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Farewell to Red Bumps and Skin Irritation!

No one likes shaving, but any guy’s shave routine can become a much more palatable experience with Eufora HERO for Men ( HERO ) – a guaranteed antidote to those dreaded red bumps and skin irritation.

What’s more, the Eufora Men’s Team helps take the shave experience from a painful process to a skin perfecting treat with their HERO Shave Ritual …a salon tested and guest approved experience that makes it easy to get an uber smooth, close shave every time.

What you should know. It’s not just about the beard hair; the right skin knowledge is key. Learn some softening skills before even considering the shave itself. HERO shave expert and Team Co-Leader Julie Cross says, “There’s a reason barbers start a shave with a warm towel compress – it helps soften beard hairs and skin in preparation for the perfect razor glide. To get that same result at home, always shave after a shower or steam. This prepares your skin and beard for that barber-closer shave.”

Next up? The shave product of choice, and HERO has options…all of them pH balanced and oh-so skin friendly! For those with extra sensitive skin or just a plain old aversion to lathering up, Exceptional Shave is the perfect solution. Its unique “3-in-1 Oil” formula means it is a workhorse, acting as shave cream, skin conditioner and even beard oil for those who favor a little facial hair. Classic Shave is the shave cream of choice for anyone who covets rich, creamy lather; but, user beware, many guys find their Classic
Shave in the shower as the ladies love it for their legs!

Not sure which to choose? Here are two insider tips.

● Use an Oil if your skin is dry or if you want to “block out” the edges of your beard on cheeks and neck areas.
● Use a Cream if you want moisturizing lather and razor slip. When choosing Cream don’t forget the shave brush to gently exfoliate skin and raise beard hairs.

For those wondering how to properly use a shave brush, Team HERO shares 3 simple steps to the richest lather possible.

1. Apply a generous dollop of Classic Shave into the palm of hand.
2. Dip the shave brush into warm water and flick into the sink to release excess. Press the brush hairs firmly into the cream and work the brush in a circular motion to create foam.
3. Squeeze the excess foam from the brush between thumb and forefingers. Then use the tips of the brush hairs to massage the cream into the face and beard in an upward, circular motion.

Always allow shave product (cream or oil) to sit on the face for about a minute before beginning any actual razor shaving. This helps soften beard hairs, making them easier to shave. To reduce the risk of irritation, shave with the growth pattern of beard hairs. It’s okay to do a second pass “across the grain.”, but shaving “against the grain,” can lead to irritation and bumps.

The last step in the Shave Ritual ? A generous application of an after shave skin conditioning product like HERO Post Shave to calm and rebalance the skin. Maintaining the skin’s naturally protective acid-mantle, pH balance and moisture after a shave are key to promoting healthy looking skin.

The good news? Whether naughty or nice, everyone wants the least painful shave experience possible, so, for anyone who has that “hard to buy for” guy on their shopping list, Cross suggests sharing this Shave Ritual along with a gift of award winning HERO Shave Products. A sure way to become the favorite holiday elf.

Looking for more on men’s grooming? Check out all the HERO facts and fashion trends online at

Andis Company welcomes two modern barbering icons to Global Education Team

Andis, a leader in professional tools and education for the barber, beauty and animal grooming industries, has announced Angel Villegas and Jesse Figueroa as additions to its Global Education Team. The two bring their powerful influence on the barbering industry as well as impressive repertoires of industry involvement and innovation to Andis. 

“Beyond their immense skills, Angel and Jesse bring a passion for supporting fellow barbers that is a major asset to the Global Education Team,” said Angie Perino, Andis Global Education Manager. “This determination to see others succeed is vital for maintaining connection across the greater barbering industry, as well as the Latinx barbering community during these challenging times.” 

For nearly 100 years, Andis® Company has been a leader and innovator in the men’s grooming industry with its innovative technology and top-tier educational offerings. Andis recently launched a new Virtual Education program allowing barbers and stylists across the world the opportunity to take in-depth, hands-on classes with Andis’ world-class education team from the comfort of their home. Andis also offers free online educational resources at, allowing everyone from expert barbers to beginning at-home users to learn new tips and techniques. These online resources, as well as both new educators’ bilingual abilities, continue to strengthen Andis’ efforts to provide education to professionals across the world. 

Angel Villegas (@angelraws) –– Angel was born in Kissimmee, Florida and graduated cosmetology school in 2010 just two years after graduating high school. Just a year after graduating, Angel won his first competition, then two more the following year. He has gone on to compete and win the titles of various competitions across the United States. 

In 2014, Angel opened his first of now three Raw Cuts Barbershop’s, located in Jacksonville, FL. The shop saw immense success, attracting celebrity clients such as Marcedes Lewis, Aaron Ross and Mac Miller. There is still much to be seen from the barbering boss, as the Angel Raws brand and impact continues to expand. However, one thing is for sure: Angel and his it-factor are a winning combination. 

Jesse Figueroa (@j.figz) –– Originally from Bogota, Colombia, Jesse Figueroa is a master barber and platform artist with more than two decades of experience. After working in several barbershops across Miami starting at age 13, he returned to his hometown to open his own shop, 305 Barbershop, at the age of 19. There, he became one of the first and most influential new wave barbers in the country. 

Jesse has worked with celebrities, musicians, actors and athletes. In 2013, he established his own barber academy in Bogota and has shared his experience with thousands of students who travel from all over the world. He is also a very active member of his community, sharing his craft with vulnerable youth. Jesse specializes in hair art, becoming one of the first artists to create hair portraits, freestyle designs and hair color trends with as a powerful expression. 

For more information about Andis Company or the brand’s educational offerings, please visit or

Art.Quarter founder Jordan Patel talks ‘BRANDEMIC.’

Just two weeks after launching the first business in the Art.Quarter complex, Art.Barbers have had to close its doors until December 2nd following the government’s latest lockdown measures.

After putting years of work into creating not only an iconic venue for Birmingham but the whole of the UK, Jordan Patel opens up raw and uncut in his latest video update, sharing his true worries and fears about the impact Lockdown 2.0 is going to have on his brand.

This video captures the true, intense, and raw feelings of Patel as he transparently discusses his next steps to the Art.Quarter build and how his faith and positivity is his coping mechanism during these unpredictable and testing times.

Art.Quarter is set to become a UK tourist destination as well as a true icon for Birmingham. Promising a safe place for all communities and encouraging creatives, Jordan is building this unique venue to create unity and equality in a city that he feels, still very much suffers from segmentation with backgrounds and religions.

The latest vlog can be viewed below.

Set to launch Spring 2021, the Art.Quarter will be first of it’s kind.

Please visit: for more details.

Hair professionals from around the globe run in dedication of Sam Wall

A team of barbers and hairdressers have pulled together to raise money for the Movember charity to help suicide prevention among men, in honour of their friend and fellow barber, Sam Wall.

‘Team Mr Sam Wall’, including barbers and hairdressers such as; Alan Beak, Ky Wilson, Jody Taylor, Leah Hayden, Robi Ham and Charlie Cullen, was started by one of Sam’s close friends Kevin Luchmun, and now has 21 members.

Each team member has their own dedication of running 60km each throughout the month of November, totalling a great 1,260km (this is around the same distance between John O’Groats and Land’s End). Money raised through sponsorship will be donated directly to the Movember charity.

The sad news of the passing of Sam Wall has hit the industry hard, and dedications have flooded in from those remembering him as one of the happiest, kindest and most hard-working people. Globally, on average one man takes their own life every minute of every day – and 3 out of 4 suicides in the UK are men. 

Movember began as a movement to combat prostate and testicular cancer, and has now become a registered charity which has funded more than 1,250 men’s health project around the world. Their dedication is to challenge the status quo, shaking up men’s health research and transforming the way health services reach and support men. By doing this, they hope to reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25% by 2030.

For more information about the team and for donations, please go to: 

Angie Perino of Andis Company on EVOLive

Angie Perino, Global Education Manager for Andis Clippers joined our host David Foster on EVOLive, on Monday 9th November, to discuss the new virtual education portal that Andis have launched.

Don’t worry if you missed any of the conversation, you can watch the entire EVOLive at the link below on our YouTube channel!

For more details on the new virtual education portal, please visit:

Andis partners with The Conscious Kid to deliver education on healthy racial identity

Andis® Company, a global leader in professional barbering tools and education, has teamed up with The Conscious Kid to support barbershops across the U.S. to supply two award-winning children’s books that affirm healthy racial representations of Blackness and Black identity to barbershops free-of-charge.

Andis® Company, through the Andis Foundation, sees the importance of barbershops in supporting communities by building relationships, fostering communication and educating today’s youth. Through the powerful reach of barbershops, the #AndisBooksToBarbershops program is designed to counter anti-Blackness, support social equity and promote long-term change.

The first book in the set, Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut, written by Derrick Barnes and illustrated by Gordon C. James, serves as a high-spirited, engaging salute to the beautiful, raw, assured humanity of Black boys and their self-perception when they approve of their reflections in the mirror. 

The second book, Hair Love, is tender and empowering. Written by Matthew A. Cherry and illustrated by Vashti Harrison, Hair Love is an ode to loving your natural hair — and a celebration of fathers and daughters everywhere.

Barbers can sign up to secure copies of these books for their business at Due to COVID-19 restrictions, some barbershops may not be permitted to have books in their facilities. Please follow the recommended safety guidelines and protocols and use these books when it is safe to do so.  

To learn more about the #AndisBooksToBarbershops program or Andis® Company, please visit their website, Instagram or Facebook

To learn more about The Conscious Kid, please visit their website, Facebook, Instagram or Patreon 

‘Barber Biz Talk’ launches, providing tips and tricks

Our friends from City Image Barbers in New Jersey, teamed up with online scheduling and booking software company Schedulicity to bring the debut episode of ‘Barber Biz Talk’ to life, this past Friday.

The hosts: Joe, Jeff and Izak from City Image Barbers, will be dropping advice on managing, marketing, building teams and generating profit within the barbershop setting.

The main theme throughout is that, “it’s not JUST a haircut.”

You can watch the first episode right here! It featured an exclusive giveaway from BarbershopConnect owner Lee Resnick!

Old school cool from Ace High

The first thing you do when you open a pomade is wave it under your nose, take in the smell, look at the consistency and then you might read what it claims to do.

The founders of Ace High Co have lived and breathed every ingredient that is inside their hair care range for years. Nate Hamood and Christian Kettenbeil, based in Michigan, are experts in tweaking ingredients to get the correct consistency and results for all of their products, all of which are brewed by hand, even now.

Everything in the range is pure and natural, brewed in small batches to ensure consistency and precision in every jar. There are wonderful natural waxes like beeswax and candelilla wax, shea butter for a soft nourishing touch, a range of natural oils chosen to keep hair healthy and shining. Essential oils are added for their distinctive scent and scalp health. Every ingredient is chosen to aid performance and to enhance the health of your hair, to keep your client looking swell. 

This story starts back in 2016 when Nate and Christian couldn’t find the pomade they craved for their own hair and decided to give it a go at making one themselves. Kitchen-based concoctions in their coffee shop took lots of trial and error until they came up with the perfect pomade. Since launching they have moved out of the kitchen and into their own production space.

Their product is shipped in glass jars because it offers a unique design; the strength of the jars has been intensively tested, throwing them at the ground hasn’t managed to crack these jars, they’ve tried. 

The branding is a clean, classic American branding, a style the guys love, with a nod to the 40s and 60s design, and it creates a striking display in any barbershop.

The Ace High collection has now extended to shampoo, conditioner, the Original Pomade, Blue Suede Clay, Black Cat Pomade, and High Noon Pomade, as well as their beard balm, hair tonic and hand sanitizer. The company has put together a range of value packs, combining pomade and clay, or pomade and beard balm, all excellent gift options for your clients to take away for the holiday season.  Also check out their Ace high merchandise range for t-shirts, bandana, and branded combs. 

Customers love how easy the products are to use and how well they keep a ‘do looking swell, and the price point is easy on the pocket.

Barbershops are welcome to enquire about becoming a wholesale partner to stock this cool, all-natural, line of hair products that actually work. Orders of small batches are welcome.

For more information go to

Out Now: Issue 23 UK & Ireland [November/December]

Normally there’s a real sense of excitement and anticipation as we collect (and launch) each new edition of BarberEVO.

It’s the culmination of all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears – not just from our team producing the publication, but more importantly, from the people we feature, those we are inspired by, and those who provide insight and guidance for so many in the industry.

Our November edition was to be no different.

However, with the tragic news of the passing of our friend Sam Wall, we hope that this edition, which features Sam and several of his closest friends and industry peers doing what they do best, can in some small way, provide the kind of fitting tribute that Sam deserves.

This one really and truly is for you Sam.

Love from Andrew, David and the BarberEVO team.

New chief executive for NHBF

The Chief Executive of the National Hair and Beauty Federation, Hilary Hall, has announced her retirement.

In post since 2013, Hilary stayed on during the coronavirus pandemic , as she had originally shared her decision with the NHBF board earlier in 2020.

Hilary commented, “I have loved every minute of my time with the NHBF and working in this wonderful industry. I’d like to thank Ian Egerton, NHBF President, and the rest of the NHBF Board who have helped to steer us in the right direction, making sure that everything we do is in the very best interest of members.”

Richard Lambert is the new CEO, having joined from the National Landlords Association. Upon taking up the new role, Richard said, “I am thrilled to be appointed as Chief Executive for the National Hair & Beauty Federation and look forward to working with such a vibrant, forward-thinking industry,” comments Richard. “I’m committed to understanding our Members and their concerns, shaping the organisation’s services and communications to support them and creating an open, empowered culture from which we will continue to lobby government for change.”

We thank Hilary for her sterling efforts and wish Richard the very best of luck in the new role.