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Setting and Keeping Your Goals in 2022

Business consultant Phil Jackson from Build Your Salon, offers these tips for getting your goals – and sticking to them – in 2022. 

This time of year is always full of promise. But for many, the momentum of New Year’s resolutions and goals-getting goes by the wayside in a few weeks, or worse still doesn’t even get started because the tasks feel overwhelming. 

The key to keeping momentum and motivation high is to connect your business goals with your personal goals.  Growing turnover might feel very exciting, but growing turnover so that you can generate an extra £10k in profit in order to book the family holiday of your dreams is a LOT more exciting.  our business should be there to serve you, not the other way around.  Revisit your life goals around where you want to live, the lifestyle you want to lead, even plans for when and how you want to retire and discuss over a glass of wine with your partner.  Make sure you’re on the same page and clearly define what a successful life looks like for you. 

With your life goals defined, decide which of those goals you need to work on in the next five years. Speak to your accountant about the level of profit you need to generate and how that might translate into turnover and business goals. If your accountant isn’t helpful with this kind of goal-setting, it might be a good goal to find a new accountant! 

Some of those five-year goals will need to be worked on this year – some won’t be relevant until later down the line.  Make a list of all those that need working on this year and map your progress across the next four quarters.  Some goals will be set as ‘straight line’ progress – for example if you had a goal to read 52 books this year, you can map out the reading of one book per week in a straight line.  Some goals are ‘back-end’ goals which means progress initially is slow, but builds momentum – for example turnover goals might be limited until you have new team members on board and earning.  So, goals are ‘front-end’ goals which have a lot of progress early on, but then the rate of progress slows; anyone who has drastically changed their diet will know that the first few weeks see the biggest weight-loss before the rate slows. 

Since we are an industry that is very used to setting appointments, take the first quarter of your map and schedule time with yourself to work on these projects.  Guard this time – these are the things you have defined that will move your business forward in a meaningful way in order for you to achieve your life goals.  Project time has to be non-negotiable! 

Be brave this year with your goals and find yourself a group that can hold you accountable to your progress.  Some peer support makes all the difference when your motivation starts to wane. 

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Title Change for T Levels Qualification

The 1T Level technical qualification awarded to NCFE – developed in partnership with VTCT for the hair and beauty industry – has had a makeover of its own in the form of a title change. The new flagship Level 3 qualification for 16-19- year- olds, has now been retitled T Level Technical Qualification in Hairdressing, Barbering and Beauty Therapy to better reflect its three occupational specialisms.  

Originally titled T Level Technical Qualification in Hair, Beauty and Aesthetics, the name change resulted from amendments being made to the Outline Content which resulted in a transition away from aesthetics, and the inclusion of barbering. Feedback received from employers, providers and professional body members was used to ensure the new pathway title is reflective of the updated content.  

A recommendation was also made to the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (the Institute) by both the T Level Panel and Route Panel members to change the name of the qualification. The new name has been well received throughout the Hairdressing, Barbering and Beauty Therapy industries and by the qualification developers, NCFE and VTCT. 

Zac Aldridge, Director of Qualifications and Assessments at NCFE said:  

“We’re fully on-board with the qualification’s title change and believe the new name is a great representation of the course’s specialisms. 

“Our T Level technical qualification in hairdressing, barbering and beauty therapy is being carefully developed to give our learners the best possible chances of launching their careers within their chosen industry. 

“We work closely with industry experts across all our qualifications, and this is a great example of working collaboratively to ensure our qualifications fully reflect the requirements of the sector and the needs of learners” 

Alan Woods OBE, CEO of VTCT said:  

“We are thrilled that the title has been amended to more accurately reflect the current occupational specialisms of the T Level Technical Qualification. After several panel discussions with individuals from industry, training providers and professional bodies, it became apparent that everyone wanted this change. 

“We are grateful for the close working relationship between VTCT, NCFE and the Institute and that we were able to embrace the feedback so early on in the development process.  

“This change will make it easier to promote communication with schools, learners, parents and employers being fully transparent of the career pathways available to students upon completion of the qualification.”  

It was announced in September 2021 that this specific T Level was being developed for first delivery in September 2023, offering a high-quality work focused training route into the hair, barbering and beauty industries. 

Employers throughout the country are encouraged to get involved with T Levels and many have already shown their support. Lorraine Nordmann, Beauty President of the Association of Hairdressers and Therapists (AHT) shared:  

“T Levels, developed in collaboration with industry, support aspiration and focus on preparing students for work while developing the technical skills and knowledge that are sought by industry.” 

1The T Level Technical Qualification is a qualification approved and managed by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education. 

Gearing up for Talent Beyond The Chair Phase 3

Talent Beyond The Chair is back in full force at the Crown Ridge Banquet Hall, 6909 Camp Bullis Rd. San Antonio, Tx, this weekend, February 6th, 2022. With crowds expected to exceed previous years, TBtC Phase 3 will bring barber, and stylist competitions and the annual My Bloody Valentine Makeup competition.  

Organiser Amber Marie Aguilar said: “Having a business can be hard to achieve and even more difficult to maintain. At TBtC Phase 3, we provide entrepreneurial courses, business management courses, as well as social media training to provide all the tools needed to succeed. This is far from the average expo. Talent Beyond the Chair provides vendors, live entertainment, network opportunities, and so much more.”

She added: “The expo started out as a small idea in 2017, when I had my first show it was a flop but that didn’t stop me. I came back after networking, competing myself, learning how the barber world works, to make my next show amazing. After the pandemic, I realized how important it was to teach our industry how to survive during difficult times so I started my idea for the next expo. My goal for this show is to help the industry grow, learn from national educators such as Tyrik Jackson and John Mosley – two of the biggest names in the industry – as well and myself, because we have been through the struggle, the trial, the error, and we know what to teach to help you succeed. That’s what my show is about, elevating and building your brand, building your business, learn how to survive, not struggle. I want to inspire and have them watch a great barber competition along with our fantasy hair and makeup (My Bloody Valentines Theme) it’s a great mixture of fun, education, and friendly competition.” 

Talent Beyond the Chair Phase 3 is the third annual premiere Barber/Stylist event in South Texas, providing educational guidance partnered with the glamour of a competitor’s focus on showcasing the wonderful reality that is this industry. Talent Beyond the Chair Phase 3 provides outlets for the new entrepreneur to meet celebrity guest barbers, network with fellow business owners, and learn more about what it truly takes to run their business to maximum success. 

For tickets, click here.

Training Made Easi Launches With a New Hair & Beauty Training Directory

Introducing, the first dedicated online training directory for the Hair and Beauty Industry launches 24th January 2022.

Meet Training Made Easi……..

Brought to the industry by the founder of Hair Made Easi, Nicola Wood created Training Made Easi with a simple mission; to connect students with training providers, ensure students learn from the best educators in the industry and help people enter and advance in our industry.

Why we created Training Made Easi……..

With in excess of 100,000 monthly searches on Google for hair & beauty training courses in the UK, Training Made Easi have carried out extensive research with our digital marketing team and our mission is to connect students through our easy-to-use directory with the training courses they are looking for on one simple to use site.

Nicola explains “following multiple enquiries over many months from students struggling to find the training courses they needed and educators searching for students to help fill their courses, it was clear that a simple and easy solution was needed within our industry to help match students with courses in the UK.”

How Training Made Easi works……..

The Training Made Easi directory lists training providers in over 20 specialist categories within the Hair, Beauty and Salon Business sector.

Using our simple online step-by-step tool, training providers can easily create a listing to promote their courses, including their contact details, locations, course descriptions, social media links, qualifications and accreditations, as well as imagery and video upload capability
to showcase their courses.

With featured listing options and dedicated offers and deals section, training providers can create professional listings and promotions with ease.

For students, Training Made Easi offers free of charge, straightforward search options including category, location and online course search capabilities, students will quickly identify relevant courses and providers.

With our marketing investment and online promotion, Training Made Easi will reach this audience for education providers for a low fixed monthly cost, with various listing options to suit all budgets, allowing them to concentrate on delivering education.

Listings start from as little as £15 per month – full details available at

Out Now: BarberEVO North America Issue 23 – February 2022

The latest issue of BarberEVO North America is OUT NOW.

Get your copy here!

Firing into 2022

The latest issue of BarberEVO North America is OUT NOW. This issue is packed full of advice, features and trends to keep you up to date with what’s current. In the barbering industry.

Gracing the coveted front cover is an epic talent in the form of Kenny Duncan, Andis NA Artistic Lead and Global ambassador for Luster SCurl, he is talking to BarberEVO about how reading has allowed him to continue his learning journey and the importance of always striving to be better.

Also, in this issue we are hugely excited to introduce new columnists Corey Gray and Tony Stuart, better known as the guys behind the Hairdustry podcast, that invites everyone along on their journey to fall in love with the hair industry. This issue they are talking about the shows they attended last year and the brilliant names they spoke to along the way.


Events are back on! Pack your bags and sign up for everything this year! We feature an update from the organizers of Barbercon and the CT Barber Expo about what we can expect this year, and you won’t be disappointed. They are going to be epic, but a word of advice, book your tickets now. They sell out quickly.

What’s new? The turn of year always brings new trends, and we have the views of the industry’s top barbers about what trends we are likely to see in 2022. There’s a consensus that longer hair is back, and the mullet is top of the crops, albeit with an updated look.


How you market and brand your business is up for discussion, and we talk to Octane Hairdressing for Men, which has an amazingly strong brand about why that matters. Also we have a quick word with four names that are smashing social media – TaylorCutz1, RichietheBarber, AlanBeak and Rum Barber – and how they use their chosen platform to market their brand.

Additional services

Cutting hair is your bread and butter but what about all those additional services you are missing out on. Shaving, facials, and colour, to name just a few. Have a look through our additional services feature and see what you could easily implement into your service menu. 

We speak to Colin Petrie (Hard Grind) who has taken additional services to a whole new level by adding coffee shops, cafés and apparel to the Hard Grind brand. He has some great advice on what works as additional services in the barbershop.

Clippers and trimmers

We can’t work without them, but everyone has their favorites and the choice is vast. We take a deep dive with industry pros asking what clippers and trimmers are their go-tos and why, and we have the expert view of tool reviewers Rum Barber to help make your mind up about what would work for you.

We hope you enjoy this issue! You can order your print copy here

PROJECT: Colour spend amazing day with Adam Reed

The Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s PROJECT: Colour kickstarted their year with an amazing day with session stylist and salon owner, Adam Reed.  

Organised by project leader Paul Dennison, the team headed over to Adam Reed London salon in East London for a day of inspirational colouring with wigs. Adam told them: “I want to create hair that makes people stop for a second to look closer. Maybe it’s a weird texture or the shiniest hair they’ve ever seen. It could be astonishingly intricate or a little bit eccentric. Perhaps it’s an arse-kicking technical cut. But irrespective, it held their attention. That’s what great hair should do.” 

Paul said: “Having Adam mentoring the first day for the new team was great. He brought a great energy and made the day relaxed and fun, starting with a group discussion, giving the team a great insight into how he likes to work. The team then had an opportunity to get creative working with wigs.” 

Member Luke Logan commented: “The day was awesome! I think the main thing I took away from the day was just to be your true self and not to follow the trends within the industry,  but create them.” 

Sophie Perfect added: “We spent the day colouring wigs and really focused on placement. We went in with the less is more approach and it’s amazing the results you can get by tweaking what’s already there.” 
Kayleigh Byrne enthused: “Our day with Adam Reed was so inspiring! I really enjoyed learning all about his career and how he came to be the amazing hairdresser that he is today. He gave us lots of advice and really pushed our creativity to the next level by having us think back to basics and create beautiful colours using the phrase “less is more”. We spent our day working on wigs that had been previously coloured, using techniques to enhance the previous colour. Adam is extremely talented and insightful, he had a detailed story for every question we asked!”  

Project Team Leader: Paul Dennison 
Project Team Members 

Luke Logan, Strand & Lock Aveda 
Luke Tyrrell, Headmasters Mayfair Salon 
Callum Iqbal, Brendan O’Sullivan Hair & Beauty 
Andrew Feve, Anti.Dote 
Kayleigh Byrne, Tribe Salons 
Sophia Martin, Amaryllis Salon 
Louise Munro, Alice & The Hair 
April Mash, Strangeways 
James Holroyd, Yoke The Salon 
Kate Mclaughlin, Sarai Hair & Beauty 
Sophie Perfect, GFC Hairdressing 
Ella Gray, Aurora Hair Salon 

For more information: 
Instagram: @fellowshiphair 
Call 01295 724579   

ANDIS® Drops Fully Reimagined Education Site

Andis® Company has announced the launch of its newest tool to empower talented artists to create their way: a fully reimagined education site. This all-new site is the ultimate destination for barbers and hairstylists, featuring incredible educational resources, including a suite of free, step-by-step tutorial videos led by Andis® Company’s world-class global educators to help expand skills, live and pre-recorded, on-demand virtual education to help strengthen knowledge and expertise and other offerings such as downloadable books and guides for all hair types.

 “In the beauty and barber industry, time is money, inspiration can be too hard to come by and community is crucial. Andis® Company recognizes that creators need a place to gather and to fill their own cup with skills, tips and tricks that they can bring back to their clients every day in the shop or salon. Our new education site is the place to be to access the resources you need to create your way,” said Angie Perino, the company’s Global Education Manager for its Beauty & Barber division.  

“The site is mobile-friendly and with easy, intuitive navigation you can access incredible educational content. Creators will find resources for all hair types, genders and a vast array of Andis® tools. There is something for everyone, whether you are a novice or expert, barber or stylist!” 
The Andis® Barber and Stylist Education site redesign is one part of the reimagined end-to-end brand experience and new positioning which officially debuted in August of last year.  

In addition to the above features, the website also details upcoming in-person events, lists photos and bios of the global education team and makes requesting custom workshops easy via dedicated tabs. Additional step-by-step video tutorials, pre-recorded, on-demand virtual education and other community building features will continue to roll out throughout 2022. 

For more information go to: 

Diesel Barbershop partners with Andis Company

Diesel Barbershop has partnered with Andis Company to provide direct offers to all Diesel Barbershop stylists and barbers on its professional line of barbering tools. This new national program will give Diesel employees access to some of the highest quality barbering tools on the market as they create classic and contemporary styles for its diverse customers. 
Providing this program to their team members, Diesel Barbershop leadership feels they are setting their staff up for success from day one. In an industry where precision can make the difference between a mediocre haircut and a great one, Diesel Barbershop wants to ensure that they provide the greatest service to their clients. This program will give all Diesel Barbershop barbers and stylists access to quality products at an affordable price, just for being part of the Diesel team.  

“For 100 years, Andis has been delivering superior quality and performance – our team members will now have that tool expertise in the palm of their hand as they create their very best work,” said Sarah Klingensmith, Director of Training and Operations for Diesel Barbershop. 

Diesel Barbershop is part barbershop, part salon, part old school record store, part mechanics garage, part tattoo shop, and part vintage arcade. A man-cave for great haircuts and an amazing overall haircut experience, if you will. It also is a successful franchise business with more than 20 locations across the USA.

Goldwell Announces its 2022 Color of the Year: BUBBLEGUM

Working in conjunction with some of the world’s foremost color experts, Goldwell is proud to introduce the 2022 Color of the Year:  BUBBLEGUM. The retro-futuristic pink shade playfully walks the line between vibrant, hot pink and classic pastels, harnessing a bevy of charming dualities that resonates with a diverse audience. 

“We can see that optimism will be a key trend for 2022 and BUBBLEGUM is the perfect emblem for it,” says Jane Boddy, Global Color Expert. “The underlying blue tone adds a freshness that is both progressive and balanced. It merges the playful heart with the clear head to create a color that is versatile but measured.” 

Gone are the days of pink being associated with feminine roots – it is now considered a color that has defined the times. The hue embodies a shift in attitude not only in fashion, beauty and lifestyle, but overall outlook, establishing a newfound level of respect.  

“This playful, inclusive color represents diversity, self-identity, fun and freedom, which is something our stylists couldn’t wait to start replicating in their color formulas,” says John Moroney, Global Creative Director Goldwell. “Striking the unique balance between flirtatious and wholesome, cool and warm, and soft and strong, the dynamic aspects of BUBBLEGUM will infuse the look with a head-turning dramatic effect like no other.” 

BUBBLEGUM Formula with Goldwell Colorance: 

40ml Colorance Core Lotion 
15ml Colorance Pastel Rose 
5ml Colorance Pastel Lavender  

Date for the Diary: America’s Beauty Show 2022

A date not to be missed in the hair industry calendar! The 2022 America’s Beauty Show will be held April 9-11 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL.  It is an in-person, immersive experience organized to provide a space for our industry to: Flourish, Unite, Network, and Navigate.  

The Big Brands are BACK! Dyson, Redken, Matrix, Olaplex, Pulp Riot, Mizani, Moroccanoil, Andia, Salon Centric, Ulta Beauty, Wahl, Wet Brush, Amika, Farouk, Biolage, Belvedere and MORE will be at ABS.  

See the latest in education, the hottest trends and the opportunity to see and try what’s new in the beauty industry. ABS 2022 offers an unprecedented lineup of education to feed your artistic soul. It’s the place where cosmetologists, colorists, nail pros and estheticians can focus on improving their craft and propelling their careers. Each year the “who’s who” and the “who’s NEW” of the industry come together for a 3-day weekend of hairdressing magic. It’s where you go to see what’s new, experience captivating beauty, be with your team and immerse yourself into the gold-standard of beauty with beauty. 

Since 1912, Cosmetologists Chicago has been the organization whose sole purpose in producing the show is to serve the professional’s needs and move the industry forward through education funding, inspiration and good fellowship. CC Officers and the Board of Directors are all working salon professionals who lead the efforts in ensuring the success of ABS for attendees and exhibitors.  

  • America’s Beauty Show is a non-profit event focused on serving licensed beauty professionals. It is owned by Cosmetologists Chicago, a non-profit association for the last 112 years. America’s Beauty Show is known for education, innovation, community, shopping, and fun! It is a treasure within the professional beauty industry and is evolving to be relevant for both attendees and brand partners.   

More information at