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Out Now: BarberEVO UK & Ireland Issue 30 – January 2022

The latest issue of BarberEVO UK and Ireland is OUT NOW.

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Firing into 2022

The latest issue of BarberEVO UK and Ireland is OUT NOW. This issue is packed full of advice, features and trends to keep you up to date with what’s current.  

Gracing the coveted front cover is a talent in the ascension, Dean Gleeson, who has recently been named Professional Barber World Series Barber of the Year, and brand ambassador for Dapper Dan. Dean has some great advice on how to elevate your career. First thing to do is enter competitions.  He is proof that his advice works as he finds himself on stage and being featured in the barbering press.

Also, in this issue we are hugely excited to introduce Simon Shaw as our new columnist. Simon is known for his expertise, knowledge and incredible stage presence. As Wahl’s Global Artistic Director and now the team leader of the Fellowship of British Hairdressing Project:Men, Simon has plenty to report in his column ‘Shaw Times’.

Also joining the BarberEVO columnists are Rum Barber’s Paul Montgomery and Joseph Goss. Known as the go-to duo for impartial reviews on any new tools and tech that hits the market, they are perfectly placed to offer advice and direction to BarberEVO readers on what’s living up to the hype.


They are back! We feature an update from the organiser of Barber Connect, Europe’s biggest barbering show that is scheduled for June 2022 in Telford. He tells us what to expect after two years of absence, and how now is the time to book FREE tickets for the event.

New year trends

A new year brings new looks, and we have the views of the industry’s top barbers about what trends we are likely to see in 2022. There’s an overall consensus that longer hair is back, and the mullet is making a comeback, albeit with an updated look.


How you market and brand your business is up for discussion, and we talk to Octane Hairdressing for Men, which has an amazingly strong brand about why that matters. Also, we talk to Where’s It App, a specialist app company that can help nail down your brand with a bespoke app that makes customers lives easier by integrating your own brand into your booking app. 

Additional services

Cutting hair is your bread and butter but what about all those additional services you are missing out on. Shaving, facials, and colour, to name just a few. Have a look through our additional services feature and see what you could easily implement into your service menu. 

We speak to Colin Petrie (Hard Grind) who has taken additional services to a whole new level by adding coffee shops, cafés and apparel to the Hard Grind brand. He has some great advice on what works as additional services in the barbershop.

Clippers and trimmers

We can’t work without them, but what works for you? Everyone has their favourites, and the choice is vast. We speak to industry pros about what clippers and trimmers are their go-to’s and we have the expert view of tool reviewers Rum Barber to help make your mind up.

Get your hands on the latest edition here.

Fresh investment takes Fresha, the booking platform, to a value of over $640 million

NEW YORK, DEC 13, 2021 — Fresha, a leading platform for beauty and wellness, announced today more than $52 million in additional investment extending the company’s recent $100 million Series C round led by General Atlantic, a leading global growth equity firm, to more than $152 million and valuing the company at more than $640 million. The extension investment was led by Michael Lahyani and BECO Capital, and also included new contributions from Fresha’s existing investors General Atlantic, Partech, Target Global and FMZ Ventures. The company has raised $182M in investment to date and will put the new capital to use by further expanding its global community of partner salons and spas, with the goal of accelerating product development and driving marketplace bookings.

Fresha enables consumers to discover, book and pay for beauty and wellness appointments with local businesses via its marketplace, while simultaneously offering salons, spas, barbershops and beauty professionals an all-in-one platform to manage their entire operations with its intuitive free business software and financial technology solutions. Fresha’s digital ecosystem gives merchants everything they need to run their business efficiently and seamlessly by facilitating appointment bookings, point-of-sale, customer records management, marketing automation, loyalty, beauty products inventory and team management.

Fresha has provided the beauty and wellness industry with a unique model of providing free business software. This approach has helped to eliminate the friction for small business owners to join the digital revolution en masse and to engage and transact with their clients online. Fresha has seen unprecedented growth since the COVID-19 pandemic as businesses looked to bring their operations online and maximise their revenues by acquiring new customers through the platform’s consumer marketplace.

Fresha’s product-led strategy has enabled it to become one of the market leaders in the industry, growing its merchant base primarily through word-of-mouth. Fresha has amassed an extensive base of approximately 60,000 merchant venues, primarily located in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. The platform is used in 120 countries globally and each month, customers book tens of millions of appointments on the platform, processing over $15 billion in gross merchandise volume to date.

“We believe that professionals like barbers, stylists and therapists should be able to focus on their craft without having to worry about the daily hassles of running their businesses,” said Fresha Co-Founder and Chief of Product Nick Miller. “We’re committed to providing the very best product with a seamless customer experience at the lowest price point.”

“Our ecosystem proposition differs from the more traditional incumbent software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers that focus on a single offering,” said Fresha Founder and CEO William Zeqiri. “Business owners once had to utilize fragmented tools that attempt to solve operational challenges piecemeal; a business might use MailChimp for marketing, Wix for their website, Shopify to sell beauty products online, Square for payment processing, and other tools for calendar management and marketing. Our mission is to be the go-to one-stop-shop solution that addresses each and every pain point for the industry holistically, with an overarching vision to help connect the world to beauty and wellness.”

This unique approach is what excites Fresha’s investors. “Fresha has positioned itself as a major player in the beauty and wellness industry with a large and loyal customer base,” said Aaron Goldman, Global Co-Head of Financial Services and Managing Director at General Atlantic, in a statement. “We strongly believe in Fresha’s balanced strategy of providing one of the best products in the market at no cost to salons and then driving monetization via payments and value-added services.”

For more information, visit, download Fresha on the App Store and Google Play or follow Fresha on Facebook and Instagram.

Out Now: BarberEVO North America Issue 22 – December 2021

The latest issue of BarberEVO North America is OUT NOW.

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The latest issue of BarberEVO North America is OUT NOW! This issue is headed up by the renowned Nieves Almaraz, who is front and center of this action-packed 104-page, beautifully presented issue.

Nieves charts his journey through 2021 and talks about the amazing ride the Wahl Disruptour has been as it traveled all over the country, as well as opening his own barber school in Chicago, the How to Fade Hair Barber School, this barber is committed to passing on his knowledge to the next generation of barbers and we are delighted to be able to share his story.

We also have a review of the recent Barbercon LA event. What a blast it was! The EVO team made an appearance, and we were buzzing with the energy and the joy that the event brought to so many showgoers. Read all about it on pages 36-37 of this issue.



New year, new you! Moving into 2022 and it’s time to look ahead to see what trends are coming our way. We speak to the biggest names in the industry to find out what they predict for 2022, the styles (the mullet is back, baby!), the techniques, the brands and the color services they are already working with, and how barbers are trend setters in their own right.


Speaking of trends, color is one that is quickly becoming a staple in the barbershop chair. @PapiBlendzz talks to us about his urban color work and how even before it was trending, he was all over coloring his clients with his distinctive creations. @Los Cut It also shows us his latest color work, these guys know how to rock those vidid colors, and we also have a step by step by @CJDaBarber.

Haircare / Aftercare

It’s what this business is all about, haircare. The aftercare is the expert advice that your clients expect to get from you. We speak to Gabriel Quinones, @GQfromgqcuts who works with Johnny B products. He has an incredible knowledge of the products he uses and knows exactly how to cocktail the range to suits his clients perfectly. We also speak to Boardroom Salon for Men about the advice they offer their clients on haircare and aftercare and how the male grooming side of the industry is on the up.


As always, our columnists have their fingers on the pulse of what you need to know. Tyrik Jackson is talking about the reality of being an educator and not just a demonstrator and why it matters. Also we have advice from Ivan Zoot on holiday retail and Joe Agnello walks us through how to schedule your barbershop efficiently for the holiday rush. While Whitney Ver Meer gives advice on how to work the crossover, between male and female clients and the importance of have a fully rounded skillset to be able to cut anyone who walks through your door.

We hope you enjoy this issue! You can order your print copy here

Hair & Beauty Charity Launches Fundraising Raffle

Over the past 18 months, the charity has helped more beneficiaries at any one time than ever before in the charity’s history – and yet this was during a period where traditional fundraising events were all postponed due to the pandemic.

Hair & Beauty Charity is excited to launch its annual raffle, which will be one of its most significant fundraising events this year. The money raised will help make a big difference to support industry colleagues struggling financially, and support industry professionals in crisis.

All raffle prizes have been generously donated by our wonderful industry.  Prizes include: £1000 cash, £500 vouchers for Liberty, Selfridge’s and Tiffany, and a treasure trove of goody bags and gift sets from our wonderful industry… the prizes in this year’s charity raffle are bigger and better than ever. But you must be in it to win it!  For a full list of the prizes visit the charity website.

Tickets cost just £1 each and can be bought online or paper booklets.  The Raffle draw will take place on 7th January 2022 with celebrity hairdresser Michael Douglas hosting the draw at the Electric Studio in London.

To buy a ticket visit:

For more information on how to donate, fundraise or support the Hair and Beauty Charity, please visit  or call 01234 831888 or email

For press information, please contact

iSalon Wave Goodbye To Contracts And Introduce Affordable Subscriptions

iSalon have introduced a whole new way of working, getting rid of contracts, and bringing in a more salon friendly way of working with subscriptions. The last eighteen months have taught us as an industry that we need to be adaptable and flexible, iSalon understand this and have introduced affordable subscription software for salons. This new business model gives salons the freedom to work in a way that works for them.

This brand-new subscription plan from iSalon allows salons to pay for their software on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. Existing customers have the option to transfer to this new payment plan to save money or maintain their contract with full support. New customers will have access to iSalon software at an affordable cost. From just £19 a week, this software is available for less than the price of a haircut, virtually paying for itself.

As part of their mission to become more sustainable, iSalon have linked this business update with their mission to be more sustainable with the software company pledging to planta tree for every new subscription. By signing up to iSalon’s subscription plan, not only will salons gain flexibility and incredible value for money, they will be helping the environment too.

iSalon Software, Head of Sales Mike Waldon commented;

“It was important to us to introduce this new business model to cater to the needs of all salon owners. We felt it was important to ensure our software is accessible for those on different budgets that want a reliable system that will enable them to work more efficiently in the salon. Being able to link this with our sustainability mission is an excellent addition.”

For further information on iSalon Software, please contact

Why It Can Be Lonely At The Top

Business consultant Phil Jackson from Build Your Salon believes it doesn’t have to be lonely as a salon owner!

With 20 years in the salon industry and a passion for innovation, Phil Jackson is an international business coach offering a unique perspective on the challenges of salon ownership. Phil works with many salons, barbershops, and spas around the world to build a business they can feel proud of, making sure they look outside the box and consider all aspects of the business.

Why is it our experience of running a business seems to be defined by feeling let down? Why IS it that you can’t seem to talk to your partner, other local business owners, or even your best friend about what’s going on in your business?

SO many salon owners turn to team members because they want to connect with someone who is in the business with them-someone that understands the day-to-day pressures we’re facing.

I’ve done it myself. Selected the Chosen One in my own team. The one who seemed to ‘get it’. That odd individual who stood apart from the rest of the crowd and I felt could be inducted into some kind of circle of trust. And they let me down.

Either left (how dare they?!) or failed to back me up (rude!) or committed some other flavour of salon treason.

But ultimately (as with everything) it’s your own fault. You see, they’ve built different muscles to you. Let me explain.

Physical muscle isn’t built through just ‘toning up’. To build a bigger muscle the fibres of the muscle need to be damaged or injured. Then your clever body builds a stronger, denser bit of muscle. So, what does that have to do with you as a salon business owner?

Well, every time someone quits, every time you deal with being let down by a supplier, every time you cope with a day from hell, you’re building entrepreneurial muscle.

Take complaints, for example; I remember vividly the first customer complaint I got. I recall sitting on the stairs at the salon and crying for pretty much a whole day. To be fair, I had given a customer a lousy haircut, but I’d done my best and I was devastated. I was in that horrible bit of our career where you’re newly qualified and building experience.

Then I got another complaint.

I was upset, but maybe not quite so much. And though I never wanted to get to the ‘water off a duck’s back’ stage, with each complaint the pain gets a little less. Why is that?

It’s because you’ve built a complaint-handling muscle. You’ve been damaged and repaired in a more resilient way.

So, all those things you deal with as a salon business owner are building your entrepreneurial muscles. Which is why nobody else gets you and your team can’t relate. Even if they see what you see, they have a different journey of growth. They’re not getting damaged and rebuilding like you are.

Lonely, isn’t it? But it doesn’t have to be. Lean into the industry. We’ve been through so much together that we can put the days of waspish competition behind us now. It’s time to build genuine industry connections. Join trade associations, attend events, hang out in industry networking groups online and build your new tribe.

Out Now: BarberEVO UK & Ireland Issue 29 – November 2021

The latest issue of BarberEVO UK and Ireland is OUT NOW.

Get your copy here!

Feelin’ Festive

The latest issue of BarberEVO UK and Ireland is OUT NOW. This issue is packed full of advice, features and trends to keep you up to date with what’s current.  

Gracing the coveted front cover (even if we do say so ourselves) is Parlous Barbershop, the recently announced winners of the Wahl Barbershop of the Year. Parlous are huge advocates of Takara Belmont and we have a feature highlighting this iconic brand and what the chairs and furniture means to barbers.

We also have the first reactions from both Reece Whitehouse who won the Wahl UK Barber of the Year, as well as Rico Ugur Aydemir of Parlous Barbershop as they stepped off stage with their shiny new winning trophies.


Your barbershop design and furniture says so much about you, and the clientele you are going to attract, and we speak to Kingsman Barbershop about their furniture choices and why Takara Belmont was the brand they invested in. We also have an informative list of things to keep in mind when picking furniture for your shop.

We speak to many barbershop owners about what brands they opted for, and why longevity and quality will always win out when it comes to buying furniture.

Barbershop focus

Our barbershop focus is on Stag Digbeth, in Birmingham, an incredible combination of barbershop, cocktail bar and coffee shop. They are mixing it up, literally, on the decks, with ‘barber sessions’ nights, that have guest barbers cutting model’s hair using head torches to see what they are doing while the party rages around them. It sounds epic. If you fancy a slot with the headtorch… give them a shout, they are open to inviting talented barbers to showcase their skills.


Technology is now essential in everyday life, and we are now reaching the point where barber booking apps have become an essential barbershop management tool. The features list of the apps is extensive, have you checked them out properly, and are you using them to their fullest potential? We take advice from those that rely on them heavily to send out reminders and taking that all important deposit when clients book to decrease no-shows. Since implementing payment at the time of booking, The Academy Barbershop has found a 25% increase in retail sales… have a read and find out how it managed that with the help of its app.

Christmas Retail

The silly season is just about upon us, and that means back-to-back appointments and the chance to really go hard on the retail side of the business… you’ve got to have something to see you through January! We speak to several barbers who have strategies and plans in place to increase retail sales from now – don’t wait. Plus, we found a nice selection of barber-related Christmas Gift Sets that would be perfect to sit on your display shelves for an easy solution for the chaps that don’t know what to buy their loved ones.


Finally, we must mention Movember, which is a huge movement within men’s health and an incredible charity that many barbers support.

We have already seen lots of barbershops taking part in raising funds, and we applaud them all. We have a chat with Dan Davies of Gould Barbers, which partners with Movember, about why the charity are the one to support… it only takes growing a mo – even your granny can do that!

Get your hands on the latest edition here.


The latest issue of BarberEVO North America is OUT NOW! This issue is headed up Taylor Perry who is front and center of this action-packed 104-page, beautifully presented issue. 

Taylor shares his journey from working 12 hour shifts behind the chair to taking his career to a new level by introducing Scalp Micro Pigmentation to his skillset. And now that he has taken the step to educate this fantastic revenue earning skill, the sky’s the limit. 


Events are back! And we are loving the energy that has infiltrated the industry now that barbers have had some much-needed creative contact. We feature a review of the CT Barber Expo and look ahead to Fusion Beauty and Barber Expo which is coming up in October.

NAHA announced its winners and we caught up with Nieves Almaraz to talk about picking up the last men’s hairdresser award before it is renamed ‘barber of the year’ category.


Your barbershop says a lot about your brand, and your clientele will judge you on that before they walk in the door. We have a cool feature on barbershop interiors and furniture and talk to the owners of some of the hottest shops in town about their furniture and design choices. Barrelli Barbers with their masculine décor, Floyd’s 99 colorful murals and we enjoy the urban retreat that Dapr Grooming Parlour have created. 

As well as looking at some creative spaces, we talk to the experts about what to think about before you hand over any cash for a barbershop chair, and why buying the best will always be a good investment.


Where there are beards, there is revenue to be earned. Elevate your beard trims by adding exclusive element to your service. Adding moisturizers, oils, that extra neck massage give license to elevate prices and offer a more luxurious experience. The beardologist, Khristian Santana and Lex Andre of Marvelous Barber Lounge talk us through their exclusive beard and mustache techniques.

Also talking beards is Nasee Yehuda, and Elliott Chester, both talking about making best use of beard and shaving products that they believe in. 


As always, our columnists have their fingers on the pulse of what you need to know. Tyrik Jackson talks insurance, what you need to know and what you really need to make sure you are covered for. Also, we have the talented Whitney Ver Meer talk about following your own path in this industry and the pros and cons of working for someone or taking the leap and going it alone to work on commission. There’s lots of options but finding the right one for you is essential. 

We hope you enjoy this issue! You can order your print copy here 

Entries close October 4th for Wahl British Barber / Barbershop of the Year

Entries are closing soon! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Wahl UK want to celebrate and recognise the hard work we all see everyday, so once again they are looking to crown a new Wahl British Barber of the Year.

BarberEVO are thrilled to be the official media partner for this years contest!

To enter, go to the submissions area here and tell Wahl UK why you think you’re worthy of the title Wahl British Barber of the Year. 

Wahl want to hear about your barbering career so far and your ambitions for the future, this is your opportunity to sell yourself. You’ll also need to submit up to 4 images showcasing your best work. Make sure these are the best possible representation of your work, Wahl want to be impressed!

Furthermore, Wahl are also crowning the British Barbershop of the Year.

Do you work in an outstanding barbershop that provides exceptional customer experience?

Do you have a unique environment that sets you apart from every other shop? Are your staff the best in the business?

If this sounds like your barbershop, you’re in with a chance of being crowned Wahl Barbershop of the Year 2021.

For the chance to lift the prestigious Wahl British Barbershop trophy, ENTER your submissions TODAY here.

Finalists will be contacted and provided with further details once entries close on 4th October 2021.

Queer Eye TV Personality and Hairstylist, Jonathan Van Ness, Launches Own Haircare Line

The JVN haircare line is a collaboration between Amyris and Jonathan Van Ness: hairstylist, Emmy-nominated TV personality, New York Times best-selling author and podcaster. Jonathan Van Ness introduced JVN as a haircare line that see all beauty, serves all beauty, and honors the uniqueness in each person.

Before becoming a TV personality, author and podcaster, Jonathan worked as a professional hairstylist between Los Angeles and New York. His role on the hit TV show, Queer Eye, is to help both men and women build hair and skincare routines, and feel empowered by their grooming routines, to feel their most confident self.

The tagline for the JVN is “Come as you are.” Jonathan Van Ness said: “JVN allows everyone that uses it to find their best hair self, feel beautiful, and show the world that they can look better than ever while being confident in their choice to bring clean beauty to their hair.”  With this sentiment in mind, the JVN line is both gender and texture inclusive.

The JVN line also prides itself on having the most innovative and up-to-date ingredients, prioritizing the performance of its products. They have also made efforts to make the line as sustainable as possible, saying@ “We stand as allies with other mission-driven organizations, and find unexpected ways to take care of our community and the planet. JVN products are packaged in infinitely recyclable materials like aluminum and glass.”

For more info, go to