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OUT NOW: BarberEVO North America Issue 36 April/May 2024

The latest issue of BarberEVO North America is OUT NOW.     

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Making a Statement 

The latest issue of BarberEVO North America is OUT NOW! We speak to industry experts about the ways to boost creativity within your barbershop, while showcasing a range of important topics in the industry from our columnists. In this issue, we showcase the very best mobile barbershops across North America whilst highlighting the technology systems you need to streamline your business: all this and more inside.  

Barbers of the Edition: Sofie Pok x Julius Caesar 

Barbershop of the Edition: Zephyr, Alabama

Behind The Brand: Josh O.P 

Diary of a CEO: Supreme Clippers, Eldad 


Sofie Pok x Julius Caesar 

We were very excited to catch up with STMNT co-founders Sofie Pok and Julius Caesar off the back of the STMNT WRKSHP. Sofie gives us behind-the-scenes insight into the shoot where she focused on capturing the day on film, while Julius worked as creative director throughout. The pair worked cohesively to showcase the talent and individuality of the new STMNT ambassador and education team, pairing each barber with the right theme to allow their talents and innovation to shine through.  


In this feature, we highlight barbers who are pushing the boundaries of what a haircut is, proving that hair can be art. We speak to Lord Blendz, who uses his client’s hair as a blank canvas to enhance creativity through color, and Queen of the South who pushes the limit of braids, with her intricate and artistic designs. Columnist Phoenix Thomson showcases the best of barbering in Australia with American Crew All Star, Mark Rabone at Esquire Male Grooming.  


Does your barbershop need a freshen up? Are you in need of some inspiration? Then look no further. Here, we highlight California style barbershop Zephyr and their stunning, serene interiors that are making a mark stateside. Columnist Barberville showcased barbershops with a slight difference in this issue, they’re on wheels. Highlighting the best mobile barbershops in North America and how they make the most of their limited space while The Barber Studio in New York shares why Collins was the only choice for their furniture.  


Here, we are celebrating the best in the barbering business. We speak to Josh O.P, starting from the moment he wanted to be a barber, to launching his own education line and slowly taking the business focus off himself. Supreme Trimmer CEO Eldad Tehrani talked us through his entrepreneurial journey, while Beards & Riffs co-founders Nathan and Wayne discuss their personal approach to business, prioritising genuine relationships and how that’s shaped their success.  


Technology is an important part of any business, but especially in a barbershop. Having the right tech within your business can elevate your client experience and make your life a lot easier. We highlight the best online systems to streamline the everyday in your business like Get Lovage, Squire and The Cut; while we catch up with Fresha’s brand new ambassador Sam Bentham as he tells BarberEVO all about why he is their biggest fan.   


Aftercare in the barbering industry can sometimes feel like an afterthought, but we want to showcase that isn’t the case. Paul Mitchell education Larry Legend tells us that educator is paramount to ensuring clients keep up with good aftercare products, recommending MVRCK and Tea Tree products. Elsewhere, we focus on Imperial Barber Products and Johnny B for barbers looking to expand their product range. 

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OUT NOW: BarberEVO North America Issue #31 – June / July 2023

In the past couple of months, we have been overloaded with inspiration and passion fromattending events like Premiere Anaheim, NAHA, ABS, CT Barber Expo, and the Barber Grammys in these last couple of months. From interviews on the NAHA red carpet to showcasing our iconic photo booth at ABS, and interviewing industry legends in our EVOmedia zone, you can say the team are a little star-struck. 

In this issue, you can check out EVO’s thoughts, reviews, and all the fun we had in this issue. We also offer some sage advice from BaByliss experts onhow to excel as a platform artist.

Grooming is simply about taking care of oneself and personal aesthetic. But as barbers, it’s your job to help your clients embark on their grooming journey and to give them an elevatedand luxurious experience. We talk to grooming experts such as the folk at House ofHandsome, Michelle Mitchell, Elliot Chester, Chico Boom and so many more.

Next, we talk about education. We kick off the feature with Rodrick Samuels, the NAHA Educator of the Year and Director of Hair Lab Detroit Barber School. We also share our experience of attending the ribbon cutting of the Wahl Barber Academy in Chicago. And wetalk to so many inspiring educators who are helping lead the next generation of barbers.

Finally, we deep dive into all things tech. We start by sharing the story behind Shearshare, an innovative app thatcan help any barbershop owner… some even call it ‘HairBNB’! We also speak to 12Pell, the barber shop of Generation Z – leading the industry forward through tech.

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Cincinnati Barber Praised For Using Day Off to Give Free Haircuts to Kids with Special Needs

Vernon Jackson began Gifted Program haircuts at Noble Barber and Beauty after ‘hearing so many horror stories’ at other shops, reported the Guardian.

Even on his days off Vernon Jackson goes in to work at his barbershop in Cincinnati – it’s because that’s the day he has set aside to give free haircuts to children with special needs.

The kindness which Jackson offers at his Noble Barber and Beauty shop earned a profile from CBS News this week. Jackson told the network he began his Gifted Program haircuts in 2021 after “hearing so many horror stories that parents were going through with … barbers or stylists having no patience with their [children]” at other shops.

Academic research suggests that the reported lack of patience for parents struggling to buy haircuts for their special needs children poses a real dilemma for them. Studies have shown people typically feel more confident and in control in both social as well as professional settings with good, fresh haircuts.

Jackson resolved to sacrifice his day off and open his shop only to children with special needs who were looking to get a proper cut. And what’s more, he tells the children’s parents that their money’s no good there on those days.

“There [are] no other barbers or stylists in the shop, and I [can] give them the full attention they need,” he said in the CBS News report.

Jackson found that at least some of his off-day clients who are sensitive to unfamiliar environments and sounds find the empty shop comforting. His goal is to get the children acclimated to barbershops in general so they can eventually feel comfortable going in for haircuts when there are other patrons around.

Friends and other benefactors sponsor the haircuts that Jackson gives on his day off through donations to an online GoFundMe campaign, according to what he told CBS.

Gifted Program parents “would pay any amount of money just for their child to be able to have an experience like any other person”, he said to the network. “And at the end of it, I can tell them, ‘It’s covered.’”

Those parents often try to tip Jackson a gratuity, he says, but he tells them: “No, trust me … this is a gift from the community, myself – please receive it.”

Instagram users flood Jackson’s account on the platform with encouragement and compliments whenever he posts videos of him cutting the hair of Gifted Program clients.

“I have happy tears,” one user wrote in the comments of a video that Jackson posted showing him lining a Gifted Program boy up in March. “You are truly doing amazing things.”

OUT NOW: BarberEVO North America Issue #30 – April/May 2023

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The newest issue of BarberEVO North America is OUT NOW! We have the latest in product launches, marketing, event updates, and new year trends. Packed full of ace designs and awesome features that give you everything you need to know to reach success in 2023 and beyond.


It’s always our pleasure to feature the industry’s biggest brands – keep an eye out for gorgeous shoots and the latest incredible looks from American Crew and JRL’s Victor Lopez collection.


As seen on this issue’s front cover we are delighted to announce BaByliss Pro’s Influencer Collection. The latest group of barbers who will be the faces of the limited-edition Influencer Collection are Nicole Renae, Van Da Goat and Andy Authentic. What a line-up!

BaByliss has been busy! We also share the details of BaByliss’ latest set of UV Foil Shavers with new UV-Disinfecting Lid and a host of new technological innovations.


The industry’s best and brightest barbers reveal their styling secrets in this special feature. David Marulanda, stylist to sports stars, shares how he has incorporated color into his styling repertoire. 

STMNT co-creator Julius Caesar, and ambassadors Jovan Figueroa and Zach Ignacio explains the challenges that creating low maintenance, live-in looks throws up. Patrick Butler from Floyd’s 99 tells us why longer hair should be viewed as the barber’s playground of creativity.


Investing in comfort should be the priority for your guests and as Sofi Pok explains, choosing Takara Belmont as her chair of comfort has been an awesome decision.   

Grab your copy of the magazine to see Chris (CJ) Foreman talk about his Instagram account that features standout barbershops all across the country – if you need some interiors inspiration, he’s your guy. 


Challenging the throwaway society we have become, Danny Larry, the Salon Chair Guys, talks about how his business provides eco-friendly salon and barbershop equipment repair and maintenance products, with an aim of promoting sustainability in the barbering and beauty industry.

Read how Uplift Provisions Co. has produced a product line that is clean, fresh and perform well – all in the name of producing products that are clean and safe for the skin.


As always, you can count on us to give you the latest news in the industry, from event calendars and product launches to business updates and inspirational stories. 

In this issue, we give you the industry updates on the plans for Wahl Clipper Corporation’s Barber Academy, and Elliot Chester’s big-hearted mission to give back to his community by hosting a day of mentoring to give back to kids in the foster care system. Hats off to Mr Chester!

We hope you enjoy this issue! You can order your print copy here.

The Creation of the Captain – Celebrating 13 Years of Top-Class Styling Products with Captain Fawcett

Captain Fawcett has an outstanding brand identity. As well as creating award-winning gentleman’s grooming products, the writing, design and social media have a unique narrative flair, combining British humour and heritage with a contemporary take on what it means to be a gentleman in the 21st century. 

SO, what’s the secret to creating an iconic brand? Captain Fawcett founder, Richie Finney, spilled the beans… 

The journey began, quite literally, with beans! I was using empty baked bean cans (thoroughly washed!) to blend my own Moustache Wax, intended purely for personal use. My wife, Christine Greenwood, an Emmy & BAFTA award-winning hair and make-up artist, took the wax on set. People loved it but I had no sense of any commercial value. I started with 100 jars, little did I know what wonders would follow! 

Richie shared his top 10 tips for building a brand that is memorable and iconic.

1: Be authentic

25 years in the Sound Department of the British Film Industry gave me an understanding of immersive experience. If you believe in a world from the inside out, you can be true to it without affectation. When an actor is immersed in their character, even if they’re improvising off script, they say what their character would say. So, by living your brand, you can’t really go wrong.

2: Deliver superb customer service

When people are delighted, they talk about it and your customers become your cheerleaders. Word of mouth recommendations are of huge value. 

3: Build a trusted team

Early on, you have complete control but when you expand you need some humility. Find people with skills you don’t have, who really get what you’re doing.

4: Be consistent

Reinforce your brand with repeated images and phrases. Create your own catchphrases, such as ‘Keeping A Stiff Upper Lip Regardless’®. With repetition they’ll become widely recognised. Arguably, that familiarity is when a brand starts to become iconic.

5: Collaborate

Instead of paying influencers, work with colleagues and ambassadors who have a vested interest and genuine belief in your brand. It brings integrity to your relationships and helps extend your customer base.

6: Be philosophical

The stronger your brand identity the more polarising it can be. Some people will be attracted, some repelled. You can’t be all things to all men. To thine own self be true.

7: Blend product branding with aesthetic

Your logo, colour palettes, and tone of voice should be recognisably yours. These might evolve so there’s room for poetic licence! But don’t dilute your core storyline.

8: Utilise social media

Barbers are about the shop, the physical experience. So be what you say you are, and deliver what you promise on social media or you’ll be found out. 

Don’t be afraid to share lows as well as highs. Humans buy from other humans. And stick to platforms you can manage, better to show up consistently on one platform than drive yourself crazy creating content for everything. Social media is a tool, not your master.

9: Quality is king

It has to be a top-quality product. Fancy packaging and a terrible product immediately lose trust. Get the product right, then work on beautiful presentation. Share samples with respected experts in your field and earn their genuine endorsement. Again, it’s about conviction and trust.

10: Have fun!

Profit is but a result of your initial and enduring idea. However, it’s never guaranteed, so make sure you enjoy the ride. Money should not be the motivation although, with a combination of hard work, surrounding yourself with excellent people, a pinch of good luck and an element of success, it may well be the consequence.

Final tips?

Enjoy the journey because fuck knows what the destination is.” 

Curious about the legacy of the Captain? Or fancy trying some products? Find out more at, the home to a simply delectable range of first-class gentleman’s grooming requisites. 

For wholesale enquiries please email & mention BarberEvo for 10% off your first order. 

OUT NOW: BarberEVO North America Issue #29 – FEBRUARY/MARCH 2023

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The newest issue of BarberEVO North America is OUT NOW! We have the latest in product launches, marketing, event updates, and new year trends. Packed full of ace designs and awesome features that give you everything you need to know to reach success in 2023 and beyond.


It’s always our pleasure to feature the industry’s biggest brands – keep an eye out for more gorgeous shoots and incredible looks from Wahl, Andis, STMNT, Layrite, JRL, and American Crew.

Not to mention some exciting product announcements and tool guides from 18.21 Man Made Grooming, Gamma+, Captain Fawcett, RED Pro, and Hairskeen.


As seen on this issue’s front cover and in the Final Cut, Wahl Professional has just launched their global Future Makers campaign! Wahl Professional brought together the best barbers and stylists from around the world for five days to learn, share and collaborate, and to create inspirational and educational content that will not only unite the global Wahl community but celebrate individuality and differences.


The industry’s best and brightest barbers and session stylists reveal all in our Barbers Toolkit feature. This is where we take a deep dive into their tool bags to find out what tools and products they use to create incredible looks time after time – whether that’s for clients in their chairs or models in front of their cameras.

Expect sneak peeks from Josh Hawk, Kyle Pemberton, Paul Wilison, Tyler Kelbert and more. Spotlight brand mentions go to Ace High, Hairskeen, Samsons Haicare, and Washi Scossors.


We have everything you need to keep on top of trends this year. Our experts are some of the industry’s best barbers – they give great insight to what will be most and least popular in 2023 so you know where to focus your efforts.

Grab your copy of the magazine for intel from Taylor Leven in her trend forecast as well as Frank Soto and Ivan Zoot. 

You’d be a fool to miss out! 


Marketing can seem intimidating, but you’re probably doing the basics already! Social media, Google, apps, and booking platforms like Vagaro are your keys to getting your name out there.

Love it or hate it, we all know how big of an asset social media is in our industry. Marketing expert Shelby Barriball takes us through how to present yourself online – and why Vagaro helps you look your best.

We also want to give a shoutout to our exclusive interviews with both Marvy Marv and Danny Robinson who each help you master the art of marketing. Our columnist Tyrik Jackson also does an in-depth look at how to reach as many people as possible online.

We hope you enjoy this issue! You can order your print copy here.

America’s Beauty Show by Cosmetologists Chicago Announces 2023 ABS Global Image Awards

The Internationally Acclaimed Industry Competition is Back! 

The world of beauty is watching! America’s Beauty Show (ABS) by Cosmetologists Chicago proudly announces the2023 ABS Global Image Awards are back. The deadline to enter has been extended to February 10, 2023. The ABS Global Image Awards celebrates the passion and artistry of professional and emerging stylists in an image and video competition that features professional and student categories. This year’s competition offers participants from across the globe the opportunity to enter their fiercest hair collections and storytelling. Entries are opening in November at

This incredible international image and now video competition fuels intense creativity and passion for hairdressers, colorists, salon teams, nail technicians, makeup artists, students and more – and it continues to grow year after year in 2023 with a dynamic presentation during America’s Beauty Show on the evening of Saturday, April 15th.  

The ABS Global Image Awards draws entries from across the globe from talented professionals, emerging stylists and cosmetology students. The winners of the world-wide industry competition will be recognized during America’s Beauty Show in a way that’s never been celebrated before in this prestigious competition.

Now is the time for pros to ignite their passion and begin their most creative preparations in order to enter the 2023 ABS Global Image Awards. There are 9 different professional categories and 2 student categories in this juried industry competition for the best-of-the-best to enter and to share their personal story. All categories are gender neutral.

The 2023 ABS Global Image Awards categories include:

  • Total Transformation
  • Collaboration (Professional and Student)
  • Full Concept 
  • Haircutting
  • Texture
  • Barbering
  • Creative Color
  • Makeup Artistry
  • Nail Design

“We expect to see tremendous artistry from our extremely talented competitors,” said Karen Gordon, Past President of Cosmetologists Chicago. 

“America’s Beauty Show offers a perfect backdrop to showcase a deeply creative competition at our world-class show. We are thrilled to shine a global spotlight on the originality and talent that resides in the professional beauty industry and for our emerging artists who are students.”

“To all salon professionals, I will say that the ABS Global Image Awards will unleash your inner creativity,” said Mio Sota, past ABS Global Image Award winner. “Don’t be afraid,” added Sota. “There is no right or wrong. Everything you try will either work out great or turn out to be an amazing learning experience!”

Chrystofer Benson, past ABS Global Image Award winner said, “The ABS Global Image Awards is a great platform where you can share your work with the world! It is a positive and encouraging competition that allows global artists to compete and share their work.” Chrystofer encourages all salon professionals to share their work with the world, and that you never know what might happen if you enter.

“Entering helps you to keep in touch with the reason you started doing hair and gets in touch with the passion you have for the hair industry.”In encouraging pros to get involved in the competition, past ABS Global Image Award winner Daniel Rubin notes, “Don’t give up until the miracle happens!”

The ABS Global Image Awards are open to all licensed salon professionals, barbers or the business equivalent where licensure is not required. In addition, there are categories where cosmetology students may compete. The entry process opens November 28, 2022 and closes February 10, 2023. ABS Global Image Awards finalists will be announced on February 24, 2023. The ABS Global Image Awards ceremony is Saturday, April 15, 2023, during America’s Beauty Show!

Complete rules and regulations can be found on  

Each professional category will offer a single winner an impressive award from America’s Beauty Show to display with pride. In addition to each category winner, one extraordinary submission will be awarded The Leo Passage Gold Trophy Award in honor of the late Pivot Point International founder, and Cosmetologists Chicago member, Leo Passage.

For more information regarding the 2023 ABS Global Image Awards, go to

OUT NOW: BarberEVO North America Issue 26 – August / September 2022

The latest issue of BarberEVO North America is OUT NOW.

Get your copy here!


The latest issue of BarberEVO North America is OUT NOW! This issue is headed up by Barbero Bengie who is front and center of this action-packed 104-page, beautifully presented issue.

Freestyle king Bengie talks about his work with Caliber and why the relationship with the brand has been an enriching experience for him and his career.



Summer is the time to switch up the cuts and we have a great range of summer trend suggestions that will keep you on point during the summer months. It looks like the crop is standing the test of time and we see what products are the summer heroes.


Afro textured hair needs specialized skills to product amazing results and Luster’s SCurl take us through their recommendations to keep afro hair in pristine condition. We also hear from Tyrik Jackson about the benefits of having the skills to cater for any hair type that sits in your chair. Also talking texture, Ivan Zoot gives his thoughts on the appropriate tools to use to help make textured hair behave. Also talking texture is @drizzyxgroomer who has taken his afro textured hair onto the next level.


Education counts, so says every top barber in the country. It’s the way to make your name in this industry. We had a great talk with the CT Barber Expo educator of the year Danni Avila who has taken his education online for the Hispanic community with ground-breaking success. Also discussing his thoughts on how best to educate the barbershop team is Joe Agnello from City Image Barbers and international educator Kenny Duncan shares how he adapts his education techniques when he is educating from the stage.

We also speak to Allison Cuts, who has recently trained up in SMP to see how that has changed her career and we have a close look at Wahl’s education offering, as well as the in-depth education system that Johnny B’s Haircare offers to its potential ambassadors.


Barbershop furniture sets the tone of your shop, and we have a great range of choices and options to look over. But first we talk to Rob Hammer who has been capturing the barbershops of yesteryear in his outstanding book ‘The Barbershops of America’ and he has some thoughts on how furniture changes the dynamic. We talk to several barbershops, a couple of them, Honest Barber and Spanky’s, have very distinctive styles, and they tell us what works for their shop ethos.

We hope you enjoy this issue! You can order your print copy here. 

Out Now: BarberEVO North America Issue 25 – June 2022

The latest issue of BarberEVO North America is OUT NOW.

Get your copy here!


The latest issue of BarberEVO North America is OUT NOW!

Our front cover shot is an incredible shot from Kevin Luchmun’s collection for the Andis Fluid Vol. 3 – all part of the Andis educational program, check out the step-by-step online for to recreate the look.

We have exciting news from BaByliss as it launches the new FX Hair dryers and the new color poppin’ Influencer collection and we speak to each of the BaByliss influencers involved – it’s a cool set, have a look on pages 26-31.

We have a round-up of the industry-energizing CT Barber Expo, what went down, what was launched, as well as a great selection of shots from our Wahl-sponsored BarberEVO front cover photo booth.


First up we are celebrating Pride month, with a selection of amazing styles from the barbers that are leading the way in gender inclusivity, and we talk about the education available for hair professionals to ensure everyone feels comfortable when they visit a barbershop.


Barbershop electricals – we are surrounded by them in the shop, so we take a dive into the best on the market, and regular columnists Rum Barber talk us through the best hairdryers for barbers. And we have a look at what other electrical devices are making the lives of barbers a little easier.


Another barbershop essential is shaving services. What was almost a lost art is now being touted as a barbershop experience and we talk to Proraso barber Michael Haar about his shaving ‘performance’ and the retail opportunities that shaving brings to his shop’s revenue, as well as looking at the client comfort aspect of the barbershop.


Franchising in the barbering world is expanding rapidly, and we talk to a few brands that have hit on a successful model. Hammer & Nails and Diesel barbershops talk about the benefits of being a franchisee with the backing of a successful brand.

We hope you enjoy this issue! You can order your print copy here. 

BarberEVO At Connecticut Barber Expo Today

Drop by booth #181 and see some of the industry’s top barbers doing cutting demos throughout the day today, Monday at the world’s largest Barber Expo, the CT Barber Expo which is now in its 11th year.

Cutting today at the BarberEVO booth are:

Alex Rivera, Johnny B educator – 2.30 pm @chinnossalon

Queen of the South, the braiding ninga! – 5pm @queenofthesouth512

Drew Da Barber – 6.15pm  @drewdabarber

Come by and pick up the latest issue of BarberEVO and get the chance to feel like a BarberEVO cover star. Grab your best buddies and get a picture taken in the EXCLUSIVE COVER PHOTO BOOTH. You’re Instagram will thank you!