colle, Ward 8 councillor who presented the motion.

Carlos Magno/Unsplash

Toledo Public Schools Barber Academy Offering Free Haircuts

The TPS Barber Academy has recently reopened after being hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic this year. 30 students are currently enrolled, training hard to become the next generation of barbers.

But as demand is down due to the pandemic and social distancing restrictions, the Academy is seeing fewer customers coming in and the students are struggling to meet their requirements. Director of adult education Larry Warniment, explained:

“It’s a little over a year program to get through. It’s 1800-hours in the shop and in the classroom combined. We do haircuts, scalp manipulation, and shampoos. Currently, we are not doing facial shaves because of COVID-19.”

At the moment, the Barber Academy is offering free services until further notice in order to pick up more custom and give students more chance of getting jobs in shops and salons. Although the instructors at the academy acknowledge the stigma behind letting a student barber cut hair, they’re hopeful that customers will have an open mind. Intructor Zonta Moore said:

“You know, we want people to come in and to allow the students to get that experience, so that way when they get into the shop, they’ve already bumped their head in school, and they don’t have to worry about bumping their head out in the shop.”

The Barber Academy is taking appointments Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM. To make an appointment for a free haircut, call (419) 671-8700.

Wahl Clipper Corporation’s Fade It Forward Program Awards Barber Scholarships to At-Risk Chicago Youth

Left to Right: Mentor Terrance Henigan, His & Hers Barber School Owner, José Gardea, Sebastian Moore, Andre Whittington, His & Hers Barber School Instructor, Irene Youngblood, and Mentor Brenda Potts gathered to support the two graduates as they received their certificates last December in 2019.

Wahl Clipper Corporation’s Professional division, Chicago social service organization UCAN, and local business Larry’s Barber College are pleased to announce the awarding of scholarships to four new students as part of the Wahl Professional Fade it ForwardTM scholarship program. The event will take place on Tuesday, September 22, at 10 a.m. at UCAN, 3605 W. Fillmore St., Chicago, IL 60624.

In December 2019, Wahl Professional welcomed its first graduates of the philanthropic program, Andre Whittington, and Sebastian Moore, of Chicago, IL as they completed their barber college program at His & Hers Barber School. Both Whittington and Moore went through a challenging 13-month program that prepared them for their future careers as barbers and entrepreneurs.

For Chicago, this is the second group of Fade It Forward TM students to go through the program and will be furthering their education at Larry’s Barber College, 701 E. 79th Street in Chicago. The students going through this second installation of the program are Amari Brown, Brandon Williams, Dakota Newton-Powell, and Colby Taylor. Each of these students will be supported throughout the program by UCAN as well as a mentor – a professional barber in the Chicago area – who will help guide the students and give them their first experience working in the industry.

“The Fade It ForwardTM program is as much about supporting our at-risk youth as it is about helping them become professional barbers,” says Garland Fox, barber and Wahl Education and Artistic Team (W.E.A.T.) member. “We’re fortunate to partner with UCAN, which provides the ongoing support the students need as they progress through their barber education.”

For Fox, the creation of this philanthropic program is about giving back to the next generation, as he once was homeless, and credits becoming a barber as something that changed his life for the better. Fox’s inspiration and determination to help youth gain better lives is not only taking root in the Chicago area, but Wahl Professional has started the program in St. Louis, MO, and plans to expand to Cleveland, OH in 2021.

Visit for more information on the program and event.

Premiere Orlando Rescheduled to June 2021

The annual event will no longer take place this year, and instead will reconvene next year. Premier Show Group released a statement yesterday, Tuesday 8th September:

“Premiere Orlando is not just an event that happens over a handful of days, it’s a community. It is OUR beauty community. The COVID-19 outbreak has had an unprecedented impact on the beauty industry, and as a result we have come to the decision to reschedule Premiere Orlando to 2021 and take the next steps to ensure a safe and productive return to Orlando. We look forward to seeing you next year on June 5-7, 2021! Those who have purchased a show pass will be eligible for a ticket exchange or a full refund.”

Visit the event website for more details on the event, including show information and travel details.

Squire Launches Squire Supply

Squire Technologies has launched its latest feature which will allow barbers and barbershops to order their supplies and products from Squire Supply.

The new feature offers barbers prices 15% lower than market value, the option of monthly recurring orders and free shipping, as well as 50% off with their first order throughout September.

On their Instagram page, the brand released a statement explaining the new feature and how it will continue to support the industry:

“We are excited to share that SQUIRE has taken another huge step in advancing the barber industry. […] We are with you and we will always continue to innovate the industry. SQUIRE has also committed to waive subscription fees through December 31 2020, to assist customers in offsetting the financial burden of operating through a crisis.”

To find out more, visit or call 1 (800) 600 9302 to order now.

Update to Barbershop Re-Opening Guidelines in California

Barbershops and salons in certain areas of California have been able to reopen and operate indoors as officials announced an update on Wednesday 2nd September.

Those in Los Angeles County have been allowed to reopen with limited indoor services and will be in line with the state recommended reopening guidelines. Los Angeles County Supervisor announced the update on Wednesday 2nd September:

“LA County’s Health Officer Order will be updated to allow hair salons and barber shops to resume indoor operations at 25% capacity. Options for increasing capacity will be re-evaluated three weeks after Labor Day.” (@SupJaniceHahn, Twitter)

At a COVID-19 briefing, Los Angeles County Health Officer Dr. Muntu Davis added that barbershops and salons would be able to open and operate at limited capacity as of the 3rd September if they were in line with all of the Health Officer Orders.

Counties in the San Francisco area have also begun to reopen, but only outdoors at the moment, with barbershops and salons not expected to resume service indoors until late September.

Keep up to date with the latest government guidelines on reopening here.

Sofie Pok, Julius Caesar and Nomad Barber launch new product brand, STMNT

Henkel North America’s Beauty Care Professional business has officially launched STMNT (pronounced statement), a new brand offering a range of effective, high-performing grooming goods with superior formulas and prestige packaging – designed to be accessible to all regardless of gender or style.

Sofie Pok aka @STAYGOLD, Julius Arriola aka @JULIUSCAESAR and Miguel Gutierrez aka @NOMADBARBER all collaborated on the brand to raise the standard of grooming products across the barbering industry. The range contains four lines of products; lines specifically curated by each creator plus a general care line. The products range from shampoos, conditioners and all-in-one care products to pomades, sprays and powders for both long and short styles.

Caleb Foltermann, General Manager of STMNT Grooming Goods, said “Over the past few years, barbering and grooming have evolved. Modern barbering is all about making a statement. It is sophisticated, lifestyle-driven, and genderless. We wanted to pioneer a brand that was authentic to the movement and made grooming products accessible to all. These three creators embody what it means to be a modern barber and they have the deep expertise to formulate products that are truly effective.”

STMNT is available at Ulta from September 2020, with suggested retail pricing ranging from $11.95 – $24.95.

For more information, follow and @STMNTGROOMING and make your statement with the hashtags #STMNTGROOMING and #MAKEYOURSTMNT.

Barbers In Mississippi Receive Free Mental Health Training

Over the past year, approximately 60 Black barbers in Mississippi have received training to engage their clients in discussions about mental health.

Mississippi is one of six Southern states ranked in the bottom 10 for mental health care access. Hairdresser and teacher at Trendsetters Barber College in Jackson, MS, says “As a barber, people listen to our advice a lot, and the training just brought that out more.”

Wiggins received training courtesy of The Confess Project, an Arkansas-based group that teaches Black barbers across the South how to integrate emotional support into general ‘shop talk’ and remove the taboo of emotional conversations in environments like male waiting rooms.

“I’ve had clients (before) who committed suicide, clients who had depression,” Wiggins said. “This has made me pay attention more to different words a client might use. Or if a client wants to let others get before them, basically they don’t really want a haircut and maybe want to talk more. It makes me pay more attention, because it may be something that could save that person’s life.”

Founder of The Confess Project, Lorenzo Lewis, has worked with barbers across Southern states to provide barbers with the tools to support their clients. The results so far have been encouraging: “On the micro level we’re working to build stronger, healthier relationships,” Lewis said. “On the macro level, we see that poverty may be decreased. Men come in the shops that have better employment outcomes and better mental health.”

To find out more and how you can get involved, visit

Squire Announces Fee Waivers Until 2021

Barbershop management tool Squire has announced the suspension of subscription fees. The move, which will see all subscription fees waived until 2021, will provide further support to the barber industry.

The app allows users to discover barbershops, book appointments, and pay for haircuts directly from your mobile. Customers are charged $0.99 to book appointments, which is added at checkout.

The app has staff management, marketing and POS capabilities for barbershops, and has, at time of writing, over 2,000 partners.

Visit for more details.